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 How do you make a scab heal up faster?
The wound is on my face hahaha. and
I want the scab to go away :|...

 I accidently got soda in my eye?
I was drinking a soda and some splashed out and dribbled into my eye. My eye was basically closed and most of the soda was deflected by my glasses and I know a little bit got in. I put some water in ...

 Have you ever placed a steak on a black eye?

 The muscle in my arms are very sore what can i do to help it?

 If someone in America breaks their leg and they have no health insurance then what happens?

 Jammed finger?
I just jammed my finger at baton about a half an hour ago. I iced it right away and i took an advil. Should i wrap it? If so, how do i wrap it?...

 My foot made a loud pop noise and it it hurts please help?
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 I need to break my left arm?
I still haven't got an answer on how to break my left arm. I want to feel how the pain feels. and I want a ...

 How long does ur hand get better?
i've never broken any bones all my life yesterday i was just playing with my causins having a race then sudenly i slpippid over kind of bent my hand and wist forward u know when u bend ur hand ...

 I just burned my fingers on my curling iron?
It hurts soo bad! It is really red. Someone told me to put vasaline or petroleum jelly on it. I did and it still hurts. What should I do? Thanks! :) ♥
Additional Details
Right now my ...

 Okay my friend burned her leg. what do we do?
its pretty bad. she burned it like 3 hours ago and how can we keep it from scareing?...

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It's mean, but I've always wanted to. What about you?...

 What do you feel when you bruise your rib?

 Does it hurt when you get and ingrown toenail surgery?
im so damn scared of doctors and getting surgery. please i need some motivation or something to go before Christmas vacation is over so i can heal before school starts....

 Whats the worst pain you ever been in?
Also did you cry??
Additional Details
just asking because i brokemy tibia skateboarding and i broke it down the growth plate!!...

 Any tips on what to do with a small cut on the inside of my lip?
okay, so i was eating toaster strudles this morning, and i always get the last bit of the icing in the little packages out with my mouth, and apparrently the edgas are sharp, because it sliced the ...

 I need help?
i cant stop eating crushed soft ice i make home , know its not good and althat ..but what do i do?...

 Chest pain.?
ive been getting a sharp pain in the centre of my pecs. it doesnt hurt when im training it hurts if i have a couple of days rest. but i always know its there. it doesnt hurt to touch either. anyone ...

 How do I prevent a ripped fingernail from ripping further?
I accidentally hit my finger last week and my fingernail got a tear. Normally I would just tear off the end of the nail, but if I did that this time, I would take half my finger nail off (painful!!). ...

 Ear Infection Please Help??
Ive had an ear infection for about 6 weeks and its really bugging me is it normall for an ear infection to make u a bit deff in the ear the infection is in. I went to the doctors on monday tinking it ...

What's the best way to stop my shoes rubbing my heel?
I recently cut my left heel on a chair leg and now, every time I walk with any shoe, it rubs against the cut and aggravates the cut - makes it deeper, bigger, re-opens it when it starts to heal, etc.

I've tried putting plasters (multiply ones simultaneously) on it and they work fine for the first few hours ... but then they slip and the pain returns. I've currently got my foot wrapped in a bandage, which is working - is there any better way or should I just continue like this until the cut's fully gone?
Additional Details
wilderwriter: how I'm walking right now is limping heavily.

Sir Terrance.: I have two pairs. Both are as bad as each other.

denise t
Try a small heel raise in your shoe, these can be obtained at any good chemists shop and make sure you lace your shoes up properly, this can avoid excessive movement in the shoe which causes friction. Bathe the area with saline (water with salt added to it) for no more than 10 minutes and then pat dry carefully. dress the area with sterile gauze and adhesive plaster, better than plasters and will stay in place. These you can obtain from a chemists shop. If no improvement in a few days call in to see your practice nurse or if possible, a podiatrist at your local health centre who have all the dressings specifically for foot problems.Dont wear shoes in the house, if possible, to avoid friction. Best of luck, hope it soon heals.

shih tzu lady
Scholl sell all sorts of weird and wonderful things to put in your shoes if you have sore feet problems. Have a look at the pharmacy to see if there is anything suitable to use temporarily until the cut heals a bit more.

Wear house shoes or maybe some clogs.

Erica Ann
bandaids or gause

I would so go with flip flops!!

I would try a bandage, with some anti-biotic ointment. You wouldn't want an infection, especially with it being on your foot. A lot of bacteria are on your feet and since they come in contact with the ground, the cleaner they are, the better and faster the healing process is!

It's not the shoes. It's how you walk. Try paying attention to exactly how you swing your leg. Move your foot further out to the side.

Sir Terrance DeCat.
Clean the wound, put antiseptic and a plaster on. Then, wear thick hiking socks, of the sort available at Millets etc., which should help cushion your heel against your shoe.

You could also try wearing a different pair of shoes, that might not rub so much.

dels replies
A heel liner fitted to the shoe

Put the plasters on each side of the wound not on top of it then the pressure is off the cut.

Take the shoes off.

Go to a pharmacy and get a product called Mole Skin. It is sticky on one side and kind of soft on the other. We used it in boot camp to keep the shoes from rubbing bilsters on our feet. It works very well.

jane & john doe
the best 4 u, bandaids

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