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 Do u like your nose?
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its discoloring and looks bruised .
blueish and purpleish colors and like spreading around it......

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 I think i broke my arm :(?
i fell on it this morning whilst getting into the car and now its swollen and bruised and there is a big lump stickin out where there shouldnt be and it feels like a bone what should i do ??...

 Convince me that I'm not a total klutz.?
I'm new to Toronto. While moving, I was taking some items from the moving van to my house, and I tripped and broke my ankle. I'm in the hospital and will stay here for at least 2, ...

 My dad beats me how do i cover up the bruises?
i really need help!!...

 I just put my foot in a puddle and when I pulled my foot out my shoe had changed colour. Can I sue the council

 If you arent supposed to drink & drive, why do bars have parking lots?

 Spinal injury with finger numbness?
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 Help...i have a bead in my nose!?
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 I bruise so easy....I dont understand?
Not a week goes by when I'm not covered in Bruises on my legs and arms and sometimes my back.

I'm 24 and this has only been happening for the past 6 months but its getting worse ...

 How to cure a swollen eye? (caused by fight)?
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 It HURTS a lot.?
okay, so i was running in the dark, in a field. and i fell down a hill. and i think i broke something in my foot because it's all bruised and somethings poking out of the right side of my right ...

 Ow my legs!!?
Went paintballing on sunday, and the next day the muscles in my thighs were absolutely killing me! Because of the constant running and crouching etc. They feel like they are on fire and really hurts ...

 It hurts and my mom doesnt believe me :( :( i'm 13?
on wednesday i was in the pool (i live in spain) and i think i twisted my ankle, but when i came out, it didnt hurt, it just felt weak. on thursday when i got up my foot really hurt and it was a ...

 Herniated disc - best type of doctor to diagnose/treat?
I'm having pretty severe pain in my lower back, on the left side of my spine, and then down my leg. All signs point to a herniated disc. I'm not sure if I should just call my PCP or a ...

 They think its not broken?
My mom says my toe is just jammed.... thats why she wont take me to the doctor! IF IT WAS JAMMED, WOULD IT HURT 15 HOURS LATER? I just want to know..... IT HURTS SO BAD! I CANT EVEN WALK OR STAND ON I...

Shoulder on my right arm hurts. i cant bend my arm back like i can with my other arm.,?
shoulder only hurts not arm. have no idea how this happened.its been like this for a few days...myother arm and shoulder are fine. i cant put myarm behind my head cos the shoulder hurts too much.

also i cant take off myjumper over my head cos of the arm, its really difficult.

what could this be,,,could it be the cold...

mum massaged it yday but still hurts..

you need hot shower.. felt your pain b4 just take a hot shower and u will be fine

Do you remember the time when you got that pain on your right shoulder? Try to remember. Just meditate for a while to lessen the pain and think about the last time you remember having a sore shoulder. Maybe, it is dislocated? Fractured? Etc.?

Barry K
I go along with pretty much everthing that has been said. This happened to me when i changed jobs, environment etc, once so it could be related to stress and nerves, as well as physical exertion. You should see a doctor though.

Do you play sports? You should go see a doctor as you might have bursitis or another inflammation in the joint. If you play sports you might have pulled a ligament or tendon (or have tendonitis). Check with your mom and get to a doctor to see what's going on. You can take some Ibuprofen for the pain until then.

Hi, am suffering from EXACT same symptoms. There was no strain to the joint either, and its not like a normal small sprain etc. A week down the line, still no difference. I think it has to be some sort of ligament damage. I know it needs rest.. But resting the sholder is not an easy option..

Are you also having any sort of pain down your arm, perhaps when you flex your wrist inside?

the massage for starters could have done some of the pain. When it's not done right.

Maybe it's from sleeping uncovered at night, or when you feel a breeze on your shoulders when you sleep. Those could be reasons when you haven't done anything sportive or heavy.

i think u might have a bone calcification /tendonitis or something

Sounds like you've strained or injured your rotator cuff. When did you first notice the pain?
The shoulder area is a fairly non-vital part of our anatomy - thank goodness - so perhaps you just need some time to let your muscles rest.

Could be the start of a frozen shoulder maybe? Go see your Doctor.

try taking a hot bath.
then get another massage while your at it ;)

I advise you to see a doctor. It's possible you have a rotator cuff injury.


Sounds a lot like a torn rotator cuff.

Major causes could be rotator cuff injury or separated shoulder.

Other causes could be strain, sprain, or bone spur issues.

Could be as minor as cartilage is caught, and needs to be popped back into place.

See an orthopedist.

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