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 Broken Foot?
I dropped something heavy on my foot last night and it hurts really bad. I got shooting pains in my foot and keep getting pins and needles. I dont think the bone is broken although it is sticking up ...

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You accidentally stepped into broken glass. Your foot got cut. Big and small pieces of glass entered your wound.

My question is: Can a really small piece of glass ...

i was @ my aunt & uncle's pond 2day, and i swung off of a rope and got about 33 splinters in my right hand, will they come out on their own, or do i have to fish them out???? thank you!...

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will a tampon stop the bleeding?
Additional Details
greybeard, obviously i'm trying to stop my nosebleed!!!...

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it happned in april while we wuz on spring break and the back of my head where i hit the table hurts alot! could i have like some kind of internal bleeding or something???...

 Its been six weeks since I hurt my ankle why is it taking so long to heal?

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I injured it playing soccer I got slide tackled. Went to the doctor and he said I should be good in two weeks but I haven'...

 Body part..?
If there's one body part you always think your gonna end up breaking, what would it be?
For me it's my big toe, i always trip over things or jam it into things.
(just curious &...

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 I accidentally cut myself shaving my private, and its pretty low between my thing and my butt. any suggestions
Since it is sort of an open cut, my doctor told me to put neosporin on it, but it doesnt seem to be working all that well....

 Should I go to the ER?
I got into a car accident on Monday and I went to the ER because my door smashed into my hip and was hurting. They didn't do any X Rays just gave me some meds and sent me home...This morning (or ...

 My finger hurts?
I was doing arobic excersizes with my boyfriend 1 in the morning lol and he accidentally kick the $hit out of my pinky finger! It felt like it "popped" and i think i heard a noise (couldn�...

 I fell and fractured my tailbone??
I was playing soccer when i accidentally stepped on the ball with my left ffot and I fell down acwardly, I couldnt get up for 10 min but now That I could, I feel a lot of pain in my butt-bone(...

 Head injury? im scared.?
okay.so i was running to my bed and i jumped then hit my head on the wall it was kinda hard.then after that thhere was no pain or nothing.
im soscared what if i sleep then when i wake up i have ...

Breaking Dawn
Ow. My baby toe hurts like hell. I think it broke. How can I tell?
I am 12..I was skateboarding, then got off and my 8 yr old sis came and I dunno how it happened I just felt shooting pain. I can barely walk, It hurts too bad. There bruise there isn't big, a few centimeters. The whole toe hurts, including about an inch after the end of the toe..There is a bump a bit after the middle, and the bump is big and hard. Please help. I don't wanna go to the doctor...they wont to anything for toes. How can I treat it at home?Thanks:)
P.S: Even if Its not broken how do I treat it so there isnt that much pain...thx
Additional Details
I can barely walk. It hurts to much!
But yeah I guess thats walking.
I hurts if I move it.

Anna Nichole Smith
cut it off

J Sto
Hon, IF it's broken you need to seek medical attention. As far as them not doing anything for toes, this is not true, you need to see a podiatrist. They are specialized and meet the qualifications to deal with the feet and bones associated therein.

you cant treat it yourself,if it is fractured complications can set in, and you could end up in a far worse predicament than you are in now, the chances are that is not broken as such but may have an hairline fracture, this can cause a host of other problems including blood poisoning ,gangerine, go see the man stop being soft he wont make it anymore than it is doing already. regards LF

If the Doctor "won't do anything for toes", what does it matter? Don't skateboard until it feels better.

BTW, where the heck are your parents? If you are 12 you should be asking them this question not us

put ice on it there is nothing else that can be done sorry

put some ice on it first of all. then, Then tell your mama and let her decide what to do. Maybe she can go on line and find what to do with a broken toe. m

I am sorry to break it to ya but you have to go to the doc. He will do something!!!If it is broke you have to get a cast.If you cant walk or it hurts to walk on it I think it is fractured or broke and then you will have to get crutches and use them.TELL YOU'RE MOTHER OR FATHER OR WHOEVER IS WATCHING U!!!!!!!!!! This could be a very dangerous situation you have to go to the doc!!!There is NO way you could handle this problem at home.I never broke a bone in my body.(Well once I bumbed my foot really hard on a hard piece of mettle and it hurt so bad I could not walk on it.It was just Sore Not even 1 little bruse was on it.I could not walk on it for about 3 or 4 days.I had to kinda drag my foot around it hurt so bad.But it was not Broke,Spranged,or Fractued.It was just brused really bad with out the bruse part showing up.)But that was it.But you could get hurt from this!!!Go to the doc,he will help!!!And I Hope I Helped you with your problem!!!Good luck with you're toe!!!

Connors mommy!
When I was 13(im 17 now) I thought i broke my toe. I went to the ER. They took an x-ray of my foot. It turns out that even though the pain was in my toe my foot was broken. Please get it x-rayed. Good Luck

Blue Blue Blue
I had the same problem after I hit a chair. Only the x-ray will tell and if it's not that bad the doctor won't put the cast on...it'll heal on its own.... check it though.

if you can still move it then no it is not broken maybe a fracture but that's all

go to the doc

You need to see the doctor even if they can't do anything about it. You could have other areas of the foot damaged that will cause alot of damage and problems later if you don't find out - now.

...can u move it?

if u can walk its probably not broken.

u should see a doctor

yeah it might be broken or fractured but the docs cant put a cast on something so small.. i reccommend RICE rest, ice compression and elevation stay off of it for a while and keep it iced... take some Aspirin and itll go away eventually

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