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 Walking on sprained ankle?

I'm a 25 year old male. I sprained my ankle almost 3 days ago while jogging and at first it was very painful to walk. The doctor thought it might be fractured. I've been ...

 Canker sore?
i have a Canker sore, "I'm 100% sure it's a canker sore" For 6 days now, And it's about 1-6th the size of my big Finger nail, It's less painful today then it was, But i ...

 Should I get a epidural? Is it really that bad?

 Can you still walk on a broken foot?
Has anyone else had a broken foot and continu to walk on it? I hate going to the dr. so I figure if it is really broken and I can still walk on it, why bother going? It only hurts real bad if I ...

 Can you break an elbow and still move it?
I fell down wood steps and have pain in my elbow. I can bend it back and forth ok, but when I wore a coat earlier, I couldn't tolerate bending my elbow in it. Then I tried to push open a ...

 How can you tell if you tore something in your ankle?
I hurt my ankle like 2 months ago and it still bothers me. i think i may of had torn something. I want to know if it would be worth to spend the money for a MRI, x-ray, etc.......

 I woke up this morning with my little finger and 4th finger numb. it's still numb now - should i see a doctor?
I thought it was how i had slept on it. I have never had any problems before but the numbness is quite acute on both the fingers. I can still bend them but i have no feeling in them whatsoever. It...

 Canker sore?
how do u cure a canker sore on the inside of a lip???...

 What are the symptoms of a pinched nerve IN THE ARM (NOT THE NECK) THANKS!?

 Have you ever passed out?
When I was 4 I was in my moms bathroom looking in the mirror an blow drying my hair and I was standing on a stool and all of the sudden, so abruptly, I felt sleepy and I felt myself falling back and ...

 Supply Teacher Tried to Put His Hands Down My Shirt?
I was in math class, and we had a supply teacher. He was really strict and yelled at people for no reason but he never yelled at me. I was at my desk (at the back of the room) and he came over and ...

 Can i fly if i'm using crutches?
i am due to fly from spain to the UK on the 14 of august and this morning i fell over and went to hospital with my mum and i am bandeged up from my ankle to below my knee with crutches for 2 weeks. ...

 I have a broken wrist with a cast on my arm. I want to cut the cast off after 5 weeks & not go back to Dr. OK?
It's been only two weeks and my wrist feels fine now. Why go back to the doctor if I can cut the cast off myself?...

 Will my scar go away :(?
i burned myselef with the kettle. now it is a red mark. will this go away? burns dont really go do they? what can i put on it to make it fade? i hear bio oil is rubbish. thanks for your help. its on ...

 What is this? I woke up this morning to a huge pain in my calf, it felt like the muscle was taring apart wut?
is it? A charlie horse? What?...

 If you die and you have a broken leg do they take the cast off?

 Is it bad if you remove your cuticles? If so, how do u fix it?
i accidently removed my cuticle on my right thumb and it burns!!!! i cant put any pressure on it!! is there anyway to stop it from burning, fix it? oh ya and it doesnt stop bleeding!!! can u help me ...

 Does Glass come out on its own?
I think the question says it ...

 What would happen if you have pink eye and then someone punches you in your pink eye and gave you a black eye?

 I've been having dizzy spells for about 6 months or longer...I had a serious fall.?
Need to know what could be causing these?I have them all day everyday, Sometimes not as severe as others.Yeet I can still function..I fell down a flight of 16 stairs and had a bad concussion abd ...

Sexy Red
Whats a backslab plaster cast ?

Additional Details
10 points to who ever gets it right,oh and im a orthopaedic plaster technician.No Cheating.

It is a plaster which is put on you when you break a bone maybe an arm or the joint or somewhere.

they are more often than not used on hand/wrist injuries, they are half a normal caste, they give the support whilst, allowing movement, to aid in a faster recovery time of the injury.

my son had one of these

its self explanatory really its just a back slab rather than a full plaster, and then is just bandaged to hold it in place.

Is sometimes used as a temporary cast also until a further visit to hospital or allowing for swelling to go down in some cases

hubby had 1 of them.
it's a half cast, as his leg was 2 swollen 2 encase in a full plaster cast.

Shouldn't you know if that is your job?? Anyway as others have correctly said it is a plaster cast that supports one aspect of the affected limb and the other is just supported by bandages. There are a number of reasons for using this type of cast. I am sure you know all about that.

essentially its half a plaster cast, secured by bandage or strapping. also use when there is an open wound...

im not a plaster tech... im a user... an amputee...

sad case of been there, had them.

its not a full coverage plaster..only one side of the limb is covered with plaster and then a bandage is placed around it

It's a plaster of paris cast that has been cut in two leaving just half of it remaining,this is then secured to the patient who has broken a bone or had surgery via a bandage.
It serves as a temporary cast immobilising the area where it is applied but also allows access for assessments(eg.physiotherapy) , removal of stitches/sutures and inspection of the wound.

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