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 Is it actually possible to break someone's neck with your bare hands, as they do in Hollywood?
And no, I am not thinking of doing it....

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 Should i take my cast off?
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last night i was messing around with my brother and i punch him as hard as i could at his bone right below the knee cap, i felt a little crack,i quickly pulled away then looked at my hand and noticed ...

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In my pants!!

Now I am smelly and need a ...

 Did i sprang my ankle..?
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Additional D...

 My oldest son just got beat up while having a seizure.?
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 Doctors/Nurses please help my husband can't see!!!!!!!!?
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 How do you make a scab heal up faster?
The wound is on my face hahaha. and
I want the scab to go away :|...

 I accidently got soda in my eye?
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 If someone in America breaks their leg and they have no health insurance then what happens?

Nope N
Would stabbing someone in the back kill them?
you know how in movies and games, someone will sneak up on some guy and cover their mouth and stab their spine or back once and they die in like 3 seconds. does that really happen or is it just hollywood stuff
Additional Details
haha don't worry im not going to stab anyone i was just wondering

try it on yoursself... jk lol yah i guess

Angel Aries
Yeah, it takes a little bit longer then that. That type of hand to hand combat is taught only during war time. Knife throwing on the other hand, can also be deadly. I learned that in the Martial Arts along w/ spear, nun-chuk, chain and sword.

it will because of loss of blood and it will also kill if you stab them in the heart.
it depends where you stab them.

John C
If you know the "right" parts to severe, it's amazingly simple. And high;y illegal, except during war!

yes, if you stab them in the right spot repeatedly

no it wouldn't..depends how deep and what you hit.

i seriously doubt that they would die in 3 seconds, but it is all dependent on placement of the stab wound, anywhere on the spine would cause some type of paralysis, but not necessarily would you die, there is a chance that you could get stabbed in an area where it is non-fatal... but upper back and spine would be either fatal or paralyzing... don't stab anyone...

Hello,,if you approach the enemy from behind,,covering the mouth as you plunge the blade at an angle up under the ribcage and pierce the heart,,it is entirely possible to do this. So don't tell my ex-wife or the neighbor's husband,,haha.

I guess it technically depends on where you stab them. And I agree, don't stab anyone please.

Depends where you stab em, but yes.

Please don't plan on stabbing somebody....

they might die but they would be peralized for life!!!!!

therapist slm
ofcourse.. why because, major vessels are injured....... so that work of the heart and lungs are interrupted which are involuntary..... but it depends upon where you stab and how much the soft tissues and blood vessels involved....

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