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My boyfriend stepped on a nail should he go to the dr?
he stepped on a nail at work it was on a pallett and it drew blood and is swollen he says it hurts bad but doesnt want to go in. should he?

mountain mama
Absolutely! If he hasn't had a tetenus shot recently - it would be life threatening. Just have him go to a clinic.

Classy Lady
Yes he should go to the Dr. he could set up poison in his foot. I thought that would be commom sense.

no, i stepped on a nail bare foot when i was younger, and then had to pull it out. Just so long as hes up on his shots and is always disinfecting it and keeps it cover he should be fine. The doctor really can't do anything unless it gets infected. I'd also clean it with soap and water really well

yes he should at keast to get a tetnis shot

Yes it could go septic or there could have been something on the nail he may need antibiotics or something

G Man
Omg yes he sould go in. If it went in far enough, it could get serious.

Yes he needs to go ASAP. The nail could be contaminated which could cause tetanus to the punctured wound. Tetanus would result jaw or neck stiffness, difficulty swallowing, and irritability. There may be pain or tingling at the site of inoculation (where the tetanus bacteria entered), followed by spasticity of nearby muscles. Later, there may be spasm of the neck, back, and abdominal muscles. Spasms of the respiratory muscles may cause acute asphyxia. Airway obstruction is common. It is important to have a vaccine before these symptoms could occur.

yes,he should go to the doctor and at least should get tetanus vaccination and pain killer.if wound is deep then antibiotic should also be taken.

Yes, puncture wounds get very infected very fast, if he absolutely won't go try this, a dr told me about it and it works,
get some dreft baby laundry soap (the dry kind) put a 1/4 cup in very warm water and soak for 15 min 3 times a day. It really does pull out any infection. After soaking pour peroxide over it, put a light bandage on it, you want it to be able to breath. At night put some triple Antibiotic salve on it. If you see any red streaks coming from the wound going up the leg get into the dr asap

Yes he needs to go in, it could need stitches and he needs to let his work know. They may want to take care of it themselves with a doctor rather than paying out a workers comp claim. Also he needs to make sure he has a tetanus shot booster in the last 10 years, if not he needs to get one.
Good Luck.

yes...it could lead to a blood infection, "lock" jaw and any other nasty things

Suze N
He definitely needs to go in and get a tetanus shot. Tetanus is a disease caused by bacteria that is all around us. When it gets into the body through a scratch or a puncture wound, it can cause muscle spasms, fever, lockjaw, and difficulty swallowing. It can be very serious, even fatal.

Even if your boyfriend doesn't get tetanus, he still might have an infection at the site of the wound that will require antibiotics.

If a metal object, especially one that isn't clean (rusty, dirty, etc), has punctured the skin, and if you haven't had a tetanus shot or booster in the last three or four years, I would definitely go to the doctor and get a tetanus shot or booster. A tetanus shot is good for ten years, and I believe a booster shot will extend that out a few more years as well. If you don't know or can't remember, get one anyways.

I know that tetanus is incredibly painful, and I think it could be deadly as well. A rusty nail in the foot is very likely to give your boyfriend tetanus.

Aside from that, if your boyfriend *likes* being in pain with a swollen foot, that's his business. If you don't want him to die in agony, make him go to the doctor and get a tetanus shot.


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