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My pinky and ring finger have been tingling/numb for a week now!?
Okay about 4 or 5 days ago my pinky and a little bit of my ring finger has been all tingly and numb'ish and it won't go away, I've puttin an ice pack on it until it goes numb from the cold! But only to resume the same tingling numb sensation when they regain feeling. I've also tried not using it for a whole day! And it still wont lighten up even a little.

I know its not asleep cause I've had my hand asleep tons of times and it woke up momentarily.

Is it a pinched nerve? It does not hurt, it is just tingly and numb, its annoying!

Would squeezing a stress ball over and over again help re-circulate them? Or only make it worse cause of the repetitive motion?

Someone please answer this, I'm scared out of my mind that I may have carpl tunnel and I won't ever be able to get the tingling numbness to go away!
Additional Details

Please, for the love of god! If your answering my question (thank you!!) please tell me what I should do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How long does this last?

Is it permanent?


I'm freakin out!

You sound like you have a pinched nerve somewhere around your neck, or around your shoulder.

I would go to the doctor, it'll only get worse.

Sounds more like a pinched nerve, not carpel tunnel. I would do some stretching excesses for a few days. If that doesn't relieve it, I would go to a chiropractor. You can start asking around for a good chiropractor the day you start your stretching. Then you will be ready to go to chiro if needed.

the only thing I can think of right now is, poor circulation. how old are you? anyway, if its that, you need to take some organic unrefined coconut oil. that will get rid of the problem but not instantly.

It sounds like temporary nerve damage. Be careful not to handle plastic grocery bags in that hand as that has been known to cause nerve damage. My doctor cut a nerve while doing surgery and it took a few months to recover. Good Luck

I've got this problem, like the above people have said it could be ulnar nerve compression, or something called Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. Either way, go see a doctor, we can't diagnose online.

A doctor needs to tell you. You can start with your regular general practitioner, family doctor, etc. Even if it is carpal tunnel syndrome because of repetitive use of something like your video games or computer, you are not doomed to permanent tingling and numbness.

You are doomed to not changing anything til you find out what's wrong and get treatment, though! Whether it's the ulnar nerve, a pinched nerve, or carpal tunnel, there are simple treatments that can improve your symptoms. And the sooner you start treating it, the better.

It sounds like ulnar nerve entrapment to me, not carpal tunnel. Definitely see a doctor about it. It's still early on, so I think it shouldn't be permanent if you start getting it treated right away. He/she may recommend you to an orthopaedist, another type of doctor.

For now, try to keep that elbow straight. Avoid crossing your arms and bending it. Avoid leaning on it, and at night try to sleep with the elbow straight (with a towel wrapped around it, for example). The doctor will tell you more on what to do. I am having nerve problems in my shoulder worked on too, so good luck to you!

Laura S
You described ulnar nerve compression. Aside from the pain and sensory loss, you may also have noticed some loss of strength in your grip (in the small & ring fingers), and your ability to flex your wrist.

It sounds like you correctly isolated the problem to your elbow, but the same symptoms can occur from damage anywhere along this nerve, which originates from your neck.

Trish JPA and Jewish Pastafarian
You have SOME kind of nerve compression. I'd suggest getting to a doctor to find out what's going on. It can probably be relieved with a shot of Cortisone or similar anti-inflammatory in the short term; over the long term, you're going to need to find out WHY this is happening and take steps to alleviate the issue.

Unless you do a LOT of typing or similar movements, you probably don't have carpal tunnel syndrome; however, if you do, squeezing a ball is only going to make it worse. Get to a doctor and find out what to do for it.

Good luck!

It sounds as if you have pinched or injured your ulnar nerve. Your ulnar nerve is in charge of your sensations for that side of your hand. People who injure their ulnar nerve usually complain of the same things as you are. Your ulnar nerve runs through your elbow and is the same nerve that is responsible for the sensation you feel when you hit your "funny bone" in your elbow. This nerve is very close to the skin so it can easily cause problems. You may be unconciously leaning on it wrong while sitting. If this doesn't get better soon you should see a doctor to make sure there isn't serious damage to the nerve.

Don't worry too much.. If you were experiencing a burning feeling in place of the numbness and tingling, then more serious nerve damage may be possible. But for now, try to relax. It may just go away on its own.

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