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 Is there something you can do make bruising fade faster?

Additional Details
No I am not abused, I just bruise easy and maybe a little ...

 Has anyone heard of this symptom???
Has anyone ever heard of RSD...reflex stress disorder... I had my hand checked by a doctor after 2months of being messed up from a skateboarding accident and he said I have RSD... my circulation is ...

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I play a lot of rugby and train on mud/grass. Somehow I have developed bad shin splints even though I don't run on tarmac. Does anyone know the best way to get rid of shin splints once you ...

 Why do i hear a clicking in my ear?

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My bffL broke/sprained her knee.. I want to do the same thing.. I need ur answer quickly!?...

 How long does it usually take for a broken hand to heal?
i was just wondering because i broke my hand and the doctor just said that i should come back and see how im doing and didn't tell me how long it would take to get ...

 Do i really need to go to the hospital if my nose is bleeding non-stop?
me and some friends of mine were just skateboarding and playing around...me and one of my friends started playfighting and then he accidentally hit me with a skateboard..ever since then my top gum ...

 Does it hurt if i.........?
i really want to get my belly button pierced but im scared of too much pain lol. yeah i no its stupid. soo people if i get it done.. is it going to hurt while they do it? how long is it going to hurt ...

 Injuries that can cause blindness?
I need some ideas for accidental injuries that can cause permanent blindness.
Additional Details
I am not trying to blind someone, by the way.
I need ideas because I'm writing ...

 Is their ny way to reduce the blsckness of s black eye?

 Can the spinal cord be replaced?
One of my sisters fell of from the 2nd floor. Her spinal cord has broken. Her age is about 26. Doctors say she would not be able to sit /walk all her life???
My question, can the spinal cord be ...

 What is the best supplement to take for HURTING JOINTS. KNEES, ELBOWS, ETC?
vitamins and such, not pain killers....

 Was I wrong or was he just an *** hole?
My fiance of five years, watched me survive a horrific car crash two days ago. One where I have been in a lot of pain since then. He has been having to take care of me pretty much since then. T...

 My Knees???
Since Friday, my right knee hurts to walk on, but it's not bruised, and it's fine when I am dancing. Then today, while practicing dance, I bruised my left knee really badly, but hurts when I...

 If you'be broke your thumb would you still be able to move it?
i smashed my thumb and now it hurts. It doesn't hurt really to move it side to side but when i bend it down it huts really bad. Plus it's swollen and whenever i touch it just gentally i get ...

 How can i recover from knee pain?
while i was playing cricket i fell down.pls help me giving best idea without going to doctor....

 I think I broke my big toe
I was at the gym, and I dropped a 9 pound bar on it, from 6 feet above. My left big toe is swollen and red. It is bruised near the foot, and the skin had a new small, thin white line, running down ...

 I stapled my finger..?
i stapled my finger by accident (obviously haha) but only one side went in, i pulled it out and stopped the bleeding.
it happened 4 days ago, and my finger is still very sore.
i can hardly ...

 My friend passed out and hit her head on the ground and now cant concentrate?
she was doing something in the kitchen and passed out and hit her head on the floor. she had a headache all day and when she woke up she still had the head ache and cant concentrate. is there ...

 Glass in foot?
I got a piece of glass in my foot about 3 months ago. It didn't hurt at first but I knew it was in there. I figured it would work its way out and it hasn't. It is now really bothering me....

Lutalo D
Why do i **** blood when i feel like shitting?
It happened first about 10 month ago but now its back.

miss j
could b piles see yr gp.

I was eating my lunch, luckily I wasn't put off!

Go and see a doctor, the worse case sceanario could be that you have bowel cancer, however if it happened previously and has no returned, it could be owing to a lesion in your lower bowel.

Is there a large volume of blood?

See your doctor.

pls take this seriously

if the stools are hard, and it hurts when you pass them, it could be just piles - and that you need to eat more fibrous foods and drink much more water.

however, it could be the first stages of flare up of ulcerative colitis or crohns disease. keep an eye on your stools (sorry sounds disgusting but its important) try to see if you are passing any white / sticky mucus. colitis happens to young people as well as old. so take your symptoms seriously and keep a note of any changing patterns in your bowel movements, any pains etc.

if you do nothing about it, the flare up could really get going and you would have to be on steroids and have special treatment.

pls go see your doctor if above symptoms match your condition.

Sammi G
I'd see your doctor, it could be something serious

Gavin T
See your doctor. It is probably nothing to worry about but best be sure.

ok you should go and see a doctor!! it could be nothing more than piles, but it could also be something far more serious. dont feel worried about seeing the doctor about your ***, they see them everyday, go and get it checked

blue dolphin
Could just be hemorrhoids (piles) or could be that you burst a small blood vessel if you are constipated, there are very fine blood vessels at the surface of the bowel that are easily ruptured if you strain to hard. But you must get this checked out with the doctor to make sure it is nothing more serious. don't leave it to see how it goes, the sooner it is checked out the better.

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