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-how many people in a year die or get injured in car crashes (give me a approximation)
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sorry, im in a rush! lol, pwetty pweese wiv a cherry!!!!!1...

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 To pop or not to pop the question of the blister?
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are you ment to pop blisters?...

 I think i cracked a rip on my chest but im not sure?
but i dont wanna go to the doctors cus my friend said they cant do anything and i dont want to pay money for them to tell me wat i already know.

so how can i be sure if i cracked it?

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 Help i think my 5 year old broke his neck?!?
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 How do u brake an ankle?

 What do you do if you get Vicks VapoRub in your eye?
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 How do you no if you have broken your little toe?
it's blue and very brused!

i'm in so much pain right now!...

What Happens When A Toenail Turns Black?
I have banged my little toe like i have many times before but this time the nail has gone black for the first few days it was painful but now its not, a friends at school says the nail will fall off is this true if not will anything happen ???

Nessie from Loch Ness
Hello Jessica

Go to the doctors, asap dear.

Toe is likely to be posionious.

Arlene D
you need to visit your doctor

the black thing that appears seems to the clotted blood underneath the nail bed. better see a doc to help it removed as soon as possible by unguectomy a minor surgical procedure may be done at ER or any clinic. if you wait til it fall off, its not 100% sure that it'll grow back the same form or shape as it is before..

Ms. Rosa
yes it will fall off. It won't hurt and I new one will grow back. The same thing happended when my finger got smashed in the door.

Yes the blackness is due to blood underneath the skin-sort of like a really bad bruise. And yes the toenail will fall off but it won't hurt and will grow back completely normal.

Heather F
Yes it will fall off, and will grow back.

SusanS, Incognito
The nail is bruised. In time it may fall off, but there will be new nail under it.

The nail will probably fall off, but you should really get it checked out.

caz : )
its dead and will fall off, but it will take ages for this to happen.

The reason for that is because your shoe is probably a little too tight and it causes your nail not to breathe. However, it'll just fall off and a new one will grow back because it's dead right about now. Make sure your footwear have enough space so your nail can breathe.

It will just fall off then you grow back a new one. Its fallen off because off trapped blood.

the nail is dead , dont worry you will grow a new one in time

Bug Fuggy
It'll fall off and then you'll grow a new one

it will just grow out and u clip it just as u always do -it will be normal again no big deal

dels replies
Yes the nail usually falls off and then eventually a new one grows

It will just fall of, it won't hurt and you will just grow a new one.

Is the whole nail black or just an area? If the whole nail is black it will more than likely fall off and a new one can grow back (as said many times). However if just part of the nail is black it may be clotted blood under the toe nail, I am experiencing a similar thing to this at the moment (also on my toe). I had a desk draw land on my toe and blood rose to the top of their nail bed and clotted. In ER i was advised to go back after a few days if it still hurt where they would attempt to draw the blood out, however the pain stopped and i have to wait for the blood to rise higher in the nail in order for them to draw it out. Go to your GP and they can determine if you may need such a procedure.

Most likely the nail will fall off and within a few weeks another one will be on it's way. It shouldn't hurt when it comes off.

It's dead.. it will fall off... go see a doctor

Beautiful -
the nail just normally falls off. strangely not having a nail there doesn't hurt.. and then a new one grows back within 3weeks

herr fugelmeister
your new nail will already have began growing underneath the old nail. your old nail will fall off in bits leaving a new soft nail in its place. its a gradual process you wont notice any change.

The nail is dead. It may fall of or it might not but to prevent an infection you should see a foot doctor, especially when it is near falling off.

Wild Horses
Sometimes the rest of the toenails try to "act black". One thing is for certain. Once a toenail turns black, it never comes back.

Yes it will most likely fall off. It's dead.

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