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 Omg help!!!!!?
when i was sleeping my gf answered the phone and it was my secret other family and she stuck a habenero pepper up my rectum also a jalapeno and some "peruvian death sauce" to lube it.it ...

 Health question???
I pulled my brother's right arm yesterday (he's only 2)and my mom got so scared we went to the hospital they did a X-Ray and then they said there is nothing wrong it wouldn't stop ...

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 My friend took 50 advil the other day. Will she be ok? She said she threw up but I havent seen her in two days
She said she threw up but I haven't seen her in two days because it is the weekend. I just really hope she is ok, she lives in the mountains so I can't call her because she doesn't ...

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The day before yesterday, there was like a little blister on my finger, on the inside right where i bend it.
Yesterday i woke up, and it had turned into a big lump.. kinda looked like a zit. But ...

 Have I broken my foot?
someone stood my my foot on sat night, it really hurt at the time. it still hurts now, 2 days later. it was on the side, it does look bruised but i dont think it is swollen. The pain is constant, but ...

 Wuts general anesthesia like?
wuts it like when u go in and u go under???...

I slamed my finger in the door and it hurts.It's bright purple!!! Did I jam it?...

 Whats your most memorable scar from?
mine would be on my left hand, broke my hand while being pulled on an inner tube by a 4wheeler after i hit a concrete structure. had a spiral fracture, got 3 pins in her and about 10 stitches. how ...

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I went shopping earlier today at ASDA. Whilst leaving the store I tripped over a kerb and landed on my shopping bags, I quickly got up to avoid embarrasment and when I got home I noticed I had ...

 How do you recover from C.F.S?
I have C.F.S and i have had it since 3 am i am now 13 i dont go to school and i have oline learning. Can people please give me some advice cus i am begging you....

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I was involved in a car accident, Got hit from behind and it slid me into another car in front of me. Went to the ER the day after accident cuz I was in alot of pain in the neck and very bad ...

 My bf got hit by a car.. what should we do?
Well me and my bf were in an accident and we were out of my car looking at my flat tire when a car plowed into the back of my car sending my car sliding into my bf who then went flying on to the ...

 Is anyone here as clumsy/accident prone as me?
Just Curious?

When I was 6 I was knocked down by a car and ended up with a fractured skull
When I was 10(ish) I had one of those Captains Beds with the desk and wardrobe under it, and ...

 Ooooo my stomach!!!!!?
(im 17) since sunday night, i have been feeling very bloated. and it causes these pains that run from my stomach to my chest...like the burning sensation between my rib cage. or it runs to my ...

 I just rolled on my ankle?
okay so today i had this show for dance and i was practicing and i rolled on my ankle and fell. as of right now i have it proped up on a chair and have ice on it. should i stay off it like use ...

 K, so I need help!!!?
Today I woke up and my jaw was hurting real bad!!! Then when we went to lunch I could only open it to a certain place without hurting my self real bad. What could this be? It hass me freaked out. Now ...

 Please look at this one. How do I get...?
get rid of puff swellling eyes FAST!...

im a girl.
Ok.. PLEASE help me.. I smoked weed yesterday.. BUT IM STILL HIGH TODAY!..?
it was cronic my sister had just bought.
he told her it was the good stuff and it costed about 30$ just for one nug.

Ok.. i only took two hits off a pipe yesterday..
and i got the highest i have ever been.

i woke up and i felt a little high still..
and i went sledding and stuff today..
but i just got back from sledding and it got worse..
and now i feel FREAKISHLY weird!! and HIGH!!
and its getting worse!
like everything is moving around and i keep seeing things and yea..

could it of been laced or something?
how do i get rid of it?
how long does it last?
what was it laced with??


Nick G
im not a weed expert or anything, but it was probably laced with pcp

It could be depersonalization. You need to relax and it should go away in a week or so. If you dont relax, you'll have it indefinitely. The worst thing you can do in a situation like this is panic as it perpetuates the symptoms.

it probably had some pcp in it.
drinkk lots of water..idk how you will get rid of that high feeling.

don't do drugs. if you were my baby-sitter and smoked weed I'd report you and get you arrested. You'd never work around children again.

Bryceton J
o **** im coming to cali my **** done lasted long periods of time but not like that

don't be smoking weed then you won't have to worry about it

Deep breathing.
You're not still feeling whatever you smoked.
You're not.
You're tired. Go watch some tv with the kiddies, maybe have a snack and stop obsessing about this.
And listen kid, don't smoke dope.

Don't worry
I doubt very much it was laced
mind over matter try not to think about it sit down drink plenty of water and chill im not sure how long weed takes to leave the body but tommorrow you will feel 100% better trust me its like when your drunk one night and the next day you still feel kinda drunk
so dont panic you'll make matters worse

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