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 I have hurt my little toe. Any help on what doctors would do? Any suggestions on what happened?
I was playing basketball one day when my friend landed strait on my left little toe. The darkest its gotten is purple. Its been swolen now for atleast 4 weeks and is red. I can't move my joint ...

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 I had a blood test done.They didn't find anything?
Swollen knees & painful hips.I ach all over & im only 42....

 Please give some support/ my boyfriend went outside 8-10 minutes and came back to find his mother ???
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 How do I bring down swelling on my foot?
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 Should i see doctor?
i have a couple different things that i'm concerned about.

My skin hurts to touch..
It hurts the back of my eyes to look around like a muscle is sore and being pulled..

 My friend just went to the hospital in EMS with a broken ankle. How long will it be before she gets to come ho
home? WIll it be a few hours or what?
Additional Details
they think its broke and said they could feel the part where it had ...

 Speed healing?
I hurt my foot about a week ago surfing. It got crushed between two boards and skinned a few toes and a fair bit of bruising. I iced it and the swelling is better but I really need it to hurry up and ...

 I have a bruise??....................
i was put on the drip in hospital and the needle went in my hand.
it been 4 days and i now havewhat looks like a bruise but it doesnt hurt.!!
im so scared could it be hiv ??
im 14 !...

 Broke my leg..go to a big school..should i try and use crutches or just go for a wheelchair?
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last year i have head injury
now my right arm is broken ...
bad things cant stop !!!!...

 Best way to heal sore muscles in 24 hours?
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 Is it possible to fracture your wrist when there...?
isn't a lot of pain when it's not being used, but you can't put pressure on it without it hurting a lot.?
Like I can still move my fingers and stuff but when there is pressure put ...

 Why is my wrist swollen?
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 How can I break my foot?
This is just to see what you guys can think of. The way i think will work best (with a good story) wins!...

 Broken Toe or Liar?
Ok, today, I dropped my packback on my friend's foot. It only had a text book, a binder, and a notebook. So it wasn't really that heavy. She didn't like spaz out when I did it.

 I twisted my ankle last night?
last night i twisted my ankle and i couldnt walk. this morning, i woke up and i still had the pain, but i was able to walk a little. i decided to go to school anyways. when i walk though, my foot is ...

 What r the symptoms of a concussion?

Additional Details
i went to jump into my bfs arms n he couldnt hold me so i fell backwards onto the ground n i hit my head could i have a concussion? because i hit my head on a bus ...

Mohammad S
What is the best thing to do if i have sprained my ankle?
i was playing basketball and came down on it awkward and heard a crack. it didn't hurt as bad and i was able to walk on it. i iced it and wrapped it over night and now it hurts more than yesterday.. what should i do without going to the doctor? i can still walk on it.. but it hurts when i put pressure on the ankle.

The best thing to do is to visit a doctor.

Ive fractured many bones in my life as an athlete. You REALLY need to see a doctor especially if you heard a crack. Thats usually one of the first things a doctor asks you..."did you hear a pop or crack?" It sounds like you fractured it. Take my advice....go see a doc!

Sounds like you seriously need to go to a doctor especially if you heard a crack. That would mean it's more than a sprain.
You need to stay off of it, elevate it and ice it.
Hope it feels better soon.

You really should have an ex-ray, but if there is just no way you can go to a dr. continue what you were doing, apply ice 20 min on 40 min off, do not go more than 20 min on at a time or you get the reverse effect. Elevate when ever possible on a pillow, this relieves pressure points, wrap in ace wrap, will give support and help with swelling. You can usually get crutches from the local VFW for free to use while you need them, or rent them from some stores, call walgreens and see if they rent.

Dr. K
Rest, continue to ice the ankle, light compression ACE bandage or use an air cast, and elevate the ankle.

Liberty Belle
Ice - for 20 minutes at a time
Compression - wrap with an ace bandage

Antiinflammatories may help but take them a few times.
If it doesn't start to feel better in a day or two or gets worse you should follow up with a doctor.

RICE approach
Rest--You may need to rest your ankle, either completely or partly, depending on how serious your sprain is.

Ice--Use ice packs, ice slush baths or ice massages can decrease the swelling, pain, bruising and muscle spasms. Keep using ice for up to 3 days after the injury.

Compression--Wrap your ankle to avoid swelling and bruising. You'll probably need to keep your ankle wrapped for 1 or 2 days after the injury and perhaps for up to a week or more.

Elevation--Raising your ankle to or above the level of your heart will help prevent the swelling from getting worse and will help reduce bruising. Try to keep your ankle elevated for about 2 to 3 hours a day if possible.

Sandie B
The crack sound usually indicates a pulled or torn tendon which is a little harder to fix than a sprain, but not impossible.
You'll need to continue with ice, elevate the foot/ankle and stay off it for a good 2-3 days. Then begin working it by placing it in real warm water (add hot to kept warm) for 15 mins then slowly start rotating the foot (still in water) first one way then the other for 5-10 mins then ice it for 15 mins. Repeat this 2-3 times a day and increase just a little each time.
If you have a pair of old boots, cut off the front/top part then wrap tight enough to keep from using the ankle. (medical supplies have, but cost a lot) Still avoid any excess weight as much as possible.
The whole thing usually takes about 2 weeks if it's a tendon. A sprain is about a week or less.
Either way, if real painful after only 3 days of being off it, get x-rays. People have been able to use the ankle when broke.

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