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 Pus coming out of my pierced ears, what should i do?
Like there is that sticky stuff coming out of my ear that i had pierced 3 weeks ago. Does it mean its infected?
There are sites that say i should take it out and clean it really well and put it ...

 My boyfriend slammed my wrist in the trunk in the summer. and it still hurts! what's the deal?

 Whats a backslab plaster cast ?

Additional Details
10 points to who ever gets it right,oh and im a orthopaedic plaster technician.No Cheating....

 Is this serious?
i have a doubt that my tail bone is weak. a couple of years ago, i fell down on the floor and it hurt the area around my hip bone. i didnt pay much attention to this matter b4 but recently i have ...

 Brken leg 7 operations what compensation should i get out of work now 3 full years had external fixator 7mths?
accident at work slipped on wet floor and broke my tibia and fibia i have had 7 operation to try and correct the problem over the past 3 years i have had 5 nches taken off my leg through opperations ...

 I have sprained my foot.?
Any suggestions how long it will take to heal? What should I do to get a quick recovery!! I have been walking around on it all day, Its really painful!!
Additional Details
Had it x-...

 How long does it take for a fractured pelvis to heal and pinched nerves on my back?
I fell from a balcony that gave way from a house.I fell about ten feet landing on my right side causing me to have a fractured pelvis and pinched nerves on my right side of my back....

 What is the worst thing that has ever bitten you?

 Dangers of inhaling helium?
inhaling helium
dangers of ...

 I had a cut near my left wrist, it was not very deep. Now after healing i am unable to move my thumb, Why ?
I had a cut near my left wrist, it was not very deep. Now after 20 days the stiches have been removed. But i still have problems in streaching my hand and moving my thumb. What should i do....

 Sore wrist - has anyone the answer?
Hi all,

From time to time my wrist gets really sore and painful to move my hand or twist my wrist around.

It comes and goes... but as far as I know I can't remember doing ...

 My hamsters toe got cut off, what do i do?
it got its middle toe on the back leg cut off in its little ball thing. i dunno how it happened. the toe ripped and it started bleeding. i stopped the bleeding after a while but should i take it to ...

 Don't you hate it when rainbows crawl up your pant-leg and bite the inside of your thighs?

 Walking on sprained ankle?

I'm a 25 year old male. I sprained my ankle almost 3 days ago while jogging and at first it was very painful to walk. The doctor thought it might be fractured. I've been ...

 Canker sore?
i have a Canker sore, "I'm 100% sure it's a canker sore" For 6 days now, And it's about 1-6th the size of my big Finger nail, It's less painful today then it was, But i ...

 Should I get a epidural? Is it really that bad?

 Can you still walk on a broken foot?
Has anyone else had a broken foot and continu to walk on it? I hate going to the dr. so I figure if it is really broken and I can still walk on it, why bother going? It only hurts real bad if I ...

 Can you break an elbow and still move it?
I fell down wood steps and have pain in my elbow. I can bend it back and forth ok, but when I wore a coat earlier, I couldn't tolerate bending my elbow in it. Then I tried to push open a ...

 How can you tell if you tore something in your ankle?
I hurt my ankle like 2 months ago and it still bothers me. i think i may of had torn something. I want to know if it would be worth to spend the money for a MRI, x-ray, etc.......

 I woke up this morning with my little finger and 4th finger numb. it's still numb now - should i see a doctor?
I thought it was how i had slept on it. I have never had any problems before but the numbness is quite acute on both the fingers. I can still bend them but i have no feeling in them whatsoever. It...

Mr. ?
Will staples in the head cause hair to not grow back on the scar?
I recently had a head injury that had me go get 9 staples in the head, will my hair grow back on the scar after I have my staples removed in 2 weeks?

joe c
no the hair will not grow back. fortunately this is just on the scar tissue itself which is usually a pretty thin line and wont go noticed. it probably looks like a much bigger area now but give it time to heal. i have 6 scars on my head and you can only see them when i get my hair cut extremely short (about 1/4 inch)

Yes It Will Relax I Had staples in my head

It is very possible that the hair follicle was killed in the sight of the scar, which I would be more worried about, and the sights where the staples were used. Those are little holes that you can barely see when healed.

Drs tend to use staples i order to reduce caring. Where there is scar tissue generally hair does not tend to grow back. If you use vit e-Cream on it, the skinj will repair itself and therefore the hair follicles will be encourged to grow back.
Chances are that on the actualy scar- no- but you can alsways try the above method. The hair will ofcourse grow back around it (the drs probably shaved it off) and so it will be hidden and you will be left with a great party story...

you gon be bald.

The hair will go dormant for a while, but then it will grow back. My mom had an incision in her head and the hair didn't grow back for a while, but then it started to come back and now it's fine. The doctor told her that when you get something cut the hair goes dormant and then will grow back after a while.

my son was in a car accident nearly 2 years ago, he has a scar that runs from the nape of his neck to the top of his head, the hair around the scar has grown in fine but there is still no hair directly on his scar, sorry

Your hair will grow back-- directly on the scar--possibly not- it all depends on whether you heal normally- I'm sure you have other scars from previous falls, etc., if they are almost invisible and not thick and bumpy and widened, then you do not have keloidosis which is a condition some people have and causes scarring to actually get bigger.........even if you do have this condition, you will have the rest of your head of hair that will surely cover even if the scar gets as big as 1/16 inch wide.......so don't worry, no one will see it..........

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