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 Is it broke?
fellover on my foot, its killing me and its all swollen how do you know if it's broke its really sore
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ecioveht..... that is really funny i would laugh if i ...

 I recently "cut" myself and now i regret it, so how can i make the scabb heal faster?
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some one accsedenly kicked my finger and it didnt hurt that bad but it hurt when it happend but later it started swelling badly like its hudge! and its also purple un my joints also i put ice on it ...

 If a finger nail is slightly broken off if left will it re attack its self?

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 Knee injury, but my parents hate doctors?
I'm a 14 year old girl and for almost three years now my knees have been dislocating once every 1-2 months. 22 hours ago my left knee dislocated again. Every other time the burning sensation and ...

 Healing bruises?
I have a particularly nasty bruise on my arm from 48 hours ago and I want to do all I can to get rid of it quickly. It's summertime, I don't want to be covering up in long sleeves when it&#...

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Tatooing involves a lot of blood, so I'm left wondering......

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 Do I have to go to the doctor if I have a broken collar bone?
Well, actually its my boyfriend. He broke his collar bone last night riding his motorcycle. We don't have insurance so I was wondering if we can get a clavicle sling and call it good? Or should ...

 Does it hurt having stitches out?
I put my hand through a window on Wednesday and cut it pretty badly. I was fine at the time but I totally panicked when I went to hospital and they had to inject it/poke about with it/stitch it up! ...

 Right I've got a very serious problem and i need advice.?
I've just noticed that i have only got one Tea Bag left, now should i use it now or save it untill the morning?...

 Worst injury you've ever had?

 My husband kicked my leg 3 months ago but...?
There's still a big hard knot. It was really bruised. Now its sore still but no color marks How do I get it to go away?
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I cant leave him. My parents passed away. I...

 I can't feel my left arm but i can move it, what should i do?
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 My neck REALLY hurts when I move it to the left!!??
I was tossing and turning in my bed, and I heard a pop, and now it hurts!! I've been playing lots of tennis and ...

 Please help!!! i can't find answers anywhere on-line... i have a very painful injury?
about a week ago i fell from about 10 to 12 feet and managed to mess my hand up really bad. there is a large gash on the palm of my hand. it hurts to use any part of my hand because of the1 inch ...

 Help me please!!!!!?
Could you guys just move your jaw around and tell me if you here the bones moving or anything at all. Any noise please tell me cause i am hearing a noise. It is normal i think cause everyone who i ...

 What is worse, loosing an arm or a leg?
And why?...

Gloria S
When you get your stitches removed ... is it nomal to have like a bump?

Gay R
if you've just fallen down a flight of stairs as soon as you got the stitches removed, it is

Yes sometimes it is a slight "pimple" I got them when I had stiches. It kind of hurts but I excreted it. Doctor's recommendations.

The Archive
Sometimes, it could be swelling. Or it could be they left something in? Check with the doctor to be safe.

It IS normal.

When I was 5, I fell down the stairs and got glass lodged into my leg, along with a humoungous gash. I got 21 stitches. It is now 10 years later and i have a small bump in the shape of a candy cane from the way the glass wripped my skin. It is a little whitish to my skin tone, and a very slight bump. That's normal.

Yes you can have a little scare tissue that will smoth out after a few weeks

makeda m
This is known as a keloid scar. In some cases they go away, or at least fade.

Some complexions however will have a permanent scar.

Yes darlin - and sometimes a wrinkle... Sometimes it goes away, sometimes it's for life. There is a medicine called Mederma for scar reduction that is designed to help make your scars smooth and fade.

I have a lot of scars. It helps.

Yes, it's part of the scar. Some people have it worse than others. Most of the time it will go away after a little bit or at least lighten depending on how badly you scar.

Yes, this is normal. It'll go down in time. Best of luck to you.

â–ºFootos: The Fresh Fighterâ—„
yes its normal, thats where the scar is

yes it is almost all the time because being a stunt man (private movies like with my friends) i got a few stitches and most Not all but most will leave u with a bump
ive still got a bump from my 1st time getting them

Friend in Need
Yes, ive had them 4 times all in different places and i still have bumps in snsitive areas like the face, but its just the skin healling.

absolutely, you might even get a cool looking scar

Abolutely normal. Scar tissue is forming, and it never has the same texture as intact skin. The bump goes down after time, although it will never be perfectly smooth.

Stuck in the middle of nowhere
Yes sometimes, i had to get stitches on my knuckle once, and there was a lump under there, the doctor said it is scar tissue.

yeas ofcourse it is its just the blood that dried and it leaves a kind of imprint... it might be there forever so you can start getting used to it

yep. everytime

yea, that sounds like scar tissue.

yep - its called scar tissue.

it could be scar tissue....check with dr.

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