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 My father cut himself about 3 hours ago and will not stop bleeding. Should I take him to the ER?
I am Red Cross first aid certified and have bandaged it up snugly with my first aid kit. The cut doesn't look deep enough for stitches to me but he takes plavix and aspirin every day due to ...

 Should law require bicycle helment?
add ...

 Painful wrist...please help?
Had pain in my wrist for the past 8 weeks, thought it might solve itself since things usually do but it hasn't. I have no swelling or bruising but its painful to turn my wrist around, hold heavy ...

 I dont know if i have broke my leg?
i started with pian in my right knee yesturday but before hand have been suffering from pians in my left arms, however the pian in my leg is much worse than the pian in my arms i can barely stand on ...

 Why does God only take the good people?

 I have just had surgery to my leg and i read somewhere that you cant fly for 3 months following surgery?
is this true as i am meant to be travelling to fiji in march which will be a long flight.and why do they say this??
Additional Details
i had an op last may in my hip and had pins put in ...

 I blew up a firecracker in my face?
It was sort of a big one, like half a roll of quarters. Anyway, I can hear ok from one ear and I can see ok from one eye and sort of ok from the other, but both eyes is really red and the lid on one ...

 Is is okay to leave a bullet inside somone's thigh?
My nephew was shut in the thigh by police during a civil protest. A doctor trated his wound and closed the bullet wound, leaving the bullet inside the thigh. He said the bullet will eventually come ...

 Help with soreness?
I am so sore Friday i was playing Volleyball for 3 hours i uess im weak but anyway i am so sore today and yesterday! I hurts to laugh, pu on my jacket, sit down, get up etc. What will help the most?...

 How to break my arm?
NO ANSWERS LIKE DONT DO IT OKAY PLEASE........................................

 I know this sound stupid but I really want to break my arm. Really bad.?
Don't ask me if im mental or emo. If you don't have a answer please don't resopond. But anyways I really want to break my arm really bad I don't know y but i do. Is it true that ...

 Is it wrong to let your kids draw on a ankle/foot/leg cast?
I am 27 and have three kids 7 and under and they want to draw on my cast is this ok or ...

 Worst things to break/hurt in car accident?
random question-- whats the worst thing to hurt or break in a car accident? besides death.....

 Whats best for a sprain - ice or heat??

 My dad an I got into a big argement and all of a sudden he punched me in the face and my nose got fractured.?
He saw my report card and I got one B so he flipped out on me....

 What is wrong with my wrist?
last night i slipped over on my kitchen floor and landed badly on my left wrist, as i fell i put my left arm out and when i hit the floor the bottom on my hand and wrist hit the floor first and my ...

 Is it unusual?
Ok, so my grandfather an ex-soldier of 30 years was never injured at all in the Army, while on his first day on the job as a forklift operator somebody smashed his thumb and shattered the bone?...

 I burned the inside of my mouth? What's the best remedy?

 I swalloed my tounge ring.?
First I broke my bottem ball. So i threw the broken ball away and kept my tounge ring in. It kept falling out but I had to keep it in so it wouldn't close up. I forgot to take it out when I ...

 What's the most painful injury you ever had?

Why does lighting a match after you use the bathroom get rid of the odor so well?

Why Not!
Most people like the smell after i'm done in the bathroom..... No match needed........

Because the smoke eats up the gas fumes.

the sulpher smell covers up the poo smell

the salfer reacts with the molecule's of the gas's and masks the odder till it dissipates .

The sulfer in the match absorbs the gases.

Big Perm
Because it scares you so bad that the room's going to blow up... you forget how bad it stinks.

Mythbusters proved it doesn't

never heard of that...

Chris C
LOL are you seriouse??

I belive it is supposed to burn the methan gas produced during ur visit.

Kevin M
I agree with Evo...

Astrid Nannerl
because it burns down your bathroom and the burn odor covers up the other odor.

i never thought about it but it would have to be the sulfur

The sulfur in match rids the smell.

The sulfur nuetralizes the smell.

signal 34
At lit match produces sulfer. The sulfer gets rid of the smell immediately.

Never thought about it. Probably the sulfur in the match, I would guess. You go a lot?

It only masks it. Mythbusters tested this one.

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