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Aren't bad thoughts the main cause of mental illnesses?

Liquid Spear Waltz
Oh please let it not be! i think bad all the time like really bad bad ...

No that's not so. You could have bad thoughs because of the illness but the bad thoughts will not cause you to have an illness. Usually your mind has to be chemically imbalanced to have an illness such as Bipolar, ADHD , OCD and many others.

No. Heredity, brain damage and trauma are more like it. The brain is an organ and is subject to illness just like kidneys, stomachs, lungs, hearts, etc.

Bad thoughts (whatever that means) are not going to cause mental illness. People are not always able to control their own thoughts or feelings.

Although the 1990s "chemical imbalance" theory is falling out of favor in some circles (it was probably an oversimplification of the truth), all research continues to indicate that biological factors in the brain are the main cause of mental illness. The argument is over *which* biological factors are the cause, and *how* they cause it.

Laura F
No, every human on earth has bad thoughts. Acting on the bad thoughts , loosing self control and Not having a moral compass is a reflection of ill mental health.

wahini on shore

It is ONE of the causes because if you keep thinking about it and nothing else, you will become like what you think. Do something that will bring good thoughts. Like attending a religious talk. Mix with good people who talk good things. Read good books. Fill your thoughts with good thoughts so that you think a lot of good things and you do not have to be mentally unstable.

Um, no. Chemical imbalances and trauma are the main causes of mental illness.

You have that backwards mental illness causes bad thoughts.Normal people can have bad thoughts also but usually a mentally ill person is unable to deal with them rationally.Where a normal person can deal with a bad thought without driving themselves batty or committing an act that is deemed unfit.

no -the cause is a chemical imbalance in the brain like diabetes.

God NO!. Bad thoughts have nothing to do with developing a mental illness. Some are born with a mental illness and others develop one from life events that caused them to have odd coping behaviors. It is really sad that one would think this; it just goes to show that more awareness in needed for mental health issues.

not necessarily....it could be genetics. or a traumatic experience. but im sure over analyzing and overthinking about "bad"things makes it a lot worse.

That may be part of the symptoms not the cause. Very simplistic question.

i think chemical imbalance, life.Genetic may be.
some people just lose it at an old age..others at a younger age.
so it is really hard to pin point the major causes.

no - chemistry, dna, environmental and many other things are the causes in mental illness

the cause of my mental illness was mental trauma...my late husbands suicide

No and Thank Goodness neither is ignorance.

No, having bad thoughts is usually one of the many results of having a mental illness. People who are deemed mentally ill tend to have different thought processes than the norm of society. What we consider mentally ill may not be considered so in a different culture. The shaman in many tribal cultures would be considered delusional in our culture.

Most people have had bad thoughts about all sorts of things. When they start to act out these thoughts is when society tries to determine if it is mental illness or a lack of control on the offenders part.

Sehr_Klug 50
It is exactly the opposite way around...
Horrid, terrifying or obsesive negative thoughts are most of the times, product of the subconcius mechanisms to deffend ourselves.
When the anxiety is overwhelming, the thoughts (negative and so) are the result of agitated depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, port traumatic disorder etc)
In case of persistant negative or intrusive, unwanted "bad thoughts", an appointment with your personal doctor, or even better, your personal psychiatrist, would be the proper answer for all your doubts....

Hope the best for you

No bad thoughts are not the cause of mential illness. If that were the case then every one on the planet would be mentally ill. Everyone has a bad thought or two, it is what you do with them that determines your mental stability.
Depending on how bad they are, bad thoughts could be a symptom of mental illness

If you are familiar with the Venne Diagram, you will be able to picture what I am about to describe.

I believe that we are very much three distinct parts wrapped up in one being. I believe that we have a spirit, a soul, and a body. All of these individual parts have an influence on the other parts.

You can go to the first link to create the diagram I am visualizing. Follow these steps:

1. Enter your name
2. In the next box, key the word "Spirit."
3. In the next box, key the phrase "Soul (mind, will, and emotions.)"
4. In the last box, key the word "body."

The resulting diagram you find when you click on diagram option on the bottom of the screen will show three segments where the circles overlap.

Obviously, there are parts of the organic body that bring on mental illness, but as we can see by the overlapping elements on the diagram, there are obvious connections between the mind, the thoughts, the choices of the will, and the nature of the spiritual self that will inevitably impact the organic.

For example, the choice of consuming vast amounts of alcohol, fats, sugars, and negative visual stimuli stems from the soul, and these personal choices are influenced by the spirit, or the soul's guide, as some may call it.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, it is not only the choices that we make that can result in our mental illness. The choices of others can also impact our well being in this area.

Can the constant consumption of negative thoughts, violent programming, and perpetual anger change the organic structure of the brain?
I believe they can. Other scientific studies, often better communicated than this one, come to the same conclusion.

For both your sake, and for the sake of other readers of this question, I have included a link that supports the opinion that the inseparability of the individual parts that make up the whole being is undeniable. I hope you gain some insight into the thoughts presented there. I also hope it isn't an overstatement. The following statement is a quote from that site:

"In the face of persisting threat, the infant or young child will activate other neurophysiological and functional responses. This involves activation of dissociative adaptations. Dissociation is a broad descriptive term that includes a variety of mental mechanism involved in disengaging from the external world and attending to stimuli in the internal world. This can involve distraction, avoidance, numbing, daydreaming, fugue, fantasy, derealization, depersonalization and, in the extreme, fainting or catatonia. In our experiences with young children and infants, the predominant adaptive responses during the trauma are dissociative."

Fainting is a physical phenomenon, as is catatonia, and the organic brain is actively involved in these responses and physiological results.

I believe that I may have raised more questions than answers in this response. I hope I didn't just confuse the situation. I'll be looking for others responses to this answer.

Who determined 'bad'? I know of some bad guys that relate their thoughts to being very good thoughts that bring them pleasure. They are deemed criminally insane.

Thoughts in themselves don't make anyone mentally ill.

Your physical body has a chemical reaction to an event, you must be able to control your reaction, regain composure and cope with the situation at hand.

When chemicals are fired in mass production. (eg. trauma) Over dose of the Chemicals produced by the body can cause long term effects.

Ability to predict the future can be affected; (Will I be safe? Will everything be okay?) As well as the ability to 'deal' with uncertain outcome. Chemical reactors can shut down, become over loaded, mass produce, etc.

There arent many absolutes in the world-but I'm absolutely sure that bad thoughts do not cause mental illness. There have been many theories as to what does cause this to happen, but bad thoughts dont figure into it.

nope! if that was the case, everybody would have some form of mental illness.

no it is a disease like diabetes. it can be treated with medication.
thoughts do create feelings, but depressed people have low levels of serotion that make them feel sad, and with the right meds and therapy it can be manageable, just like most sickness'

no chemicals and Nero transmitters are

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