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I wonder?
Passing out after giving blood?
I just started on Acutane and while you are on it, you have to have a blood test each month. After giving the blood, I felt okay for a little while, but then I started to feel lightheaded and passed out. The nurse said next time she would sit or lay me down afterwards. My question is, is it possible to pass out even if you're sitting or lying down? If so, how can it be prevented?

James S55$$ where I give you ME.
If you have high blood,then it's possible you may passout

Snack on sugary stuff before you give blood or right after and you'll be fine.

Kat J
It IS still "possible" to pass out while laying down... however its not as common to do so! But the biggest reason to lie down after giving blood is so if you DO pass out you arent going to hurt yourself by falling since you will already be laying down!!

Also.. next time you give blood bring a bottle of Orange Juice with you. That will help replenish the "sugars" in your body and there will be less of a chance that you will pass out!!

Its VERY common to pass out though after giving blood. Its because when you give a large amount of blood, your body doesnt "catch up" right away and so you get light headed and dizzy until your body DOES "make up" for the lost blood! Its nothing to worry about!! But like I said, drink some OJ right after giving blood next time, ask for a cold washcloth (or two) to put on the back of your neck and on your wrists and lie down for about 10 minutes and you should be PERFECTLY FINE! :)

I hope that helps! :)

Grand pa
Its common thank God you are not diabetic. I test 4 times a day and inject insulin into my stomach

Passing out when have blood specimen taken is not uncommon. It is a "vagal reaction".
Best is to have your blood drawn while you are lying down and have someone distract you.
This usually helps, you are not focused on the needle in your arm.
Good luck.

I don't think that a blood test removes enough blood for you to be lightheaded, so it could just be the sight of the blood and the idea that it's being taken from you. Bring a cookie or a little sugary snack. Afterward, sit and relax and eat your snack. You should be fine....oh, and tell the person who takes your blood that you have a tendancy to be lightheaded afterwards, then he/she can assist you!

I believe it is possible but less likely. I used to get dizzy when having my blood drawn but now they lay me down and I do much better. Hope this helps!

Some people just pass out. It is normal. Laying down will help; sitting up causes blood to rush down from the brain.

Like the others are saying, juice and cookies will also help.

You can still pass out sitting of lying down. It just won't hurt you as bad since you don't have to fall. I tend to pass out while getting blood drawn too. A combination of adrenaline from the fear of the needle to the loss of blood and I'm out. The last couple of times I haven't passed out. I just tried to relax, take deep breaths, and keep my mind on something else. And drink some juice or eat a cookie as soon as I can afterwards.

blood bresure is ajusting and lying down should prevent you from passing out you give a pint of blood and thats very nearly an arm full.

Peggy L
Maybe drink some juice and eat a couple of cookies. That's what they give you when you donate blood.

Ultimate Guitar Hero!
You dont normally pass out if your laying down. Next time just bring in some oj and drink it after you have your blood taken. Lay down for about 5 minutes and you should be fine.

The same thing happened to my sister after she gave blood. That happened because she was too small small people pass out easier. or Maybe it’s psychological? What you should remember is that the people are trained professionals who know what they’re doing.

Some people are just not wired to lose that much blood. Some people there’s no changing it.make sure you drink your 64 oz of water in the day before you go, and then stay lying down in the bed for awhile afterwards… read a book or watch TV, go have cookies and juice. If the fainting is a passing thing, that should get rid of it. If your body is hardwired to detest losing its fluids, you’ll know by then.

Hope i helped!!!!

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