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 Please help?
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 I have a really bad bruise on my arm and my back is there any way to make them fade faster and hurt less?
I have done heat and cold and it has not worked, I have also taken Tylenol. These are really bad bruises.
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this was caused by a "fall" they are very swolen ...


i was at a nightclub the other night and i was waiting for a friend to come out of the toilets and my fingers got caught as the door shut. 10-15 seconds later after retreiving my hurt ...

Dezmond B
The inside of my head feels like its bleeding.I went to the doctor and he did nothing at all. what could it be
One morning i woke up and it felt like i pulled a muscle in my neck. a few days later, i kept getting a feeling in my head, like something was dripping. it felt like it could be blood. the doctor told me if it was blood i wouldnt be able to walk or function right. but i still get this feeling every now and then. what could that possibly be????

try putting a warm towel on your head

THis exact thing happened to me. The way I described it was similar to how you did but I also said that it felt like something was grippin my brain and it was like a faucet leaking. It turned out I had an inner inner ear infection. I forget the proper medical term. But as soon as they gave me medication that feeing went away. I would go to another doctor because doctors misdiagnose all of the time! Especially if the feeling doesn't go away, you cant take NO for an answer. Good luck, you'll be fine!

Drink a shot of Patrone

that is weird, i wouldnt analyze what it could be, that may just end up making you more paraniod and stressed, just drink some relaxing tea, like Chamomile and take deep breaths....also the dr would have taken a cat scan, and or a mri or something i think.....and yes, obviously you wouldnt be functioning properly :)

You wouldn't feel your head bleeding if it was. I would have my inner ear checked out if I were you. Maybe even get a new doctor.

I would be asking your doctor to book you in to have an EEG done, as this will show up any abnormalities going on in your head and it will also tell if you have some form of epilepsy or not. So don't just sit there and go get this appointment.

Did he even tell you what it could possibly be? If not, then youn need to go to another doctor and get it re-diagnosed. That's not normal to feel something dripping inside your head.
Make an appointment to see another doctor, good luck!
(I have no idea what it could be!)

Terry O
It is drainage from sinus congestion. It can be brought on by allergic reaction to airborne allergens or even from a draft while sleeping that caused your neck to hurt.

Consult an Ear Nose and Throat specialist. Nasal irrigations can help to relieve it.

It could be a brain slug. Go back to your doctor immediately, and ask him if he checked for one.

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