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 Does anyone know how to relieve the pain of an ingrown toenail? Should I see a doctor or will it go away?
I have had t for over a month and just recently is is SO painful! I can't even sleep at night! What will the doctor do if I go see her?...

 Help my grandma fell and her head is bleading?
Early this morning my grandma fell and hit her head on the corner of a low table. Just now i realized the back of hear head was brown and it turned out to be blood. The cut hasn't stopped ...

 How do i ask my mom for crutches?

Additional Details
i hyperflexed(went over the top) and stepped on the side of my foot.it can not bear weight what so ever....

 What is the most serious injury you've ever had or serious illness?

 How do i heal a fat lip?
Last night i was playing catch with my friend and i wasn't looking and i got hit in the mouth with the baseball. If you know how to help it get smaller can you tell me or if not how long will it ...

 Is this occurance normal?
Is it normal to have cuts, bruises, etc and I not feel them as I am getting them? Like the other night I must have cut myself in my sleep or something, but I woke up with a 1 1/2 inch cut on my arm, ...

my little brother fell and got a big bruise on his leg a couple of weeks ago and the bruise was really hott and then it went away now theres this hard lump on his leg. is this cancer???...

 I need to see a doctor but have no insurance...where can i go?

 I need help....i hurt my finger,what do i do?
i was in gym and got my finger caught and it really hurt this morning and it still hurts reall bad....the nail is all bruised and it hurts to touch....do you thinkk its broken?what are the symptoms?<...

 Why does my heel hurt?
I woke up this morning with an intense pain in the back of my heel whenever i walk or stand, there is also a swelling at the back of my heel, i have never experienced this before, what could it be?<...

 My Toe Nail is coming off, help!?
I REALLY don't want to see a doctor. (Will it come off by itself?) (Also how do I make it get better?)...

 What did i do to my BACK???? OUCH!?
Friday night, i fell, when i was drunk, .. now i my back hurts, alot. i keep coughing up white and green foamy phlegm. and have a very hard time breathing. does anyone know if this is a serious ...

 I got an insect bite, no idea what it is... kinda scared. ?!?!?
<small>i actually got three on my foot and ones pretty big and i have no clue what theyre from cause my bio class took a fieldtrip to some garden places today. how can i tell if theyre ...

 My cut on my feet are really big and they are almost to my bone what should I do about me cutting myself?

 I need your help.. it HURTS... please click here...?
I took a cheesegrater to my thigh with powerful vigor and now I am bleeding quite badly. With the lacerations I have received... what sort of medical stuff should I do to stop the bleed? wraps? The ...

 I think i popped my jaw out of place....?
And its killing me to talk, chew food and its starting to make my face numb!! What kind of doctor should i see?...

 I got a papercut while cleaning up after business. Will there be infections?

Additional Details
Tks for all your kind concern everyone....

 Recently i shot myself in the foot. I wrapped it with my friends shirt. Should i go to the hospital?
I was only using a handgun. I took the shirt and wrapped it around. The guy was left with no shirt on and we were outside in bitter cold temperatures. His nipples are frostbitten and he can't ...

 How to treat srained ankle?
i was skating and when i landeda trick my ankle twisted ad now i can barely walk and i want to skate so bad so how is the best way for the sprain to go ...

 How do you heal swelling?
my finger is swelling like mad after i got hit by a ball...Doctor says it's not broken, he gave me pain killers and some ointments...1 week and nothing works. HELP! I can't even clench my ...

Where on the skull is the most fatal place to shoot with a gun?

pretty much anywhere-- very few people can survive a gunshot to the head. its basically a by chance thing that they survive at all. but i guess the most fatal would directly head on at the forehead or the side at the temple.

On the farm we shoot about 2 or 3 inches above the left eye. They drop like a bucket of bolts.
Don't try it unless you plan on eating what you shoot.

Are you kidding? If you shoot from close range, ANY place on the head is instantly fatal; except possibly if you shoot and miss and the bullet bounces off the jawbone, and the victim is right in the emergency room.
If you shoot the front or side, I suppose there's a tiny chance the person could live, but their life would be ruined. But if you shoot the back of the skull, at ear level, at the brainstem, then they will definitely be either instantly dead, or at best a vegetable.
But DONT even try to kill someone, not even an animal. That's illegal and sick.

Don't do it.

Back of the head into the spinal cord.
Why do you need to know?

temple or on the bottom at the base of the skull or in the forhead...
Of those, I would think on the forhead between the eys would be the most fatal place though.

why? your avatar looks scary

An old lady visited a doctor and told him she had lived a long life, was depressed and had nothing to live for. She asked where should she shoot herself to kill herself. After a long pause, he said, under the left breast.

So, she went home, took off her bra and shot her left knee cap off.

You really don't want a striaght answer do you?

Actually, under the lower jaw. Right under your chin. People shot in this manner rarely...and I do mean rarely...survive.

If someone is shot in the skull, the bullet can ricochet, causing damage but not necessarily death. And, I might add, the damage would likely leave said someone suffering from permanent brain damage and in a vegetative state.

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