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onto the laminated flooring

who thinks thats funny?
and if you do......Want a fight?

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lol Ntahn
no it was the opposite
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Why does my ankle hurt SO badly!!!!!!?
About 12 days ago I fell down the stairs and hurt my ankle. I didnt go to the doctor but probably should have. It hurts when I walk on it, when I stand on it, and when I move it up and down, to the side and in a circle.
The problem is that after 12 days it still appears swollen and rounder than my other ankle and slightly bruised. The other problem is that My other ankle is starting to ache because of the extra pressure of standing on one foot when my ankle hurts after like 5 minutes.
The initial injury wasnt that bad but then I had gym class twice and it got worser each time.
The only reason that I participated in gym but not very well or really at all was because my ankle hurt. I'll probably get a note from my parents for gym tomorow but it still hurts.
I'm getting pretty worried because of the time period that has passed and the symptoms I still have.
It doesnt hurt that bad in the pool because I think that it is a different type of enviornment.
Additional Details
I have crutches but I havnt been using them because I don't know if I should.
What do you think is wrong and what should I be having on the ankle and using.
should I be using crutches or a stirr-up brace, ankle brace, or what
I had been using an ankle brace but it wasnt helping very much so I stopped using it but now it has been hurting kind of badly.
Also what do you think is wrong and could it be a fracture, hairline fracture, sprain,stress fracture or what.
I am also 14 and in middle school so I cant really elevate it.
A few days ago when I was elevating it, it hurt really badly.
Also it is sort-of hurting right now and I'm just sitting in a chair
I'm just kind of worried so answers would really be apprieciated
Thanks =)

you really should not be putting any preasure on it
it needs to be rested swimming should not be so bad on it

you probably sprained it or broke it and you should see a doctor immediately so it doesn't get worst

Diane A
I know you have a lot of answers here but it is very possible you have a small avulsion fracture (the sprain of the muscle pulls the tip of bone off); you really need: 1. to GET off of it--the fact that there is still pain is your body screaming for help 2. Use those crutches! 3. Go get an xray; you may even need a walking brace if your sprain is that bad. Stop PE.

amanda f
And plus it may not hurt in the pool because its water and i cant do flips out the pool but in i can.But i hope i learn and plus i am only11.I wound have went to the doctors when it happened.HOPEFULLY IT GETS BETTER.GOOD LUCK

It's broken. Use crutches and go to the doctor immediately. The longer you wait the worse and more serious it gets.

I can only suggest you rest your ankle as much as possible and keep it alleviated when sitting. You could continue to bath your ankle in a bucket of hot water with a little washing soda crystals. Also keep your ankle bandaged with a stretchy cloth bandage to give is support. It should take a few more weeks to reduce swelling and depending on the injury possibility months to heal.

You have a sprained ankle. Get off of it. With as much time as has passed and you are still having trouble, you need to see your doctor. He or she needs to get it X-rayed to check to see if it might be fractured. (Not broken, I said fractured. Broken brings the connotation that the bones are out of place and you should not be able to walk on it. Fractured can mean a slight hairline fracture in the bone which allows you to still walk on it, but makes healing slower and makes it more painful.)
Oh yeah, in the pool the water is supporting much of your weight so the bones and tissues in your legs and feet don't have to.

You need to have an x-ray. You might be doing more damage to it then when you first hurt it. The worse it gets the more likely you are to have permanent damage.

You need to get checked and definitely an xray. It is possible you may have a fracture. From what I got in the question, you are still in school, so you are at most a teenager. For children, if you are unable to bear weight right after an ankle injury, that warrants an xray immediately to rule out a broken bone.
It doesnt hurt as much in the pool because of less pressure on the ankle in water, called buoyancy.

a common ankle injury is called the anterior talofibular (atf) ankle sprain which means the tendons in your ankle partially tore. in that case you just need an ace wrap for your ankle and make sure you keep your foot elevated to prevent any bruising on the bottom of your foot and that happens when the blood from the swelling drains all the way down and just keep icing until the swelling and bruising is gone and go see a doctor to make sure the tendons arent completely torn

It sounds like you had the most common type of injury a inversion sprain. If you ankle swelled up and still hurting I would definitely seek medical care. You need to rule out fracture. The fact that you are walking on it still and you are able to bare weight is a good sign, but nonetheless I would still have it checked out. If its not a fracture then you have sprained you ankle and the pain is caused by the chemical mediators of inflammation (prostoglandin II, bradykinin and many more). You are probable developing some scar tissue which is caused by the inflammation its a way for the bodies feeble attempt to heal it self. As a result the scar tissue replaces the injured tissue which limits you ability to move your ankle like before. The best thing to do is to have it checked out if not a fracture then go see a Chiropractor.

Dr. Ali DC

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