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 What's the best way to ease a broken nose?
Seriously, my friends German Shepherd jumped up to say hello today and butted me on the nose. It took a while to stop bleeding, but under my nose is split and feels huge. Prob be black and blue ...

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 Do I have a broken nose?
I was at mcdonalds in the playground with my younger cousins and I was trying to get out and I slammed into my cousin and he head butted me in the middle of my nose
I don't know If it'...

 My knee pops when i walk?
or run ive dislocated it once!! this time i didnt i was skateboarding with a few buddys and i ran and my knee crack it didnt hurt but now when i walk or run it cracks every step i take! doese anyone ...

 I need advice?
i broke my knuckle in a fight a couple weeks ago, but i dont have any money to go to the hospital, how do i treat my hand??...

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 What to do if my toe nail is about to fall off?
this morning in first period i was spinning a rifle and while throwing a quad it hit the floor, then bounced and the barrel end [fat part known as the butt] hit my toe. from then on i havent been ...

 Is it possible to die if you work on a computer for a long time?
i have a small swollen "something" under my jaw that seems to be tight everytime i do my computer works.i work as a writer since 6 months ago and i presume i am suffering from an injury ...

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It happened last Saturday, he does not have bruising or any signs of swelling and the pain is getting worse! It is hard for him to move to the sides. He feels the pain internally. What is going on? I...

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I broke my wrist about 3 weeks ago playing in a soccer game. I fell palm first on my right wrist and heard something snap. My mom's friend is a pharmacist and said that it was just sprained and ...

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I think i tore my ligament and i really need help i orded a walking boot or a cast type thing. It really hurts and i have torn it once before and i cant tell if i sprained it tore it or broke it i ...

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i was riding my bike and I slammed into this fence thinking it would stop my bike and I fell and it really really hurts. it's not swolen but my brother thinks it's fractured? i'm ...

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 Broken toe, how long till i can walk on it?
Broke it yesterday, someone triped be up and by toe got caught, a loud crack.
I cant really walk well. i canhoble around but not walk properly. How long should it take till i can start moving ...

 What the hell is wrong with people....?
Why does everyone nowdays use the ER like a damn wlkin clinic? When I was younger my parents wouldn't bring me to the ER unless something was broken, I was Dying, or perfusely bleeding aka EMERGE...

 How can you ask someone who has fallen from a 15 foot tree if they ok?
my bro fell from a 17 foot tree in africa then her girl friend walked up to him and asked him if he was ok. well duh he isn't ok he just fell from a 17 foot tree how can he possibly be ok? if ...

Since the company that make Neosporin (Pfizer) tests on animals, what could I use instead for cuts, scrapes, burns, etc.?
Additional Details
Thank you!...

 My leg REALLY hurts behind my left knee at the top of my calf?
What is it?
The only thing that I can think caused it was doing exercise 2 days ago........its hurt since I got out of bed yesterday morning. I KILLS walking down the stairs and I can hardly ...

 What should a healed open wound from an open appendectomy look like?
It took 10 weeks for my open would to heal. I had to pack it with gauze everyday and now it just has this ridge of skin on it, almost like a scab. I just wanted to know if this was normal since I�...

Li Lian C
The outside heel of my shoes are being worn down really badly, why?
The heel of my shoes are always being worn down really badly. It is not the entire heel, it is the outside part of the heel. So the shoe from the back looks like angled. The right side heel still touches the ground but the left side of the heal does not touch the ground anymore. Also I am always getting huge holes in my socks in the heel area. Even when I darn them I will eventually get holes in my heels

And this is for every pair of shoes I have, new or old eventually the left side of the heel breaks down...why?

You should get evaluated by a podiatrist. He/she can watch you walk and determine the reason why you wear out the outside of your left heel more than the right. There could be a lot of reasons and one of them could be that one leg is longer than the other. Meaning the left leg might be short and the right leg longer. So your body compensates by "trying" to make the L lef longer by turning the foot out which "lengthens" the L leg thereby you would wear out the L outside heel a lot more. We normally hit "rolled in" meaning we hit on the outside of our heel and then roll in, but you likely have some difference in length of both legs. Please get that checked out - you may need some custum orthotics to balance out the way you walk. Hope this helps!

You are walking on that spot...you should see a chiropractor, your hips may not be in line..they do make inserts for shoes just for that problem...my mom does the same thing.

you might have very low arches. I have flat feet and it causes my shoes to wear weird. Not to mention foot pain. What you can do is go to a podiatrist and have specially made orthotics. They are inserts that go in your shoes that are specially molded for your feet and will correct the problem of how your shoes wear because they will lift your arches causing the way you distribute the weight on your feet differently

it is the way you walk. solution... you may need to go to some place that sells insoles that help lift the left side of your heel.
chiropracters can also help you get a very substantial pair of insoles for shoes. they are made to transfer from one pair shoes to another. they are more expensive but they are very good.

If it is happening to every pair of shoes you own, chances are it is the way you walk.

Because when you walk, you seem to step on that side of the heel like you wish to smash it and kill it xD try walking with pressure on all of the heel, to start with. Actually, you should aim for walking without slamming your heel to the ground so much. Don't your feet hurt from that kind of walk? Well if they don't then don't worry so much about it, there are TONS of people who walk like that and if it's a habit hard to change then don't beat yourself up about it.

It's from the way you walk. Some people are "heel strikers" meaning that as they walk the heel of the foot always hit first. At the same time your foot is not landing flat, but is rolled somewhat to the outside.

So that's where the wear will show up: on the heel, outside edge.

usually that has to do with the way you walk or possibly your legs being different lengths... more work on the left side of ur body. see a podiatrist, or ne doctor abotu it and they could possibly tell you to get insoles or lifts in ur shoes to help it

It's because of the way your body is 'built' and hence, the way you walk. It's called pronation. I understand the uneven wear of the soles of your shoes. If I understand correctly, the 'inside' of each shoe heel wears, right? That generally means that you're rolling your ankles inward, or 'toward' each other. I wear out the outside corner of my right shoe; I'm what is known as a 'heel striker'. You may want to see a podiatrist; they specialize in feet and will be able to diagnose any abnormality. He/she may determine that orthotics may be helpful in correcting your gait...spend the extra money and have a physician 'make' custom orthotics for you...if they're needed.

Generally the over-the-counter shoe lifts don't really work as well as custom ones. The doctor will have you make a plaster mold of your foot/feet and will send the mold to a lab where they will make shoe inserts (orthotics) that you will wear in all of your shoes.

I admire you if you darn your socks...generally, darning 'invites' blisters!

Getting your body (skeletal structure) properly alligned should not only 'save' your shoes, but can improve your over-all physical health.

Good luck.

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