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 Yes,,,Im pretty sure Ive broken my pinky toe...but?
yes I broke it about two and half days ago,,,,but is it usual for the bruising to spread under my other toes as well..4cm down from each toe but not the big toe...please, would like to know...cant ...

 What will heal a scar???
I have a scar for a year ago and its on my arm. What will heal it????...

 My right foot is swollen? But I am not sure why. What should I do to get the swelling to go down?
What could of caused it to swell? I am overweight, but my left foot is not swollen....

 Will my knee get better?
A few weeks ago I was in taekwondo and popped the inside my knee. The doctor said it was just the soft tissue. I rested for about 2 weeks and it got better. After 3 weeks, I started working out at ...

 Is anyone else addicted to puting things in my anus?
every night wen i get .horn.ey, i get the urge to shuv things into my anus. i tried an ice cube, its cold. i started with a pencil, then a anti persperant can. until the button was held down by the ...

 What would you do if accidentally super glued your hands together?
I need help cause' this is painful!!
Additional Details
I can use the phone!...

 HelP !!!!!?
I have this burnt mark on my leg, how do you make it dissappear?? or at least less noticable ???
No answers like nobody's perfect cuz I know that but THIS is REALLY insecurity SERIOUS !!!!<...

 What do you do when your tongue is peirced and really hurts?
my bf accidentally pierced his tongue a couple of days ago, it was bleeding kinda bad but after sometime of having ice on it.. it stopped.. yesterday it felt a little better.. but today it's ...

 Have I cracked another rib, or is it the same one?
I had a cracked rib a year ago. After a recent fall I have that same awful pain...... especially when I sneeze (my god isn't that pain something else??). Do you think that it's the '...

 If you can't work due to a disability that is only temprary can you make a claim ?
I am unable to use right hand and I am right handed. My Occupational Therapist told me to keep arm in splint and don't use. I have an advanced case of tennis elbow. They are doing OT first ...

 Lazer Eye Treatment reassurance!?
No horrible replies please! I had lazer eye treatment on Friday 29 Dec and am still unable to see properly. Can anyone give me reassurance that it will get better and if you have had it, how long ...

 I just electricuted my hand and it's numb?
Will I get my feeling back?...

 Should I still make an appointment with the doctor?
Yesterday I had two bowl movements and both of them had blood. Today there has been no blood in the stool but last night I felt dizzy, nauseous, and lightheaded.

I'm positive that the ...

 So I got bit on my wrist really hard.. Pain and numbness in hand?
Is it bad? It was near my inner wrist. I had shooting pain and it felt like my hand was on fire. 5 hours later I have numbness in my fingers and pain.

Additional D...

 My arm is numb...?
I recently got pushed really hard into cement and i did something to my rotator cuff in my left shoulder. It wasnt broken but i had to go to the hospital and wear a sling for 2 weeks. It doesn't ...

 Stabbed by a pencil?
okay, so this might be the strangest question ever. but about a year ago, i was getting into the car and my friend was holding a pencil and it stabbed me in the lower back. okay, pretty much the ...

 What are some good exercises to regain full motion in my leg/thigh?
i had a motorcycle accident a month ago, & had blood drained from my knee, i wasnt able to move my knee for that whole month. my leg & knee were all bruised up, now i have some motion in my ...

 Is it bad to stick needles into your dead skin?
I stuck 50 needdle into my toe yesterday. Is that bad?...

 My foot hurts soo bad!!!! omg!! omg!!!!?
i was running around my playroom for excersise until i suddenly stepped on a dumbell (weights) and my foot hurts worse than spraining an ankle. i don't know what to do OW!!! IT HURTS EVEN NOW!!!...

 Last night I choked on a tortilla chip. The whole chip got stuck but I could breathe?
I could breathe and talk but it was very blocked and it hurt. I eventually got the chip down but later that night it still hurts and I feel like the chip is still in there. What should I do....

Whats it called where they stick a tube down your throat? for surgery.?



If you're talking about when they put you to sleep, it's called intubation.

That would be your trachea, or "windpipe". The process is called endotracheal intubation: the tube they place down your "throat" is called an endotrachael tube..it has a small inflatable "balloon" at the end which when inflated after placement seals off your trachea so that "air or oxygen can go in through the center of the tube but other fluids {like vomit} cant get past the "balloon" into your lungs. When one is intubated for surgery, you are "asleep"...made unconscious first by the MD's. In the field when a patient is intubated, they are either in "Full Arrest"..{ a CPR case}, or so critical that the procedure is done even if the patient isn't "fully unconscious". Intubating in those cases {if not contraindicated} is sometimes done via a nasally placed tube, which acts the same as a tube placed endotracheally. Lastly, there are also somes tubes designed to be placed in the esophagus {where food goes down }, the theory being to seal off the esophagus and divert ventilated air to the open trachea. In all cases, a skilled medic or Doc can usually place and secure such a tube in 30-45 seconds, then proceed to ventilate {breathe} for the patient.


I assume you mean for breathing?

This is called intubation. An endotracheal tube is inserted into your trachea. A cuff is inflated to hold it in place. Either a BVM (bag-valve-mask) or a ventilator will be attached to the end of the tube so your breathing can be maintained.

Your throat will be very sore when the tube comes out.

There are other reasons why a tube can be put down your throat. Endoscopy...bronchoscopy...certain cardiac tests...the list goes on.

There is a tube that can be used when a person cannot be intubated in the normal way. It's called a combitube or dual lumen airway. These are used more commonly in emergency situations. It doesn't matter which way it goes...esophagus or trachea. A person can still be ventilated effectively.

dee k
The tube that goes 'down your throat' is an endotracheal tube,the process of passing the tube & keeping it there is 'intubation' & the largyscope is the instrument used to see or visualise that the tube has been correctly placed.The aim of the tube is to keep the wind pipe or trachea patent &conduct oxygen from either a cylinder attached to a Boyles apparatus or a piped supply of oxygen.This procedure is followed when the patients respiration is insufficient to mantain adesiable level of oxygen in the body During surgery muscles relaxants are given so that thepatient's muscles are totally relaxed,this involves respiratory muscles as well,so oxygem has to be supplied to the body until the effect of relaxants wear off.

It's called a guaranteed sore throat for a week afterwards!!!
Sorry, that didn't help much (but very true). I think Dee has the right answer.

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