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 Is my ankle broken?
Ok so I know everyone is saying go to the dr. but for me I have no ins. so i thought i would throw this out there.

I fell yesterday and heard a crack on the way down and so I have rested ...

 Help me please its important?
my uncle almost got killed by a garden ho and got stabed in the head with it fractured his skule broke a bone in his neck and his arm and cant feal his leg.
can u give me a site of what a garden ...

 I have a dog that ran away for 2 weeks and came back with half of her foot gone. Will it heal up?

 If a cut is...?
osing out does it mean its infected?
Additional Details
and also can an infection can only be cured by going to the doctor?...

 Could my finger be worse then it looks?
i was cutting fabric at work on Friday (Feb. 15th) and i was stupid. after all the years of being told don't cut towards yourself. i did and the rotary cutter ended up cutting my finger. it bled ...

 How can a person alleviate back pain without taking tons of drugs?
I recently pulled something in my back and it's incredibly sore. Are their any remedies for relieving back pain, besides pills....

 I want to wear heels but I'm afriad that I could break or fracture my ankle?
Can that happen with like a 3-5 inch heel. Did that ever happen to you?...

 What can I do for lower back spasms? other than calling my doctor and getting a prescription?
I was in a car accident in 2001, hit on the left side of the car (driver side) I was not driving, airbags went off and car was totatled, so now I get back spasms on my lower left side and some times ...

 Have you ever faked an injury?
Ethier faked an injury to get out of something, or faked that you weren't injured to stay in something.
Additional Details
It would be more interesting to know what you did....

 Can anything be done for a broken big toe?

 When you have a surgery planned why cant you drink water or eat for 24 hours prior?

 Numbness in left pinky but no pain?
I use my computer a lot at home and iam constantly putting my elbows on my desk and 9 times out of 10 I manage to bang my funny bone,resulting in the tingling feeling in my left pinky.
I have ...

 How can I heal my ankles?
I was running for about 5 months and in a last month or two my ankles began to hurt. I've been taking a 2 week break between seasons and my right ankle has healed, but my left has not yet. Its ...

 Can you describe the worst kind of pain possible?
i need to have a description of the worst kind of pain that someone could possibly feel; preferably referring to the eye, but not necessarily....

 Can anyone help me?
ok I was doing gymnastics at cheerleading practice one day and I landed wrong on my ankle and fell. It didnt hurt that bad so I tried to do my skill again. It hurt like heck!! I can walk on it a ...

 Car accident that wasn't my fault how much compensation?
can any one help me my taxi broke down so i sat there with my lights on and hazard lights on and a hgv hit me from behind doing about 50 the police said i did every thing i could have done to ...

 Why do two of my fingers and edge of my hand keep going numb and having pins and needles?
Over the past week or so, the last two fingers on my left hand and the edge of my hand have been getting pins and needles and going numb. I'm female, 25, healthy and don't smoke. I have a ...

 How can I stop my wound from bleeding?
I got a cut on my bottom which is a difficult area to treat. For three days it is bleeding and in pain. Whenever I move - walk or sit, the cut bursts open and starts bleeding and hurts so bad. I put ...

 What's in that injection that they give you in school that leaves a scar on your arm?

 How do i know if my foot is broken?
I'm not sure what i did, but now whenever i stretch my foot up or walk it hurts. It hurts right in the middle. This has been going on for about 3 days. It's probably not broken, but i was ...

My toe is purple, has a big lump & will NOT bend - is it broken? Professional help please!!!?
I hurt the ball of my left foot 3 wks ago so I've been limpin around to keep the weight off of it. Last week, I slipped on the ice after my foot doctor appointment, with my bum foot (because limping is hard to do on ice!!) & I now noticed the toe next to my pinky is purple/red, swollen, & there is a large hard lump on the left side of it. It will NOT bend and when I move it around I get instant tears, however I can still walk and limp around. I see the Doc again on Fri, until then- is it broken? What should I do? Help!!
Additional Details
I wanted to add, that I DO have an appt, which I made today. The EARLISEST they can get me in, is on Friday AM and the doctor was not available to talk today..... GRR
However I did explain the swelling, pain and colors. No sympathy from receptionist.........now what?

Sounds broken go to the doctor now

If you are seeking professional help, I would say go to the doctor. If you want a bunch of yahoo's answers I would have to say you should go to the doctor.

Go to a doctor NOW

I would say............................ go to the doctor fast ASAP right away no questions asked see the doc an apple a day dose not usual keep the doctor away see a doctor

Elevate the leg, try to stay off the foot as much as possible. You sound as if you have broken the toe, your doctor or a good podiatrist/ orthopedic doctor would be able to tell you more. For swelling, use a ice wrapped in a slightly damp washcloth, which you then put in a sandwich baggie. Put it under the ball of the foot while the foot is elevated on pillows or fold up an old blanket, anything to get the foot up. This will help take the swelling down. Use Tylenol if it works for you, if not good old Aspirin for pain and swelling. Go to the doc as soon as you are able. Good luck!

Dirty D
It definately is broken. For the time being you should stay off your foot as much as possible tape the injured toe to your healthy toe next to it and keep it elevated. Also keep putting ice on it.

L_H Qutub(Retired)
Have you performed Xray of foot, might be because of muscle sprain involving 5 th metatarsal of foot. Xray Feet AP & Lat views will help you out, meanwhile carry out the advise of your doctor.

Sure sounds like it, you better get it looked at , it could get infected, you dont want to have to worry about losing a oe or anything!

Crystal B
It's very possible it's broken. However, I recently broke my pinky toe and was told that there was nothing they could do about it--it just had to heal on its own. It has been 2 1/2 weeks and it's still hurting once in a while. You can go see your doctor, but unless it's your foot itself (not a toe) that's broken, they probably won't do anything but give you some ibuprofin and send you on your way.

The Other One
yea it sounds broken tape it to the next toe till it feels better when i broke my toe i walked into a desk chair they arre real fragile so be more carful next time

Alyssa D
If you can get a sooner appointment, do so. When you call, tell the receptionist that its extremely painful, turning colors, and you really want to be seen ASAP. Maybe you can get an appt. with a different doctor.
If you can't wait, go to urgent care or ER.
It sounds broken, just keep it imobilized until someone can XRay it.

WebMD ususally has good answers to health/injury questions. You could look it up there.

It could very well be broken or dislocated. Sounds like you need an xray! Call the foot doc to work you in earlier or hop on in to your local urgent care clinic.

Jennifer M
You most likely broke your toe. If you can deal with the pain wait till friday if not call your doc and see if they can see you sooner. They will most likely have you take an x-ray but I don't think they do much for a broken toe. Sorry about your toe!

Go to the doctor now!

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