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 Which would you believe?
okay i'va had some health problems most would call minor....so i went to the gyno....he said i have a cyst it eill go away...pain got real bad so i went to ER they said its a bladder infection (...

 Can a small third degree burn be dangerous to your health?
I burned my left ringer finger just above my knuckle on an element in my stove (I know, smart right?). I know for a fact that it's third degree because it blistered something terrible and now ...

 Is it safe??
i've been exercising alot lately. espically my ab's. and right now their killing me. i was wondering if it's safe to put icy hot on them....

 Please read all of it... 3 in 1 question... How long should I wait to go TO the doctor?
I slipped on 3 ICY concrete steps 1 week ago... & I am still having very bad back pain... My doc gave me a prescription of 20 Vicodin.
However, I've tried taking just 3 Ibuprofen the ...

 Belly ring and swimming?
okay so I got my b-button pierced a couple of weeks ago and this weekend my family planed a little vaca. that includes swimming. I am pretty sure a thin layer of skin has already grown since I heal ...

 Had an x-ray?
done today do u know wot they found ?

funny answers welcome come on get yr thiking caps on lol x
Additional Details
good answers

they found another me ...

 Why is my pinky toe swollen?
For the past few weeks, my pinky toe has been swollen. I dont think it has anything to do with my shoes becasue my other foot is fine. I drink plenty of water and have tried splinting and soaking it ...

 Muscle soreness from breakdancing?
ok so i just started on breakdancing not too long ago. i only want to do the basics of breakdancing. i don't want to do anything that hardcore like headspins and all. i just started on learning ...

 What exactly is a sprain?

 Making yourself throw up... ?
I know ow to stick your finger down your throat, but that doesn't work for me. I gag, but nothing comes up. Don't ask why I'm doing this, but I need to for the time being. Soo if ...

 How can i keep my half leg cast dry if possible to go hot tubbing?
i broke my foot and have a half leg cast. i ordered a cast cover but it hasn't come yet is there anyway to let it get submerged other then one of the covers?...

 What does it feel like when you're high?
Okay, well today at school my nose was like feeling kind of weird and then the sensation would go to y head...
Then all of a sudden my ears started ringing I know I'm not high since I don�...

 PLEASE HELP My doctor recently that I was slightly retarded
what does slightly mean?...

 Three days ago I fell and now my legs won't stop feeling like jelly. I need help making it stop.?
There's not cut or bruise. There's a little bump I don't think that should be making my legs feel like this.

If I try to run or walk fast I start feeling dizzy too.


 Ummm ouch i kinda just shot myself in the finger with my bebe gun(air rifle) with a metal bebe wat should i do
i seriously did i just shot the middle finger ooch it hurts really bad and its turnin purple, and i have no feeling wat should i do? i didnt now it was loaded and pumped so i put my finger on the end ...

 Can you jump off a 1 story into grass with a roll and have no injuries?
if you jumped off a 1 story house into grass with a roll, could you be injury less?...

 Advice for child who may have broken toe(s)?
yeserday my daughter hurt 3 off her toes and the middle one had a tiny bruise which has gone today but since it happened yeserday afternnon she won,t walk and is hopping around the house on 1 leg.i ...

 Sleeping after a head injury?
My five year old fell and bumped his head on the concrete, is it alright for him to sleep now?...

 + My Son Hurt His Arm Last Night +?
My Son Hurt His Arm Last Night. He tripped and fell on it. We checked it out after and he was still able to use it but this morning he woke up and told me that it still hurts him. I asked him where ...

 Help me please....?
my nail was just broken off... well not entirely, and i just want to know if it will grow back... it was torn off on the tip about one millimeter thick and blood was coming out... well off course ...

What is the best way to get fiberglass out of your hands?
And what is the best thing to use to keep it out of your hands?.. I wear gloves for work but its still getting my hands.

chainsaw just above the wrist

Pamela O
The best two that I have heard is using tape and "pulling" the glass out ouf your skin, and taking a cold shower. And for keeping it out this is what I heard works best cover exposed skin with a heavy coat of talcum powder before work(supposedly closes the pores) and wash work clothes separate...

Get better gloves. They must sell some for that kind of work. Or double the gloves, wear two pairs at once.
As far as I know, fiberglass has to work itself out of the skin and you just have to put up with the irratation till then.

depending on how bad ...wash with warm water...if its really really bad...hospital.....and to keep it out wear 2 pairs of special gloves they sell at home depot

Do you wear the thin, elastic gloves, the material gloves, or those rubbery yellow ones.
I would think that the rubbery yellow gloves would work best, because the thin elastic gloves are too shear, and the material gloves are well, material. Which leaves ways for the fiberglass to get in. Also, make sure the ends of the gloves are closed off and dont have a big gap, which would make room for the fiberglass to enter that way.

john h
In my experiences with fiberglass, if it was really annoying I would use duct tape and press the tape on and off my hands. I would only use a small piece at a time ( so not to just keep moving the fiberglass from one spot to another ). As for gloves at work, you might try a different material, and style. Maybe try latex gloves ( like doctors etc. wear ) under regular gloves. You might want to try a gauntlet style glove, like a welders glove that are much longer, and cover the wrist.

The best way to get it OUT is to use cellotape - the fibres will stick to the tape. Buy the widest tape you can and cut five strips, each 8 inches in length, overlap these lengths side by side (so they make a sheet) and then join the ends to make a circle, with the sticky side out. Put one hand through the circle and roll or "dab" the area (on the other hand) with the fibres in. Even embeded fibres will come out.

To stop fibres getting IN, use surgical gloves under your other gloves. Your hands will get quite warm but it will keep the fibres out.

soak them in salt water (warm) for no less than 10 minutes then take them out and rinse under warm water and repeat if needed and it should work.

It may sound stupid, but try this. Use warm water to open the pores then wipe your hand or arms with a pair of panty hose, The fiberglass fibers will hook the hose and pull from your skin.

two ways..
take some duct tape...reverse it around one hand and pat your other hand. The sticky side will pull up the fibers.

second way is take some Elmers school glue.... Spred it on the area that is contaminated...let it dry... Then pull it off.. The fibers will come with it.

as for keeping it out of your hands in the first place... Wear the Yellow Fiberous Gloves. The big ones that look like big birds hands... And tape your long sleeves to the gloves.

hope that helps

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