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 Can you have a break without extreme pain??
I was playing softball (why isnt it spelled soffball??) but anyways, I slid into second and felt a pop in my leg/ankle and extreme pain. I got an X-ray and they said "Oh it's not broken ...

I bruise really easily and it is very annoying. Sometimes i will get hit and it won't hurt at all and i will still bruise. I am 13 yrs. old and i am average(i read somewhere that you might not ...

 My leg wound infection. 2 weeks now, what should i do?
i am in the philippines and had a bad accident 2 weeks ago which ended up with 11 stitches in my leg after a piece of wood went 2 inches deep. after 7 days on co-amoxiclav then 5days on staffloxin, ...

 Any ideas how not to be bored while convalescing with sore hands?
A friend must convalesce for two weeks and is already really bored with TV. They have sore hands so that even holding a book, internet typing, holding a phone etc hurts after a short whle. Any ideas ...

The front of my knee is killing me after cross country practice! It feels like a pounding bruise! It usually goes away by the next day but once i finish running again it comes back! i have already ...

 I think I have deep vein thrombosis...How worried should I be?
I was recently in a car accident and have been resting alot for the last 3 weeks. I have noticed tenderness in my right thigh and a redness going up the vein. I had been to the doctor and he looked ...

 I just got hit in the nose? now Iam really worried somethings wrong?
Someone hit me in hte nose really hard like were my septum is under my nose. And now the whole bottom part is swollen really bad and, my septum looks all funny and pushed in. and theres an sharp ...

 Kelloid on ear?
Ok,so I've had a kelloid on the back of my ear for quite some time...
I've tried EVERYTHING possible to get it removed,
I have used home-made treatments, store bought treathments, ...

 Is it possible????
Is it possible???

to cut someones head off clean with a sword with one swing???
or arm or leg or something

because i think it would chop into the bone and just stick it ...

 What have i done?
k i was doing yoga other nite on my own have not done yoga for 3 weeks as been ill with flu.
i was anoyed i could not strech as far as i couldso pushed my self too, i then got pain in back and ...

 How do you fix a possibly sprained ankle?

 How can i break a bone without it really hurting? which one hurts the least?
what can i take to make it not hurt?...

 Side of my foot hurts after landing on it funny playing B-ball. Don't think its sprained, what could it be?
I landed on someone's foot playing basket ball and rolled it a little, landing on the outside of my foot. In the past I have done the same, and it ended up being sprained--lots of swelling and ...

 Which is worse....A kick to the groin or a poke in the eye?

 How can you tell if a wound is infected?

 I stomped my big toe and now my toenail is turning black. What can I do to treat this?

 Whoever has experienced a broken leg before or is a doctor- PLEASE HELP!?
I broke my leg playing soccer on April 5th and I got a half cast(below my knee) on May 8th. My orthepedic doctor said I shouldn't walk on it. I don't listen to him and I do walk on it(...

 PLEASE Help!!!!?
My mom just burnt her thumb by placing it on the stove. It's really burning. What should she put on/do? PLease help!! .. Easy 10 pointss!!...

 Going to be bed ridden for 4 months need ideas of things to do?
Im having major foot reconstructive surgery and will need to stay off it for 4 months. Please give me some ideas of things to do....

 Do i have pink eye?
for the last week ive been waking up with my eyelids glued together from crust. its been annoying, but i didnt think much of it. then i noticed when i went from indoors to outdoors that my left eye ...

Wound won't heal on leg....leaking watery fluid?
I have a wound on the back of my right leg that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It started out as a cut when i was shaving i have psoriasis and shaved over that and now I have a wound that won't heal...it is leaking a watery substance. It's not red or warm to the touch or anything...it's just there and leaks all day. I try to leave it unwrapped so maybe it will scab over but it won't. Any suggestions?

Old School
Hi earthdwe. What ever happened to grandma's remedies. We have become completely dependant on the DOCTOR for every cut and scratch!

Ok. Now that I have said my piece, the only reason for you to sit in an ER room is if you are an advanced HIV person. You already said that this spot is the only one on your body, so it's not like you started with one and now you have a big abcess and four satelite lesions. Yes, you have psoriasis, and that will in general give you a greater risk for skin infections (the areas that are involved in lesions).

So, do what grandma would tell you to do. SCRUB the thing with alcohol/Hydrogen Peroxide and put a dab of Neosporin (use generic) and put a sterile bandaid on it. Each day do the same thing. If you are worse in three days then make an appointment.

Have a safe journey!

Jenni H
see a doctor. it's not good when a wound won't scab over. that means that the body's white blood cells may not be registering that your body needs to be repaired.

Sounds infected....you need to see a doctor about it.

try loading the wound with Neosporin and wrapping it tightly. if the drainage persists, then go see your doctor.

hmmm i dont know what to do to make it better..you should probably get it checked out. until then maybe try symptom checker on webmd.com

You should really see a doctor. You could end up getting a staph infection that seems to be a problem nowdays. That is not something you want to get. Besides, a unhealed wound on the lower leg can signal a circulation problem or diabetes.

go to the doctors, it may be serious
in the meantime, maybe try and keep pressure on it for awhile so the fluid will stop leaking and hopefully a scab will form afterwards.

See a physician/dermatologist asap..

the ~maiden~ xanz
You are left open to infection if it continues to weep and it's a signal that the natural mechanism of your body to form a protective scab isn't working for some reason. The fluid is only your own body fluid (assuming it's clear and thin).

But, don;'t take a chance with this. Wound care is a whole specialty unto itself. I once had a similar problem and wound up with 7 layers of burn gel, protective bandaging and wrappings. Expensive (tho insurance paid) but worth it as it did heal and was protected while doing it.

Don't allow it to continue... get thee to a doctor for a referral. The worry of being diabetic or of falling victim to a staph infection is VERY REAL.

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