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 11-9 when did it happen ??

 On a Scale of 1 to 10 how much pain you would you be in if you fell and twisted your ankle?

 Go to doctor for broken toe?
I broke my big toe a couple days ago. It has been quite painful as can be expected, but not unbearable as long as I baby it. Some people think I should go to the doctor, but I dont think there is ...

 Have you ever sprained your ankle?
How long did it take to heal. I sprained my ankle yesterday morning.
Additional Details
I jumped down from a chair and landed on it pretty hard. And yes it hurt like hell....

 What can i do to prevent ankle swelling?

 How do I hide abuse?
This is sort of related to an earlier question I asked. My cousin came over last night and beat me pretty badly; I have a black eye and bruises up and down my legs. I also have a pretty severe limp; ...

 Lazar eye surgery?
Has anyone had it done
Was it painfull
Did it work
How much did it ...

 Help! I got stabbed by a pencil and I don't know what to do...?
ok, so this kid In my class stabbed my right ring finger right before we began the 8th grade Social Studies State Test. He looked at his pencil and some of the sharp tip was gone. I started to bleed ...

 I have a lump on my head?
i have a lump that feels like a part of my skull. i notice it months ago, but my partner is worried about it. i havent given it much thought. i am female 34. it feel like bone and it is like a ...

 Is it worth me seeing my doctor?
I have shin splints- its a muscular thing.
I am not sure if I actually need to see the doctor, but I do want them to go away as fast as possible and am not sure if there is any treatment the ...

 How to relocate a dislocated ankle? HELP?
HELP alone in my house and i need to relocate my ankle and FAST!

please telll me how
Additional Details
cant get up to get the phone and my aim is not working!...

 Could his arm be broken?
my son fell of the monkey bars at the park. His shoulder and arm by his elbow has pain and by the elbow is bruised. he did this 3 days ago and just told me this morning it's a little swollen but ...

 I need help please! i put things in my....?
i was bored so i thought putting mutliple things in my anus would be fun but now i cannot get them out i put 3 batteries a chap stick pencle up there but some how they kept going up farther ive ...

 What are symptons of cracked ribs?

 I wonder what's happened to my left hand! It feels numb but?
I can still move it. It is still warm but it feels just as if it is 'defrosting' from the winter cold weather. I haven't knowingly injured it. Can anyone help please?...

 If you cut yourself with a comb is that still cutting yourself?

 I bit the inside of my cheek REALLY bad, enough to make a big hole and now it's a closed sore thats white.
i went to the denstist to get a cavity fixed and i got my mouth frozen. It was so heavily done that i couldn't feel anyyything so unknowingly, i kept biting the inside of my cheek until it ...

 How do you know if yur hand is broke ????
my hand has swelled and i cant move it i think its broke please ...

 My 14 yr old sprained her ankle playing basketball, I took her to the Dr. and they said nothing was broken?
and told her to stay off of it for a week, gave her some anti-inflammatory and pain meds and an air-cast but it's been almost a week and her whole foot is completely swollen and purple... is ...

 Blistering on hands from the exercising?
I use a rowing machine 2 or 3 times a week, and often lift weights (not particularly heavy ones). I'm finding that the skin on the palms of my hands is starting to blister (just where the palm ...

When using a cane, which side should be used?
Is it on the healthy side or the sick side?

You should even the strokes out

You would use a cane on the affected aside, using your upper body to provide additional support and relieve some or all of the load from your afflicted leg.

Grand pa
The weak side.. also put some reflecter tape on it so you can be seen by cars at night.. Be seen not hurt

Usually the user has to use the cane on the side sick as this would help the person walk better. If he/she uses the cane on the healthy side, that person could have the tendency to get off-balance.

You use it on the opposite side of the injury. You use it on the good side and it relieves the weight from your sick or injured side. Make sure that you use the cane like a leg and make sure that you do not rush. Good luck hope this helps.

Becky W
i have an artificial leg on the left side. i use a cane for balance, i use it with my right hand. i have not tripped or fell with my Cain.

Dea B
Generally u use a cane or even a single crutch on the healthy side, although i don't know why

I"m a physical therapist and we learned this in school a long time ago. The cane goes on the unaffected side, or the unhealthy side as you say. WIth the cane on the unaffected side, weight is more distributed across the body during the weight-bearing portion of the gait cycle of the affected leg.

Anna W
You use the cane on the strong side. At least that's what my physical therapist showed me. The idea is to take your weight off the side that has pain. So my right ankle has pain from arthritis. When I put my right ankle forward the cane on the right goes just before. I keeps some of my weight off the ankle.

Dennis R
100% certain its on the healthy side...anyone that tells you else has NO clue. You do this because in normal walking when you swing your left leg forward, your right side of your trunk rotates forward and your arm goes along with that. What you need to do is bring the cane forward at the same time as the injured leg, plant both on the ground at the same time, put whatever weight on the injured leg that you can, and the rest on the crutch, and take a normal step with the healthy leg.

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