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All i got ...

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 My friend apparently split her leg open, but i can't see her, so can you tell me ,is this a really bad injury?
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 Cotton buds cause ear bleeding?
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 My grandpa broke his leg and now needs surgery. The hospital gave him a blood transfusion, why?
My grandfather is in is 80's he fell and broke his leg this week. The tibia to be exact. The doctors say he needs to have sugery to put a metal plate in his leg to help strengthen it. My grandpa ...

bruce m
There are fragments of bone in the elbow of my broken arm - what happens next?
Plastercast was removed on Mon 19 June, but now - the following Monday - I am still unable to move my arm, even the very basic exercises the consultant asked me to do. I believe it is down to these bone fragments (I was so worried about my condition I had A&E take an X-ray on Friday 23 June, which revealed the bone fragments)

You didn't say where your arm was broken. When I had surgery to fix a broken 2nd metacarpal (bone in hand), it took a while for me to start moving it. I was forced to use mine as I had to drop a tranny 3 days out of a cast to replace a flywheel. 4 days out of a cast, you shouldn't expect much. After 6 weeks or so in a cast, that's a lot of time for it to have gotten good and stiff.
I'd try soaking it in warm water to relax the muscles (help blood flow), then try moving it a little.
Has your arm swelled any ? If not, then it might be to early to tell if the fragments are something that would be causing your problem.


Fragments will be removed when your arm has healed..probably after physio...this can be done under local anaesthetic.

you have bad compound fracture.
You need to have a surgeon evaluate whether it's possible to fuse the fragments back to your break point or to remove it all together and hope your arm will heal.

ray c
do`t worry was a kid when i did my arm still have small bone fragments , the body gets rid of them in time

ron g
sue sombody for not fixing your arm

hanks place
Go see your doctor if your not happy go to the hospital

You will most probably end up getting surgery. They will leave it for a while at first, if you get it done on the NHS, to see whether you can start using your arm again, but if the problem persists, you will end up having surgey I'm afraid

Ken W
Consult a surgeon, and a licensed physical therapist before you do any rehab.

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