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My son scratched my eyeball today, its very irritating and its drivin me nuts, any solutions??

You should take him to an ER or your family physican to get some medication. His eye should be covered for a few days until the scratch heals.

Bob jr
I heard in the bible and eye for eye so try scratching his eye.

put in eye Drops and head to the docot to see what he has to say. and tell your son its wrong to scratch.

You need a cream that acts as a lubricant, visit the chemist.
I bet you trim his nails now.
Ray. West York's. U.K.

dad of four
keep it clean (warm washcloth swab often or eyedrops) even though it's probably watering like crazy. Keep it covered (patch or large bandage) and keep it closed. It hurts like hell I know, makes your nose run too I bet! I scratch mine more than I'd like, usually by next day it's better, sore, but better. If you can keep it covered at least 24 hours you should be fine. Sunglasses are a must too!

The membrane covering the eye has been damaged. Usually it is insignificant and will repair itself in a few days. The irritation is as a result of the injury. Try not to poke at it or rub it. This will only further inflame the area.

If it is really annoying try covering your eye with a pad and lying down with your eyes closed. The eyes natural secretions will provide relief.

If in a few days it is still causing your pain or irritation book in and see your GP.

Put a patch on your eye and leave it on for at least two days. Time will heal your eyeball.

It is probably your cornea and it hurts like heck. Very, very painful !!

To help relieve the pain you can close your eye, and place a cold washcloth (compress) or A piece of cucumber from the fridge over your eye. Lie down with this for about 10-15 min. Wear an eye patch to keep the light out as this lets the eye relaxed apply lubricating medication for the eyes (artificial Tears) from chemist.
antibiotic ointment for the eye from doctor,

rinse it with cold water, and then the best thing you can have him do is have him close his eye and cover it with a gauze and have him keep it closed under the gauze for 24hrs.
After 24hrs take gauze off and repeat until cured.

My wife had the exact same thing happen with my at the time 3 year old daughter, my wife has a very high pain tolerance but was in agony ,she went to the doctor and found out her eye was scratched but unfortunately it has to heel its self painkillers are the only answer I can give you ,if its any consolation it shouldn't last to long .

Try to put a wet cloth on your eye to keep it moistened until its done healing. Or if you have saline drops you could use a couple drops to keep your eyes moistened. The worst thing to have is a dry eye when you have a scratch. Just do your best to keep it wet. Hope I helped!!!

i take it your son's just a baby. it bloody hurts when they do that, best to go to a doc and get some drops

When I scratched mine the only relief I could find was to wash it in cold water. It will bug you for a few days. Eyes heal quick.

You can try a commercial eye drop solution, saline or something for "irritated eyes".
You might also try "palming" your eye; close it, and gently press the eyelid with your palm for about five seconds.
Otherwise, give it a day or two to heal on its own.

Dr Frank
You should go to A+E and get it checked out. It is usually dealt with by using a local anaesthetic, together with antibiotic eye Drops. Sometimes the eyelid is taped down to reduce movement which delays healing of the cornea.

carnt spel
go to a+e otherwise it will really hurt . it will anyway my son did it to me they will give you some stuff that is wonderfull works instantly but wont last for long please go to a+e

I had heard from a town folklord that you if you rub vinegar in a scratched eye, it makes it worse. So I would advise against putting vinegar in it.

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