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 When I run, my knees HURT, especially under my knees most of the time. What can I do?
Im only 13, and so doctors just turn me away! But its agony and I am really competitive in sprinting in athletics etc. (ps.I'm short and I know this makes a big difference, but doesn't make ...

 If I had a hairline fracture in my arm would I still be able to move it and put pressure on it?

Additional Details
I fell on it a week and 2 days ago and although it doesn't hurt to touch I have a weird sensation in it and it hurts when I move in about 3 different places. W...

 Lost my voice, how can i fix it by tomorrow??!!?
i lost it friday night, tomorrow i have an audition and its still strained, any quick fix solutions? thanks!...

 Black nails?
Yesterday afternoon i jammed my toe underneath the door.. i have had my toe go black underneath the nail and its so painful i drilled a hole in my nail to let some of the blood escape but i awoke ...

 Where can I find get well soon poems?
someone plz tell me because i can't think of a poem
so i decided to go on the internet but can't find anything.
i need to know because i am making a get well soon card
for my ...

 Does anyone know how long?
My daughter fell and split her head open it was glued together but i wasn't told how long before i can wash her hair plus i also forgot to ask, does anyone know or have a rough idea? thanks in ...

 What are some of the ways &/or products you use to soothe an aching back?
I fell 8 yrs. ago ...... my lower back has not been the same since :-(
A lot better, much better than the month after it happened but it just never got back to normal/painfree again.

 I have really bad sunburn on my shoulders and back?
what should i put on it to make it stop hurting? its been killing me for 4 days.. is this too long? should i go see a doctor? please help!...

 My toe was pulled off at work?
I was helping someone dump a load on a fork lift and was on the forks. Driver went a little crazy and I scrambled for somewhere to hold on and ended up with foot caught in hydraulics and it severd ...

 Am i growing?
i wake up this moring and my legs and arms are hearting really ...

 Did anyone have a worse day than me?
This morning my daughter was ill, so I took her to the doctors for a 11:15 appointment, the surgery was running behind so we didn't get seen until 12:05. I then had to wait 30 mins to get the ...

 My shoulder?
Alright so my shouder has hurt for about 2-3 months now and I am getting worried. I already saw an orthopedist and i am going to physical therapy twice a week. My only problem is that they are trying ...

 What exactly is a superficial wound?
also called partial thickness...as opposed to full thickness?...

 All The Sudden ??
why do i think im pretty all the sudden ?? i used to think i was hideous ??...

hey guys, i work at jc penney and about a month ago i hit my toe agaist something, and my toe got bruised and now its starting to get loose, alot of people said its gonna come off and its gonna hurt, ...

 Wats the best thing for a swollen black eye?
iv tried butter and toothpast but they havnt helped!...

 Orange blood coming out of my new scabs in my leg, is that bad?
i was riding my bike with my friend and my bike was going closer and closer to his as we were going kind of fast, and our bikes sort of joned together and my leg got stuck between the two bikes and ...

 Thank god for the NHS?
i know alot of people knock the nhs, but recently i cant. having kids, i find myself up A&E alot more than i would if it was just myself.this morning my son had a nasty accident with a pair of ...

 Ive got a turtle head popping out?
Been there for a couple of days now but I cant seem to get rid. I haven't even sat down during this time for fear of smudging and Im sleeping on my side which is causing me discomfort.


 What are the difference in symptoms from a sprained or broken ankle?
my husband hurt his ankle and it is swollen like a bubble in front of his ankle bone and he is in bad pain. He went to the hospital and I am just waiting for him to get home, just wanted some ideas ...

Rear ended in car accident. How much could I get if I sue?
I was involved a a car accident in which I was sitting at a red light behind another vehichle. I was rear ended, and it slamed me into the car in front of me so hard it pushed them into the intersection. I went to the emergency room and was diagnosed with neck strain and back sprain and strain. The pain hasnt went away and it has been a week. My doctor is recomending physical therapy. I am also on social security disability for bipolar and this has caused many of my symptoms to get worse. Depression, anxiety, mood swings and loss of sleep. If I were to sue, what could I expect to get.

Depends... Ask a lawyer. But realize that lawyers are expensive and usually more trouble than they're worth. You usually will end up with little to less money than you had before you sued. Try going to a phsycial therapist or chiropractor. Chiropractors work great. Maybe even see a doctor or counselor. It may just be best to not to sue for financial reasons and pay for the therapy through insurance if you can. Just remember lawyers are EXPENSIVE but you usually have a hard time winning without one.

the man

It depends. You'd have to ask your lawyer.

Without even suing, their insurance should pay your medical bills up to their per accident/ per person maximum.
If your bills exceed that, then your doctor might recommend someone to talk to about getting more.

Hayley E
how much money did it cost to repair that is how much u can sue for

Rick M
Every case is different, talk to lawyer. My mother received $27,000 when she was in her accident. But she cracked her skull (cheek). If your case is good, you'll have no trouble finding a lawyer who gets paid when you do.

Dwight Schrute
You could bring in a hefty chuck of money. But it depends on how much you sue them for.

I would definitely sue, if the story following your question is true.

Good Luck

Gefilte Girl
Depression and anxiety and all that are difficult to collect from. The way they calculate is to take your medical bills, multiply them by three, then when they collect, everyone splits it three ways, the lawyer, your chiro or doctor, and you. You can't get blood out of a turnip so there's no guarantee you'll see any money.

A friend of mine was rear ended in a car accident and he chose to sue, the insurance company gave him the money to fix his car, and then he went through therapy for 3 months and a knee surgery [even though the injuries were minor] he chose to go through with everything for the money, it would have been over $100,000 settlement, but unfortunately, the person who rear ended him only had $25,000 coverage and after lawyers fees he only stood with $16,000 and it was gone in less than a month.

Good luck to you, but expect to deal with alot of physical therapy, a psychiatrist session, and they also may reccomend you get some type of surgery or take pain killers to make the accident seem more severe when it comes time to go to court to get your settlement money.

Good question. My family and I were rear ended on a family trip to San Diego back in Feb. Five months later we are now in hell. My husband is facing surgery on his back, we have lost his income, and we have had to declare bankruptcy. We have hired an attorney who can (and will) sue for medical bills and pain and suffering for me, my husband, and my son. Most personal injury attorneys will accept a case for no money. They only collect if you do. Be careful of the fees though, they can kill you. Our attorney will charge us 30%, much lower than the average in the San Diego area. The person who hit us, his insurance company has already taken full responsibility for the accident and all medical bills, and pain and suffering, but they want a number to work off of. One of the reasons why we got an attorney involved. I wish you all the best of luck in the world. Go to all your appointments, stick with what they want you to do, dot your i's and cross your t's. Good luck.

Robert S
You can sue them for car repair, medical bills, anticipated medical bills and maybe, with any luck, the amount you'll have to pay for the car you slammed into.

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