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 Please BEWARE of the comments made here.?
i have been reading quite a bit of the questions and answers made here in this format. i must say, for the most part, there are some horrendous answers, albeit that there are some very poorly asked ...

 I injured my ankel yesterday when i crashed on my dirtbike.does it require medical assistance?
i think i may have twisted it because when the bike landed on my ankel it was twisted in a way it should not have been and it has only gotten worse since yesterday.i can walk but barley.i am limping....

 What is a good excuse for why i have a black eye?
i don't want people to know the real reason why i have a black eye so what can i say happened instead of the truth?
Additional Details
bf threw a cell phone at ...

 Help urgently... blue tack lodged up my bum.. what can i do?

i was playing with some blue tack.. and its now 6 inches up my butt.. ...

 What is the best way to treat a scar to reduce its visibility?
I hit my head recently, and have a scar on my forehead - is there a procedure to make it heal the best way?...

 Is it true that if you hit your head you are not meant to go to sleep for a while afterwards?
i have just hit the top of my head badly enough to now have a lump the size of an egg on it, dont laugh but what happened is my dog has chewed through one of the legs of my pc chair and my pc is ...

 Do you think if a jumped of a chair and landed on 1 foot i would break my ankle??
just curious, would i break it, or just sprain it, or do nothing at all... if so, would i have to land on it sideways to do damage??
i'm not going to try it or anything(i think lol only ...

 Is my finger broken? closed trunk door on it?
I ended up closing my car trunk lid on my pointer finger. when it opened i looked at my finger and it was blue and it was pressed where the door closed. it started bleeding and now i cant really bend ...

 Is it possible to make bruises heal up quicker?
i have this bruise on the back of my head, and i've no idea how i'm going to sleep on it tonight. i don't want to be tossing and turning since i have to get up early tomorrow, so is ...

 Why does lighting a match after you use the bathroom get rid of the odor so well?

 I broke her arm and i feel really bad.......?
my best friend 's arm is broken. its my fault. i feel really reallllllllly bad. do you have any ideas as to any cool presents or things i could do for her? also any ideas of anything clever i ...

 Advice for head wound please?
I banged my head really hard getting into my car last thursday and almost knocked myself out. Though there is no mark on my forehead at all, it is still really painful to touch and for the past week I...

 Help I have used a coupleof c-ock rings and they seem to be stuck what can I do to get them off?

 Is it illegal for a Dr. if he doesn't show you your x-rays?
I have a broken foot, with no insurance. The Dr. did not put me in a cast, he put me in a little aircast thing and told me it was mostly a bad sprain. And he did not even show me my x-rays???

 Ingrown toenail removal, does the injection hurt, please answer!!?
i have to go to have an ingrown toenail removed tomorrow, i am 14 and bricking it!!! I think just partial removal not total nail removal. I have heard when the local anesthetic is being injected it ...

 Bruise turned green/yellow. Dangerous?
There is a 1cm circle of the usual purple bruise, but around that is bright yellow and faded dark green. I have never had this before, should i be concerned?
Additional Details
Ok good ...

 Do all wasps and hornets leave a stinger in you?
I was stung by a wasp about an hour ago. I can't seem to find a stinger in me though. I thought they all left one....

 Can I go to any NHS hospital?
I need to have an MRI done. Can I go to any hospital to have the scan done with the shortest waiting time?...

 Has anyone ever bitten the inside of their cheek and it hurt like hell?
Maybe you were eating or chewing gum and you bit the inside of your cheek. I have been doing this all day and it hurts like hell....

 My left shoulder hurts when i move it?
I dont want to run into the dr. and then it ends up being just a sore muscle. What are the symtoms of a torn rotator cuff?
The pain carries up to the left side of my neck also and hard to move ...

When having an X-ray taken at the hospital (foot) how long will it take to develop?
Just want to know when I go to have my foot X-rayed will I see the results on the day or go back next day or is it 5minutes 3 hours?

you will get the resuts that day! should take may be an hour to 2 hours for someone to asses it then give you the news. Well thats what happened when i broke my ankle.

5 mins but it takes a few days for the 'head' radiographer to check it more thoroughly.
If any problem shows up then they will contact you straight away

suzi J
Now adays... before u leave they have them on the computer

When i broke my leg they had my results within the space of 10 minutes. To be honest its up to the hospital to decide if they can be bothered to 'fast track' your x-ray.
I hope they are quick for you because sitting in the hospital for ages is a nightmare!!!

I had x-ray on my neck and the results were through in 20 mins
But it depends how busy they are.If they get a sudden emergancy the sit down and read a long book.Dont shout,just be patient hehe.

you with no the result of the xray as soon as you see the consultant as its all computerised now which i think is alot better good luck

You should get the x- ray back as soon as it is done which doesn't take long at all. It should be quick and painless.

Shortly after, quite painless.

Assuming you go to an A&E hospital in the UK, then the x-rays will be available on-screen to the doctor in under five minutes.

If a doctor in the hospital ordered the x-ray, you will go back to the clinic for the results right away (or after 10 mins). If your gp ordered it, you will have to wait 7-10 days so it can be sent through to the gp.

¸.•*¨)Sweet Sinner¸.•*¨)
It's instant now...No waiting for the x-ray as it goes straight onto the computer.

Couple of minutes. But sometime the radiography department and the radiologists are a bit busy and so you might have to wait for 10-15 minutes for them to sort it out.

Depends what is wrong with it and the urgency of the results. If its a potential fracture then it will be reviewed straight away. The actual xray wil take about 3 -5 mins depending what they are looking for. If its non urgent then the results may well be sent to your doctors.

russell B
Most X-ray departments don't use film now, they have gone digital. Therefore there's no developing but it's now image processing. The cassettes now have an image plate in them which stores the image digitally and it's then read by a laser. The image that results is sent to a central store to be kept in your unique file.
It done on the same day to get your image back but it may take days for it to be reported on by the Radiologist.
That is a doctor who specialises in looking at xray images.

♥ Bekka ♥
depends on ur hospital.

When i had an x-ray for my back it took 2 weeks to get my results.

The xray is automatic, takes seconds to develop.

You will get the results when you see your doctor or consultant. If it is through the hospital your consultant will be able to access them on the computer.

The actual film takes only seconds to develop. In fact they are developed before you are allowed to leave, in case another is needed. However the film is then reviewed by the Radiologist and this can take from minutes to hours, then the report is written and sent to your GP

5 minutes

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