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 If my child got shoved downstairs at school and broke his ankle would i be able to claim.?
recently my child got shoved downstairs of some other pupils whilst going for dinner and broke a bone in his ankle concrete stairs a couple of people have told me to claim, could i put a claim in for ...

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 Anybody know why puss stinks? I know it is disgusting.... but hey I was just wonderin'?

Additional Details
Yes I'm talking about PUSS that nasty stuff that comes out of wounds... the rest of you need to get your mind out of the gutter........

 I just fell?
i was walking into my sisters room and i noticed it was kind of slippery but i almost slipped when i went in.. the next time i walked in it was relaly slippery and i fell on my thigh.. what should i ...

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 My ear popped?
but it hurttt super bad like i couldnt hear for awhile and it gave me a headache

could it be my sine-eses
Additional Details

 Anybody have any at home remedies for poor ankle circulation to stop the pressure?
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 Okay please help me.. i seriously think i just broke my pinky toe?
hahah it was really funny but i tried to be like karate kid and kick my sister but it caught on the table and like jammed out...

well its like red, swollen, THROBBING, and leaning to the ...

 What is an omelette?
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 Does your origional skin comes back when you get sunburned?
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Will a cheek bone that has been fractured or broken heal by itself?

THE guitarist
If Fractured maybe, Broken no. You will need to get it checked out by a goood doctor and get advice from them.


Would you rather have a beautiful face?

Or a bone fused to another bone and deformed and stuff that causes people to say


Think about it.....

Fractured, yes. Broken, needs to be set and immobilized

if it is fractured yes and no about broken. But you need to go the doctor


It can, yes, but it is safer to have a doctor check it out. If it isn't in place correctly, it will heal that way. and.... there is always the chance of infection. Complications can arrise from the placement of the bone chips. or the migration of loose chips, etc. See a Doctor !!!!!!!
Why would you ask us bone heads ? whataweknow?

Broken bones that remain inside the body almost always heal themselves...but they rarely heal in the same shape, even if set.

My ulna and radius were broken 15 years ago. On an x-ray, you can still see the thickened, ever-so-slightly-kinked places they healed...and my arm was set by a specialist.

perhaps given 50 years, that will not be the case.

The thinner, less moved facial bones, I venture, are less likely to correct themselves over time.

Healing is one thing...healing in the original shape...nearly impossible without a very skilled doctor.

Johanna K
I believe that you need to see a doctor and possibly have it set the right way. I can't imagine that it would heal on its own since your face has sooo many movements and that could just worsen things..Have you had x-rays to show that it is in fact broken? If so Im surprised the doctor didn't follow up with you..

Yes, it will but...the cheekbone forms part of the eye socket and supports it from below. It's also linked to the side of the nose and the upper jaw. The side of your face where the injury is may end up with a flattened and more gaunt appearance. You will also have jaw pain on that side. Best to get it fixed now.

You need the expert advice of a doctor. Your cheek bone involves more than itself. There are your teeth and gums to consider as well as the sinus cavity and eye socket. Don't count on a clean healing without medical intervention.

I agree with poster above. It may need to be set an immobilized if it is completely broken apart (not just a fissure type of fracture..like a crack in the bone).

if it's just a hairline fracture then it should fuse together without any facial distortions otherwise you need to have it set properly and monitor the healing process so your face is still pretty even. take lots of Calcium.

Both of my cheek bones were broken and they put in 3 metal plates and 22 screws to hold them together

Most fractures, if left unattended, will heal by themselves. Whether they heal in correct and functional alignment is another question. So, yes, a fractured cheek bone will heal, but since it is facial, I would definitely want it properly aligned by a facial surgeon.

By the way, a fracture IS a break. Medically, there are differences in types of fractures, such as compound, complex, greenstick, but no difference between the term break and fracture. Sometimes doctors use overly simple terms ("The bone is cracked") to keep from upsetting people.

It will eventually heal but without treatment it might not set right.


In fact, unless it is severely broken, all that will happen if you go to hospital is they will tell you to be careful - there's really nothing else they can do other than to let it heal on it's own.

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