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 My boyfriend was tackled in footie today&has a soft painful lump on top of his foot&can hardly walk. any info?

Additional Details
hehe in response to the first answer he's not your average footballer- never moans or does the amateur dramatics! hes in an army family, very tough!!!!!!!! :)...

 What will happen if you damage an artery, let's say due to a deep cut?

 Yesterday I posted a question pertaining to a head injury I have but there are other details ...Help please?
As I stated I sustained a severe head injury night before last. I also stated that I don't have health insurance and yes, I found out today an ER does have to take me. But I have a problem that I...

 I bit my lip and it's a bit swollen and hurts, do you know anything I could do?
It's been like this for a day and a half now and it hurtssssssssss, any ideas or do I just have to suffer til it gets better?...

 How many bad things have happened to your RIGHT FOOT?
through the years I have broken it, sprained it, dropped a computer on it, cut one of the toes down to the bone, had a box fall on it at Wal-mart and anything that I ever drop, lands on my right foot....

 Have you ever electrocuted yourself?
How stupid did you feel after you got over the shock?...

 Will my teeth shift without a retainer?
I have had my braces off for 3 years and have worn my retainer every night since. But I just lost my retainer and will get a new one but I have to wait 2 weeks will my teeth shift so much to where I ...

 How can you make a canker sore go away?
I bit through my cheek/lip the other day, and now it has healed around it, but it formed a small little canker sore that hurts 50 times worse than the hole in my mouth ever did in the first place. W...

 What do you do about displaced ribs?
Around six months ago my girlfriend became very sick. She had a terrible cough; so much so that she dislodged one of her ribs. It put her in excruciating pain, and to this day she is still having the ...

 I have a really bad shoulder pain?
It's been like this for bout 9 months on and off so far. I asked this last night but I'm really not sure what to do.It's worse at night and my collar bone shoulder blade and shoulder ...

 I have a shard of glass in my finger and I dont know how to get it out please help?
I cant find ...

 If I sold my toenail that just fell off on Ebay, how much money would I get?
It's red....

 My arm still hurts from the flu shot and I got the shot 2 and a half yrs ago??
The pain in my arm started the EXACT moment that I got the flu shot. When the pain did not go away, I went to see my doctor twice. Both times she told me that the pain wasn't caused by the shot ...

 I have a very small shard of glass in my finger, do u think it will work its way out? my finger is swollen.?
i did go to the doctor and he did try and remove it and i think it is still in there, it is swollen and hurts real bad, the glass has been in there sence thanksgiving, the doctor tried to get it out ...

 C.P.R. Question...?
My husband says when you give someone CPR, that it usually breaks the sternum. He says if it doesn't break, then you can't actually 'pump' the heart. I mean, it kinda' ...

 How do you walk with a broken leg?
with a cast ...

 My toe has swelled and has pus or some other discharge coming out of it. I think it is an ingrown toenail.?
My toe is really sore and hurts when i walk. Causing me to walk with a slight limp. should i go see or doctor or just wait to see what happens next....

 Fell Down At Target??
I fell down earlier today at the store Target There was some water on the floor and I fell Two Employees Saw me But I was so Embarrassed That got up in a hurry and left since I was already on my way ...

 Can your eyes pop out from a blow to the back of the head?

 I never used to bruise in my life. Now all of a sudden I bruise very easily. Why is this?

Additional Details
I eat alot of meat, vegetables and fruit. And eat about 4 times a day. I'm active and love sports. The bruises I get are from the sports. They also don't ...

What's the difference between a Jammed and a broken finger?
i hurt myself during gym class by playing basketball. I was blocking and my pinkie hit the ball now i can't move my pinkie maybe a little but i can't squeeze my hand together. also it's staying curved i can't put it straight. I also have this blueish bump that's pretty hard feeling if you know what i mean... Can anyone help me, I don't know if it's jammed or if it's broken.. thanks you do much!
Additional Details
i mean what does it look like.........

If it is broken it will hurt and you will be unable to move it since the bone will be broken. Jammed could mean where the bone is not broken yet it is stuck and sprained is where you can move it but it still hurts.

if your entire finger goes black and blue its broken

jammed just strains (like a sprain) but broken is where the bone has a crack or break, this sounds broken. Not much you can do for a broken finger but put it in a splint and let it heal.

broken is when your bone is on pieces
jammed can be everything else.

Um, a broken finger would have the actual bone broken. Duh. Otherwise it's just a sprain.

its a kodak moment
jammed finger is that it is still together but kind of crushed
broken finger is that the bone is not all together it might be in pieces

well its not broken , and basically it heals faster.

Sounds like it may be jammed. Either way you need to get it checked out. I jammed my finger when I was young. It is still curved out of place and not straight. Since I never got it fixed, it still is sore and cracks a lot.

other than seeing a doctor?

jammed pic-

broken pic-

Kirk M
probably jamed if it broke it wood feel like a red hot nail going through it beleive me

if it hurts as bad tomorrow get it checked out.

thats all you can do

Jen M
The only way to tell if it is a break for sure is to have an x-ray taken.

Okay that said, when you break a bone usually you will have a moment of nausea because it hurts so bad. Also you won't be able to move that joint at all. Breaks will also swell but, I beleive that jammed fingers will jam as well.

If you feel it is a break you really need to go have x-rays taken of your hand.

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