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 When you have a broken bone..Does it hurt when its healing?

Additional Details
i broke my shin bone about 3 months ago...and it hurts..i have a rod in my leg...my doctor says i should walk on it and put full weight on it..but it hurts..the rod ...

 Fell on my stomach?
i fell on the tile kitchen floor last night and i hurt both my kness and my elbow....they are all a bruise expect within a few hours on my left knee there is a bump on the side of my knee. could it ...

 How do I heal cuts on the corners of my lips?
I have small little cuts on the corners of my mouth. I'm not for sure if they came from chapped lips or if I actually cut myself with something. I put neosporin on the corners of my mouth but it ...

 I am having a general anaesthetic tomorrow and feel that I am getting a head cold. Will it still go ahead?

 Can you go to the ER if you do not have health insurance?
My friend broke his leg and he does not have health insurance.
He will not go to the doctor and he is in so much pain. what can he do?...

 People, What do I do to heal my toe?
Its swelling quite a bit, and there is a white "bubble" in the centre. Half of my foot feels like its bruised. By the way I can't go to the doctor for atleast a couple of days. Tell me ...

 From running i normally get shin splints how do i over come it?
i normaly run 8km, i plant my feet heal toe. also get sore in my knee's these days, i have the right shoes nothing wrong with it. what can i do to stop getting hurt in knee's and shin ...

 Can the bump on my nose be fixed without a nose job????
it's a mild bump not too big but my nose looks crooked.............

 Hard lump at the base of my middle finger, HELP?
Iv got a pea sized hard lump at the base of my middle finger on my palm, and it is so painful, it only started hurting yesterday and i havnt noticed it before, any ideas what it could be?

 How do i know if i tore a ligament in my knee?
My leg twisted in a weird way,and now my knee is swollen,i cant bend it all the way,is my ligament torn?...

 My leg hurts...?
Last night I kinda noticed that I had a dull ache in my left leg. Today it hurts something awful, like I fell or something, but I didn't. It is my left leg, and it only hurts from the knee down. ...

 I think I pulled my forearm and bicep muscles, and it hurts. What can I do to make it better?
The pain is tremendous, I could not sleep at all last night. It is embarassing how I did it, I went to a pro go kart place last night and the steering was manual and very hard! I could not stop ...

 How long does it take to roll a joint?
..how long do u spend rolling the joint/...

 What did i do?
every time i bend my knee, it hurts alot and makes a popping noise. what could i have done to it and what can i do to fix it?...

 I hit my toe on something hard by accident now i think a couple of my toes are fractured if not they just hurt
but they are not broken I dont have medical insurance what should I do to treat them myself?...

 I think I broke my toe?
ever since last night my toe has really been bothering me. it's the middle one.
It hurts really badly to walk on it and when I do I get a sharp dull achy pain in the toe. there is a ...

 Is it okay to break vicodin pills in half?
I don't like the intense effect of the whole pill. Can I just break it in half and feel the less intense effect? Or is this not recommended?...

 I think i broke my big toe!?
I slipped and fell down the stairs. Well half way down and i think i landed on my big toe while it was flexed. It hurts to stand. Its throbbing and

I can flex it with out too much pain ...

 My mom just cut her finger, what should we do?
Okay, so while cutting lettuce she cut the tip of her finger clear off. She didn't cut too much off, just a little but it's bleeding, and the blood coming out is pretty dark, not too dark, ...

 My thumb still hurts?
A few weeks ago i hit something with my fist and my pinky finger was sore for a few days but my thumb still hurts it hurts to do almost anything that requires me to grip with it or whatever. I didn�...

What happens when an entire toenail breaks off and what should I do if it does break off?
I was playing basketball and the ball fell on shoe and hit my toe on the right foot. My toe was bruised and underneath the nail it turned purple. Now its not. However, the toenail appears to have a little bend in it at the nail bed and appears to be loose enough to where I can actually see underneath it without pulling it off.

Malcolm C
i would put it off because it might rot of any way
that happened to me.

KEEP IT CLEAN! you dont want it to get infected and keeping it covered will help too.

nothing lol, it will grow back, but it can get infected so be careful. And if it change color or anything go see a doctor, or you will regret it....

Nothing, it will eventually grow back, it happened to me once.

I have had this happen to me. It will eventually fall off. It will not hurt at all when it does. You will likely find it fell off on its own in your sock. As far as appearance when it does.. it will look like you have cut your nail extremely short.

my sister dropped a can of spaghetti-o's on her toe and her toenail fell off and then grew back.

You can go ahead if the nail is completely off the toe cut it back with nail clippers to avoid it catching on something and ripping all the way off OUCH!!!! I know it happens all the time to me. Eventually the nail will grow back it just takes a while.

I had a guy friend do the exact same thing. My advice to him was to leave it alone (don't play w/ it or try to pull it off), wear closed toe shoes EVERYWHERE until it gets better.it will get better ur body will naturally take care of it

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