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 What Should I Do For a smashed finger?
i smashed my finger and it has been in ice since about 7:30 eastern time....what should i do to ...

 Should I Call 911?
my mother tripped and fell about 10 minutes ago in her garage[she landed on top of the vaccum cleaner] as a resulf of the fall.. she has a HUGE gash on her neck about 1 inch deep. and it's ...

 Whats wrong with my thumb?
So 3 months ago i was doing tae kwon do with a friend and he accidently kicked my hand and hit my thumb. Ever since then its been swollen. Right now its still swollen a little and it hurts me ...

 Do I have a serious knee injury?
I was playing Volleyball two days ago and went up to block a spike and the guy that was spiking went under the net and hit the outside of my right leg. My knee bent inward and I can tell that when I ...

 My 2 yr old was running and bumped into corner of table, swollen upper lip..what can bring down the swelling?

Additional Details
We do have corner bumper pads on our tables at home.. this occured in a friends home. But thank you for mentioning it :)...

 Hello, i have a small wound near the tailbone area.?
i am an asian male age 21.
i have a small wound near the tail bone area, between the buttocks. it bleeds a very small amount of blood, but does not get healed. i do not recall ...

 Is there any way to tell if a finger is broke, without an xray?

 Last night i sat up when i was in bed and i got really dizzy! then everytime i move i was so dizzy?
right up until i was asleep!? it realy made me feel weird what could this be? ...

 If i am dead, will i feel the pain if someone cut my fingers??

 What can I do to minimize the swelling of my tongue piercing?
I just got my tongue pierced last night and it's pretty swollen. I've been trying to eat soft foods (soup, ice cream, etc.) But I can't swallow it and every time I eat the ice cream it ...

 Will my father insurance go up if I got in an accident in someone else vehicle?
I got in an accident a few months ago but i was not driving and it was not my father vehicle. My friend was driving her mom's vehicle and i was a passenger in the vehicle. I got hurt pretty bad, ...

 I was hit hard in the throat 3 days ago and it still hurts to swallow. Is it just bruised or should i see a dr

 Would broken ribs heal on their own properly?
Would a person have to go and see a doctor or would it heal properly on its own?

what is the difference between a fractured rib and a broken rib. Which is more dangerous?


 Is my pinky finger broken?
A few weeks ago, my pinky finger turned black and blue. It swelled up and was painful, not at the bottom or the tip, but the bone right under the nail. I have little swelling and no more black and ...

 Need Opinion: Should my friend and I try this stunt?

In this stunt a girl jump on a guys stomach from a chair.

I am 110 pound girl and my friend is 200 pound guy, should we try this stunt ...

i knee is swollen and i can't put any weight on the knee and its sometimes its painful walking i didn't injury the knee at all. can it be something serious? what should i do?...

 I have some kind of bump in my big left toe an it hurts hella bad?
my foot is hurting heacka bad an i dont want to go to the doctors.any treatment i can do by my self?...

 How can I speed up the recovery time for my ankle ?
I went over on it from a high doorstep whilst I had a heavy bag on my back on Monday morning. The hospital said it was ligament damage and if I kept the weight off it, I should be able to walk ...

 Knee problem?
I have a sharp pain in the front of my knee at the knee cap when i bend it certain ways. It also feels a bit moveable if you know what i mean and slightly swollen!!! I have had it for months now ...

 Cant go to the loo?
i am very constipated and feel i need to go loo but i cant this morning i had a small bit of blood when went to toilet but havnt been able to go since i have had constipation for a few days but this ...

My toe nail got ripped off what do i do i don't want to go to the hospital?
My grandson step on my foot and brought his foot up and my tope nail got ripped off i have had proublems with this toe befor like in grown toenails and stuff like that but i toe nail never came what do I do i need help and dont want 2 go to the hosptail

i think you have to go to the hospital and get the antitetanus shots, just to be sure..

but the toenails will just grow back again...

but make sure to have the ANTITETANUS SHOTS...

I have owned and operated a nail salon for the past 34yrs.-i have seen this problem-many times. my most helpful answer is- to -go to a podiatrist pronto. you have had, problems with ingrown toenails,can be, that you are not trimming your toenails correctly,and they are,cutting into,the sides of your toes-very likely- your nails-should be cared for- properly-before,the problem- gets to the point-where-there are infections-that become ,so terrible,that,that,it enters the bone-and,then you are at a great risk for gangrene-and a possible amputation-you,don,t have to go to a hospital-but i urge you to-find as i mentioned,earlier- a specialist-in this area- remember-"an ounce of prevention,is worth more than, a lb. of cure!" take care of yourself-that is your responsibility- after all, you do- have a grandchild-who will-need you as his/or her role model-and you do want to make sure that you,are a good one-he will most likely-follow your examples-whether good,or bad! be the grown-up,that,you need to be-come on! you can do it! and,also- chances are ,that your toenails are way too long- another great factor-for problems!

sit there and suffer and likely get it infected.....or go to a doctor, the sensible choice.

Then you are stuck dealing with the pain and possible infection until you get over your silly fear or hatred of hospitals.

Guy M
Well the best thing is to keep it clean and apply anibac on the exposed toe to prevent any infections and it also helps to heal faster, and put a band aid over the exposed toe or toes and make sure to take the bandage off around every 12 hours so it can breath and heal faster. your new nail should grow back within 9 months to a year. and for your ingrown toe nails you wont have that problem any more as long as you cut and trim them properly. remember this is not a medical advice this is known from my past experience, three years ago I work as a security guard at a casino in Nevada and I was on foot patrol when I tried to stop a car theft my foot was caught under the tire when they sped off, the tire had ripped off four of my toe nails and broke three of my smaller toes. My foot doctor gave me these instructions and it does help.

I don't think you need to go to the hospital. Just soak your foot in some hot water and dreft soap every day to keep it clean until the nail grows back.

Will F
I guess the always sensible choice would be to go to the hospital. However, last year I had my toenail ripped off by a big door on campus and I simply kept it nice and clean, left it open when I was in a somewhat controlled environment (my dorm, girlfriend's apartment, etc.) and just waited for a new one to grow in. A new one grew in rather quickly also. Good Luck

frogz rule!!!
just let it grow back i guess

keep the area clean dry and pressure free and exposed to air to prevent infection that breed in warm dark moist places
monitor for signs of infection such as swelling redness discharge if you have to cover it use a thin gauze dressing never a bandaid as that will keep it moist
if you are diabetic or have poor circulation in your legs see the doc immediately

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