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Stranger in New Yorkâ„¢
14 year old depression?
According to many tests online and people, I may suffer from major depression, and I'm only turning 14 next month. I mean, my family loves me, I don't come from an abused household. However, all my life, I have this problem of taking things too seriously sometimes, and get really sensitive all the time. If someone tells me something really insulting, I could start getting teary and sometimes even cry. However, in front of my classmates, I am known as the happiest person ever, always laughing and stuff, however, I feel so down nowadays. 2 nights ago, I cried until 1AM thinking that everyone hates me and that I'm not good enough for anyone. I mean, I'm a pretty religious person and I never had a boyfriend or anything (and I believe I can live without one). I don't know why I've been so depressed lately. I'm stressed about my schoolwork all the time, because I seem I can't concentrate with anything. I'm stressed out about my body (not weight). I'm stressed about everything! Whats wrong?

Blackbeard's Black Heart
It sounds like you have been the victim of authoritarian parents and now that you're getting older and should be starting to earn a little freedom and responsibility, you're lost and empty because you're used to being told what to do, what to think, and who you are. It's a very common dilemma lately but few people realize the reasons and solution.

It's time you emotionally separate from your parents and realize and accept that they are just human beings who make mistakes and not only are they imperfect, so are you and no one is perfect, and that's OK as long as you keep trying. You probably have a lot of pent up hurt from your childhood that has turned to anger, and holding in all that anger leads to the debilitating state of depression. By rationalizing and forgiving others who've hurt you, and forgiving yourself for not standing up for yourself or not being strong, because you were only a child, you can release much of this anger. And from now on, when someone is hurting you, you must tell them right away, for your own mental health, so nothing gets pent up and built up, waiting to explode or bringing you down.

You're probably going to want to rethink your religion while you're at it. It can be a band-aid in these times, but it's a dead end. Obeying God isn't going to bring you closer to yourself and your potential, which is your only path to happiness. Oh, sure, it's great to give up responsibility to someone else and enjoy the community of like-minded believers, but make no mistake, it's just an escape from reality. And reality is freedom.

Now that you know your parents are only human, you can't take their criticism and efforts to control you seriously, you have to stand up for yourself and be who you want to be, follow your own interests, find your own passions and focus on them. In your achievements you will find happiness.

luv luv lulu
your 14 life suxs just wait it out things will get better'

Cindy M
thebest thing you could do is talk about this with someone you trust...even if you admit yourself ina mental institution, they would only talk to you after giving you some antidepressants...

It might just be teen stuff. But I was diagnosed with depression when I was 12. Wait just a little longer (summers almost here) and see if things get better. If they don't get better soon, talk to your parents. If you really think you have depression, you should see someone about it. Your primary doctor won't be able to diagnose you, but they could tell you some good people who can.

Depression isn't only treated with medication. even if you arent depressed, it might be a good idea to get therapy. Find a therapist that is easy to talk to. They can help you feel a lot better.

I'm going through the same stuff as you right now, happy on the outside, but sad on the inside.

This too shall pass.I came from a similar backround yet felt miserably depressed at times.Your very sensitive.That makes it tougher but not impossible to beat.Part of it is hormonal and the teenage years can be really brutal that way.Everything can seem up in the air,unresolved,conflicting,frustrating-i... an emotional merry-go-round.Seeing a psychologist isn't such a big deal anymore but be careful with anti-depressants at your age. Hang in there,your growing and changing and better days are ahead-trite but true.

Sugar Bug xx
Sweetie I am so sorry you are going through this. I am not a expert on depression. You should talk to your parents and see if talking to a therapist or counselor might help. My older son has a hair pulling disorder he does it when he is stressed and he has learned by talking and seeking other methods of stress managment so he can quit harming him self.
We all need someone to talk to sometimes to work through life problems. God is great to leave your problems with and get help. I know he has helped me in my darkest times. He also gives us others to help guide us when we need it.
Take care Hun. I am here if you need to talk . xx Sugar bug

Chris S
I think you need to spend more time doing something constructive not finding ways to get pills. They way you feel is perfectly normal for someone at that age. It is called PUBERTY and it will pass

- r i o
These are just your hormones and mood swings. You're bound to get them since you're going through an important stage in your life - puberty. Don't let it get to you too much, for its normal, many girls in my class have had UNBELIEVABLE mood swings but you knmow what? The next day they come all cheery and happy. so really they turn it into a joke. Don't worry about it too much, it's bound to happen, and its better to let it out then to keep it bottled in, eh?

EDIT: People, just because she's going through this, does NOT mean she has a mental illness or anything fo the sort. She isn't mental or suffering through anything. It's just puberty, dont worry x]!

dont listen to online tests....there almost always incorrect. your 14, your just going through some crsppy stuff right now...and your sensitve to what people say..most people are. just remember to take a breather sometimes and not let this stressful stuff overwhelm you...and try taking some YOU time every once in a while...go for a walk...go to the mall...whatever makes you happy. (:

i was in your same position at your age... its really just because your going through puberty... the best thing to do is be around the people that make you happy (family friends, etc....) dont worry it will eventually go away!! its just something that some young teens go through

Emily loves Nirvana
You need to talk to someone. Your parents or a counselor. I do believe you may have depression. And they can help you with it. I was and still am in the position you are in, but you can do something about it. You can be the person everyone believes you to be; happy. I think you should talk to your parents. They will know what is best and they love you. You need to get some help so that you can stop feeling like this. I hope this helped!

liam r
I got 12 year old depression.
But don't follow those gay tests.

you need to relax and enjoy fresh air... i had that feeling when i was your age.. school and family is hard... you just need to balance your life.. go exercise, go out with friends, shopping,etc... you feel better...

liz a
i was there and i did have problems. so just relax your 14 and gonna go through major changes as fro the online tests , thay are made for a majority and cant possibly diagnose you as an individual. focus on school and friends have fun, dont be afrais to say whats on your mind but remeber be strong if not people willtake advantage of you. your bodu will change, your ideas and everything from now till you finish highschool. remeber have fun treat yourself!

( |-| 3 r R y
hormones, things will get better but dont go blaming it on 'depression'. your young so dont let yourself go down that long lonely road.

Unusual, those tests are mostly false anyway. If you got no motivation to do anything, then that’s one of the main signs.

Even if it is your age, or even if it is hormones, you still need some tools to help you through the rough times. Some of us are just born with a predisposition to be hyper-sensitive and depressed. I was just like you at an even younger age. I finally got myself into some counseling with some really good people and they helped me learn to put things into perspective. Until you take this step, it really helps to read up on some of the basic theories of Rational-Emotive Therapy - Albert Ellis. He used to teach people that most of their unhappiness came from irrational thinking - like being upset if someone makes fun of you when you know LOGICALLY that you can survive without everyone loving you all the time. You sound really smart, so I don't think you'll have too many problems with the basic stuff. Also - learn to appreciate being one of life's sensitive people - it will eventually make you a great adult. I used my weak points to learn to be a really good counselor/Social Worker.

im also 14 and i literally have the EXACT same issue. so dont worry its not just you... first off what i would try to do is exercise, it always makes me feel really good plus its good for you and it will mentally relief stress. Second is eat what i would like to call" happy foods" fish,fruit,chocolate,pasta,and vegetables"food does make a difference in how you feel,,and if you just eat a bag of doritoes for lunch and a coke your not gonna feel so hott.trust me.. third of all you need a good balance of time with friends and time with yourself ...make sure you give yourself time to relax and chill but also be social with friends and mabye even chat with them on the phone.Lastly what i would do is, take some time even if its for like 15 minutes out of your day..to do something you really enjoy doing..for example ...reading a book..or playing with your dog...really it could be anything..and lastley about the whole not feeling good enough for anyone...i think you feel lonley inside...and the way you relieve that little spec of darkness in you is to just know that people around you do care for you even if its just your family.............

Try these methods of natural depression fighting and see if you feel any better - http://lifefixes.blogspot.com/

☆Stranger in a Sunset☆
oMG i know how u feel
im going though the same thing
I do the same things you do
i really don't know what happened in our lives
what i do is listen to some MJ music
but it kinda lasts for a little while :)
yeah i'd suggest counseling
i don't take any though idk why
or you could write or type all of your feelings about
everything you could think of
for stress i suggest those stress balls
or you could take boxing or
some other sport where you use your energy in
hope this helps

Do you know if you have any family history of mental illnesses? Mental illness runs in my family, and I was diagnosed with depression and now am taking medication and I am better. My uncle has schizophrenia, my grandma has bipolar, my mom is depressed, and my sister is bipolar. My sister was diagnosed when she was only 15. I was only 16 when I was diagnosed with depression, and I could not do anything about it because it was in my genes. Check your family history and talk with your mom.

Honey, I wouldn't say that you're in depression, or else all teens would be in it! At your age, it's completely normal to feel what you do, and you may just be more sensitive than others. Don't worry though, only if this becomes a raging downward spiral that you can call it depression really. And good for you that you are religious and waiting for that special someone, you will NOT be dissapointed!

Stranger in Ohio
you could be just having a rough time, but it could also be depression. my advice is to figure out, or write down everything that's bothering you. sometimes it seems like there's a lot going on, but by the time you sort through it, it's only a few things. but if it turns out to be more than a few little issues, then you should try to get help. i've had BDD (body dismorphic disorder), depression, trichtilliomania, and social anxiety disorder for about 4 years, because i was and am too embarrassed to tell more than my closest friends. i've gone through some rough days and nights and i know the best thing to do is to tell someone as soon as you can. sometimes it's just a hormonal imbalance, or something can be fixed through counseling or medication.

Becca B
according to those tests almost everyone is depressed. i think right now, its just hormones. if you become really, really depressed i would talk to someone. my advice would be to just take a deep breath and try to think rationally. divert your thoughts (i know it's hard) to something happy.

~♥Stranger in Ontario♥~
Heyy Stranger in New York,
What you're feeling is normal for any teenager. It doesn't mean you are depressed because if you were really depressed, your classmates wouldn't think you are the happy person I know you are. :) School and life get tough but that's just normal. Trust me. I know what you're going through.

So all you need to do is relax and take everything one step at a time. And also, listen to some MJ music. That makes everyone feel better. lol


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