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Is my finger broken? closed trunk door on it?
I ended up closing my car trunk lid on my pointer finger. when it opened i looked at my finger and it was blue and it was pressed where the door closed. it started bleeding and now i cant really bend it...but its swollen...

Caitlin S
if ur finger is turning purple or red very quickly go to a doctor quickly!
it could fall off.

You would know for sure if it was a clean break. You may have fractured it, but there isn't much you can do about that. I would put some ice on it, and keep an eye on the wound.

jake h
It's entirly possible that it is broken but more then likely it's sprained.

i dont know, ive never broken anything.. but ouchhhh :(:( i hope it feels better

♫ LeT ThE mUsIc PlAy ♫
When i was three, i dropped a log on my finger. I don't remember it personally, but i have heard stories. It was bleeding really bad. It didn't stop so i had to go to the hospital. If yours stopped give it a few days, like 2 and then if it doesnt get better go to a doctor. It could be fractured.

From what I understand of broken bones (I've had two myself), you should not be able to move it at all if it's broken. I would tend to think that it's a really bad sprain more than anything...
However, a better idea than even asking on here would be to take yourself to a doctor and have him/her check it out for you. Even if it's just a sprain, you should probably have it set in a splint so that you're not moving it around and causing more damage.

If you can move it..even a little...then it is probably not broken. But this sounds serious and you should definitely go see a doctor. Meanwhile you can ice it to control the swelling and take a painkiller if it hurts really bad. I hope you get well soon =]

if your not in like really bad pain, then it's not broken. it could be badly jammed or sprained but if you really want to know you should go to a doctor. hope it feels better :)

Eric S
I think you "Jammed" your finger, but didn't "break" your finger.

A jammed finger is a finger not broken but irritated because it got temporarily knocked out of alignment. You may want to use ointments to heal it, it will likely heal on its own and take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months, depending on how bad it is.

I would get that looked at by a professional, sounds broken, or possibly hurt in another way.


It's hard to tell so u should c a doctor who can correctly diagnose u...meanwhile rest your hand & wear thermal gloves for protection & to relieve pain & help speed healing.

Only way to find out would be to go to a doctor and get an x-ray

*sara bear*
my mom did that once. I suggest to go see a doctor and get a wrap to put around it.

If your finger have had broken your finger would have doubled in size by swelling and you would not feel it.

Go to a doctor asap, even if it didn't break, you might still get an infection.

poss go to the er

Man what a Trooper.You have a broken finger and you are still commited to ask us advice.Listen no matter what anybody tells you nothing can tell you it is broken except for an X-ray.You should have put ice on it by now.Get that swelling down and also if it is a deep cut you may need a stitch.

Chris G
It would be difficult to determine if you fracture your finger without an X-ray of the finger/hand.

However, some signs of a fracture would include: tenderness at the point of fracture, displacement or deformity of the finger, immobility of finger, and swelling.

The description of your injury (crushing injury) with decreased mobility are highly suspicious for a fracture. This type of injury is less likely to be a "jammed finger" which result from an accident where you forcefully compressed your finger against another object (e.g. basketball being thrown against your fingertip).

However, it could be something as simple as bruise with some swelling that is limiting your movement.

I would suggest going to the doctor and having your finger probably examined (most likely you will need an X-ray).

As for now you can probably tape your first finger (pointer/index) to your 2nd finger to help splint it, which may assist in its proper healing. Also try ice and over the counter medicines like Tylenol (assuming no allergies or liver problems) for pain control. If you have a small open wound in your finger you should wash it well with warm/soapy water and apply some topical antibiotic cream (triple Antibiotic ointment). Pay attention to signs of infection (warm, red, painful, pus or other drainage, etc.)

Best of luck...Get well soon

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