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ohh i forgot to tell you the question...sillly me!...

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this has ...

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 How do you break your arm easily!?
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 My son broke his arm
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 Okay so help...i got them peirced yesterday...?
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sorry i forgot to put..ears ...

What would cause a soft lump under the skin as a result of a 2 year old shin contusion?
Two years ago I bruised and indented my shine very badly by falling down the stairs of my deck. My leg slipped through the step on the back and body fell forward pushing the step into my shin. The brusing has never gone away completely and the area is still sore and indented two years later. Recently I noticed a small soft lump under the skin where the shin is usually indented. Today I noticed the lumped has grown. I am thinking I may have a hematoma but I am unsure. I am not sure if this is something that requires a trip to the Dr?

Cookie Monster

I would go to the doctor. I dont like lumps.
My daughter bruised her shin very badly a few months ago and developed a white lump (she still has a bruise too). It turns out it is just a fatty deposit caused from the injury

It could be the tissue swollen but either way if it's been that long you need to go to the doctor. Also, lots of time skin cancer looks like a bruise that doesn't go away (if there is a possiblity that it wasn't caused from the fall). I'd go to the doctor.

Heaven L
sounds like a cyst, and those shouldnt be ignored. If left alone it could turn out to be something alot worse so go to the doctor and get it tested to make sure its benign and that they can drain it.

Mr. Nice Guy
It is not an hematoma. But I do know that it is normal.

holy d
its probably just a cyst

Yeah you should go to the doctor.Your tendons or joints might be swollen.And you dont want an infection or even worse-blood clot.

Ďяєαмєя ツ
u never noe...u should cheak it out to see if its just something not to worry about or if it is serious

It is probably a cist, a build up of fluid under the skin the body builds as a kind of protection, usually after an injury. But, with the injury and the fact that it has grown, you should really go to the doctor to find out what's really going on.

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