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 What is better for a pulled muscle, heat or ice?
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 I have a really bad bruise on my arm and my back is there any way to make them fade faster and hurt less?
I have done heat and cold and it has not worked, I have also taken Tylenol. These are really bad bruises.
Additional Details
this was caused by a "fall" they are very swolen ...


i was at a nightclub the other night and i was waiting for a friend to come out of the toilets and my fingers got caught as the door shut. 10-15 seconds later after retreiving my hurt ...

 How much compensation should i expect for ligament and a back injury when knocked off my motorcycle by a car?
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 How can someone spend many hours on a site like this and still claim to have a job and a life?

 Did i break my nose?
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 "My son cries and says his fingers and toes hurt very much when cut, can this be?
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 I get cramps in my calf after or during a football game?
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 11-9 when did it happen ??

 On a Scale of 1 to 10 how much pain you would you be in if you fell and twisted your ankle?

 Go to doctor for broken toe?
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 Have you ever sprained your ankle?
How long did it take to heal. I sprained my ankle yesterday morning.
Additional Details
I jumped down from a chair and landed on it pretty hard. And yes it hurt like hell....

 What can i do to prevent ankle swelling?

 How do I hide abuse?
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 Lazar eye surgery?
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Was it painfull
Did it work
How much did it ...

 Help! I got stabbed by a pencil and I don't know what to do...?
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What do you do for a spraind knee hot or cold compress?

you should alternate hot and cold 10 minutes of each

Should be cold, but you can also alternate....don't use either hot OR cold for more than 20 minutes at a time.

first 24 hours is ice on 20 min ice off 20 min ice on 20 min ect. after 24 hrs it is heat

ice it, then follow with heat. if you heat first, it will only make it more inflamed with pain. try using those things by ACE bandage. cold/hot compress

cold make an ice pack

J.A.K. <3
never do hot that can make it worse!!! put ice on it for like 15 minutes twice a day... hope you're feelin better

depending on the severity of the sprain you might just wanna race to a hospital but for the time being you are gonna wanna put ice on it. not with direct contact to the skin always keep a cloth in between because the ice and freeze you skin cells, you wont know it but it will and that will kill your skin. but you are gonna want the cold on your knee because you pulled and stretched one of the ligaments. and this is gonna take time to heal but right now it just hurts right? and well a hot press will trigger the body to increase blood flow to the area and that will trigger your nerves cause you more pain, but a cold press will freeze your nerves and mussels and also your body thinking that you are freezing there wont waist the energy or supplying it with much blood. so you wont feel as much pain just the uncomfort of the cold press.

Go to a doctor, if no health insurance then cry.

ice the first day. to limit swelling. by decreasing blood flow.

heat after that. to help healing by increasing blood flow.

ice pack 15-30 minutes 2-3-4 times the first day.
the sooner the better.
in fact, when you first do the sprain, if you leave the cold on as long as you can stand it, it'll be good. what you want is a balance between freezing, and some cool temp that's tolerable. an extra towel in between should help.

after the first day, the area will stabilize, and you need to increase blood flow to promote healing. heat helps do that.

Ice at first to reduce swelling. Ice for 20-30 minutes then 15-20 minutes take the ice off. Then the next day alternate between ice and warm compresses. The warm gets the blood circulating to take away the damaged cells and the ice keeps it from swelling to much still.


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