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 Have you ever had anyone draw blood from you, lick the needle and THEN discard it properly?

 What was your worse injury?
Mine was tearing three ligaments and crusing the artery weee...what about you?...

 My right hand and wrist has been hurting me the last couple days, what could it be?
Last couple of days, my right hand and wrist has been painful. Almost like muscle cramp or muscle ache and I'm wondering what it could be. I did play around with a object that was supposed to ...

 I have been experience pain in my left foot mostly. If I just get up and walk in the morning or if I sit?
cross legged for a short time and get up and walk it is very sore. I don't wear high heals very often. This seems like more than getting older (I'm 33). Any ideas? I haven't sprained ...

 Should i be concerned about my knee?
in mid october at football practice, we played air force football. while we were playing, i hurt my knee. I was thinking oh its just sore, it will be gone in a couple of days. But now it just ...

 Any home remedies for a black eye?
I have tried steak,ice and heat.It will not go away.I got hit on the nose by a small ball while playing with the kids.Now my eye is black(has been for days)...

 I have a 5 inch outie do you think i should get it pierced.?
I can fit like 6 rings on it so i just need a yes or no mabye some explamation ...

 Orthopedic Question. Where can I get protectors to keep my plastered broken arm dry, when in the bath?

 Can someone tell me if a have to worry about something like a ball that i found on my side under my arm.?
Last night I was checking my self around my breast, to make sure i don't have any bad sing. But, I found on my right side under my arm,something like a ball; I keeped looking for it, trying to ...

 Can you break your fingers by punching a metal door?
i know u can fracture something in them..but can u break them?
i dont wanna try or anything i was just wondering.....

 I broke my pinkie toe and the toe beside it yesterday/i set them,now i need to know what is the best treatment

 Should I go to work with a black eye?
I tried to cover it up but it did not work. My job is not one where I can hide in an office all day....

 Please please help... I may have hit my head when fainting..?
am i ok.. I have a headache from it -- its been around for 3 days.. sometimes feel dizzy and blurred vision.. i dont fell nauseus.. havent bled? am i okay?...

 When someone breaks a toe is it possible to ever get it fixed or is it broken forever???
Just wondering cuz I currently have my left toe broken and it hurts a lot :(....

 What do I do after a major car accident where I was injured severely?
This is actually for my best friend who is now in the hospital about to undergo hip surgery. This is what happened: He was driving down a street then a drunk driver pulled right infront of him and ...

 I have a little blood blister on the end of my toe how do i get rid of it?

 I think i broke my hand whats the easiest way to tell i cant move my last 2 fingers and there is bruising?
and swelling the pain radiates through my entire ...

 Is My Foot Normal?
I sprained my ankle on Friday, (4 days ago) while I was ice skating. When I went to the doctor, my ankle was already majorly swullen to begin with, and now 4 days later my entire foot is majorly ...

 How long does it take a strain joint or ankle to recover?

 Girls only?
i had a strpless braw i've worn it befor but i took it off yester day and where the none slide rubber stuff was i had big red wets that were quit sore and when i tuched them it realy hert also ...

What's that clear stuff coming out of a cut?

probably just water.

Could be pus..this is formed once the white bood cells ( the soldiers of our body ) reacts to the foreign bodies coming from the environment. thus prevents further infection.It is the natural defense of our body.

Plasma is the clear fraction of the blood..

plazmatic cells

it shouldn't be pus (which is usually cloudy in colour)...
most probably i think it could be the white blood cells or plasma.. it helps to heal the wound...

on a mozzie bite, i'd say it's the juice (saliva) the mozzie injected into the surface of the skin to make it itch..

Old Wise One



its plasma, it will help heal your wound

monica p
blood without plasma proteins.

kope k
Its called Haemoglobin! Blood is made from a lot of materials and the clear stuff that is used to take the oxygen from the red blood cells to the cells in your body is called Haemoglobin and it usually comes out when cut so to start the healing process.

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