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 My Virgina is sore to the touch. help please. i beg you.?
only moments ago i was realised there was some discomfort in my vigina area. i looked and saw the inside one of the flaps near the top on one side that it was a little bit wet but aprt from that it ...

 Having a little pain... what to do what to do?
last night i kinda fell off a hill and got scratched all to heck, but besides that.... everytime i walk on my left foot, it hurts, i don't know if maybe i just pulled a muscle or what? anyone ...

 Have you ever broken a bone before?
if so which one and how?...

 I just sliced some of the skin off of my pinky. And it really, really hurts.?
What should I do? I already put a Band-Aid on it and now it hurts like a mother.
Additional Details
Yeah, It's not just skin. I can see some muscle and it bled for like half an hour....

 I've got cold.?
say something to cheer me up. (please)...

 Does it hurt when you die from a gun shot wound?

 My whole side of my face is swollen and painful any ideas what it could be?

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What happens if you snort crushed up benadrill? as my friend done it?...

 My foot hurts why?
Started last week when I walk or flexi my foot I get shooting pains up my ankle. Can't remember twisting it or dropping anything on it & not been to Dr think they just tell me its brusied, ...

 I would really appreciate some helpful answers?
my aunt had a seizure about a week ago. she bite her tounge really hard and it hurts her just to talk. is there anything she can take or anything she can do to help the pain? i know she is taking ...

 My two year old has a cut- should I take him to seek medical attention? Please answer quick!?
My son was running across the cement at the park an hour ago, barefoot, and tripped. The only injury he has is also his first "real" cut- so I'm not sure how to handle it.
His ...

 Bruised tail bone?
Hi i went sledding and skiing on friday and when i was sledding with my friends we went of a bump and i fell off and bruised my tail bone waht can i do to heal it? I have been using a heating pad on ...

 What should I do with my back problem ?
today I lifted something heavy and my back is strained. It is not rigid, still when I am in vertical position it hurts and as a result I cannot walk. Could it be something serious ? or will it ...

 Are the injuries in movies real or fake like surgeries,broken legs,cuts,bruises etc.?

 Am I going to be infected?
I was cutting my arms with a razor as usuall, but this time I thought I'll squeez some lemon on the wounds so that I can relieve more emotional stuff. After squeezing the lemon on it I realized ...

 How does one deal with playing in the hot sun?
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 How do i get a really cool black eye?
Whats your suggestions?
also, whats worse federal or state prison?...

 For an inguinal hernia repair ... how many days sick leave will i get ?
It will be a standard groin hernia done under day case. I will not be involved with driving or lifting heavy weights ....

 What did i do to my foot/ankle?
So im not sure what i did to my foot/ankle. But i was walking this morning and my foot gave out when i put it down and i heard a pop and snapping sound, so i got home (by car ride), and i fell again ...

 What happens if you brake your nose...?
get it wrapped at the hospital and then decline any further treatment?

I broke my nose a few weeks ago, the pain was awful, I went to the hospital and they bandaged it for me and told me ...

What is a good ointment for bruises?

Sherri ptown
There is no ointment for bruises, you have to let them heal on thier own.

The Peoples' Answerer
Regular lotion is good, but the best protection is to massage, and don't let anything get on it to affect it even worse, also, becareful for next time.

Med Student.

Tiger Balm fixes everything.

Not sure if there is one, but if you're prone to bruising or play contact sports etc, you can prevent them by eating foods rich in Vitamin K. I played lacrosse for 8 years and every few months I would eat a whole serving of creamed spinich (frozen food aisle) and I rarely bruised after that.

I always find that sports ointments are very effective for bruises and muscle aches. I do thai kickboxing and find that many of the ointments on muay thai supplies websites are effective. However always consult your doctor before taking any medicines that are not from a pharmacy.


ARNICA is the one!! It's a herbal type cream and that's pretty much its main use. Works really fast.

cammomile oinment is amazing stuff

Vivienne T
People have suggested Arnica cream which is good but mustn't be used on broken skin as it can be toxic. Nelsons do a cream made with Calendula and hypericum(St John's wort) which is also good as it acts as a local anaesthetic too, and Comfrey cream/ointment/oil can help too. Lavender oil can help soothe painful bruises.

witchhazel ointment i believe is the one you are looking for , but the verdict is still out on how effective it is it varies from person to person

ARNICA - oitment or cream can be purchased in Boots, other Chemists or Health Food Shop.


ps I definitely would NOT massage a bruise as is recommended by med student - think maybe that source is an untruth.

Arnica gel is made especially for bruises and it really works. You can buy it from health shops or most chemists.

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