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 How do i help an injured elbow?
this morning i was almost late for the bus and jammed the tip of my right elbow on a stool with a back. there is a bruise and it is a little swollen and hurts when i move it. HELP!...

 I had an ingrown toenail removed...?
the ingrown part was removed and the nail bed lasered to keep it from coming back, but it is ingrown again! its not fully grown back yet but its deep in the skin and actually more painful this time ...

 Did I Break My Nose.?
I was participating in a game of tomato dodge ball. I was hit in the face, today I woke up and my nose is bent to the side, bruised and a little sore. It bled a little when I first got hit. What ...

 By back is hurting very bad, what can i do to make it feel better besides medicine?

 I acidentally kicked something with my big toe. The nail turned purple, will it fall off?

 Is it possible for the bladder to burst due to holding in pee?

 Broken Finger - what good is icing it?
I'm not positive tis broken yet, but I've broken 4 bones in my life, and I'm pretty sure. Anyway, I'll probably get an x-ray tomorrow...just to make sure

It's ...

 If I passed out?
hey guys,me and my friends are planning on doing something quite funny in my opinion.and tape it on video xD i need to know if this could be fatal...i saw on youtube videos of how to make yourself ...

 Have you ever broken a bone....and just ignored it????
hoped it would mend itself,without going to the hospital ????...

i think my hand might be broken but i dont want to say anything to my parents because i have a horse show that i dont want to miss! please help?
* its hard to move my pinky and ring finger

 How long does lower back pain last after a fall?
I had an accident at work and I still feel pain in my lower back and I cant sleep. do you know how long it takes to feel better. Its been more than 4 weeks and I still feel pain.

 I cant stop sneezing?
i recently got hit in the nose a few days ago and its all bruised and i keep sneezing alot, like alot!! whats causing this? when will it go away??...

 If you had to break a bone which one would it be?

 I heard that if you get 300 paper cuts you can go into shock, is that true?

 Why does it hurt when I pee?
A few months ago I went to the doctors to see if I had a UTI because it would hurt when I went to the bathroom and I had blood in my urine. They prescribed me an antibiotic that didn't help... ...

 How do you take down a swelling like a bump on a head?

 My mother is in her 60s and is displaying signs of a bent back. How do I stop her bent back from aggravating?

 My friend wants to have his leg amputated? should i stop him?
My 24 year old friend wants to have his right leg amputated?
he is perfectly healthy so is his leg, but he feels physically
wrong` and wants to become a amputee. The only place
that ...

 Is there a ring or something to expand or hold you rectum spinster muscle open?
something like a butplug but it is open st that you can't help but mess your pants or diaper whitch ever you may have on at the time....

 Brain damage by falling down from a trampoline?
I just fell down from a trampoline because I jumped so high and couldn't get me straight.. I fell down with my head first.. When I got on the ground, I felt my head was so painful and dizzy.

amy lou
My cat has hurt his paw its a cut and he keeps limping what do I put on it ?

About all you can do is put a mixture of fifty percent peroxide and fifty percent water on it, if you put antibiotic cream on it the cat will just lick it off. Clean it several times a day with the water peroxide mixture.

Ped Aunt
A sixteen ton weight out to sort the little bugger out.

Let it heal itself. Remember that cats aren't meant to be "pets". They have instincts and know how to heal themselves.

cats will bite and scratch in pain. . have someone help because it will get violent because like babies they think you caused the pain. have the cat wrapped in a thick towel and wash his paws inantibacterial dish soap and rinse well. put triple Antibiotic cream and if it doesnt heal see a vet

i love Amanda kendall
go the the vet

a bullmastife!!!

Kayla J
You can put some peroxide on it to kill the infection after you clean it with hot soapy water... and then after all that i would try Neosporin and wrap it so the cat can not get anything on it or dig at it... i know a lady that has like ten cats... tat is what she does when hers get hurt like that and it works very effectivley

Just clean it with mild salted water to help fight infection but if you notice it getting worse take your cat to a vet. They dig dirt to cover their toilet so it could easily become infected.

I think that you should take your cat to the vets if the cut is serious, or you could just try to keep it clean as much as possible. (try to keep him out of the dirt etc) Good luck

Wash with a damp piece of lint and check that the wound isn't infected, the animal should have done its natural thing of cleaning the wound itself but in case theirs any debris still in, it may pay you to go to a vet.

If it isn't treated and becomes infected, your pet could die from blood poisoning from the infection.

Visit a vet

do what everybody else would do take the cat to a vet?

Fader's Girl
Ask this in the pets section. my dogs used to get irritated with sand in between there paws after a walk so we used to get a warm bowl of water and dip hes paws in, i doubt your cat will be so up for that, but other than a vet, the pets section is the best to ask.

Don't put anything on it, your cat will only lick it off. Don't worry, just let it heal on its own. Your cat's saliva will help heal the wound.

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