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Is it possible for a person to break their neck but not become paralyzed?

Punk Rocker
Yes.. I think it is possible for someone to break thier neck and not be paralyzed because there are more than one bone and if you break a bone other than the spine than you will be fine..but if you break the spine bone [[in your neck]] than you would probably be paralyzed.. but i've heard that someone that broke their spine bone that is in your neck and not be paralyzed so i don't really now the answer to that but personally i think that it is possible for someone to break their neck and NOT become paralyzed but that is a question that a doctor can answer

The Cheminator
Yes..simply enough

yes it depends on which vertebrae are broken or cracked and how severe the fracture is

(This is actually Bulldogsr2cute's husband, because I so have the answer)

It is very possible to break your neck, and not be paralyzed. Pro-Wrestlers (WWE and TNA) have this risk every week. There are many who have broken their necks, some to the point where when it happened they couldn't walk, but have come back to not only walk, but wrestle once again. Stone Cold Steve Austin was a perfect example. He broke his neck in a match with Owen Hart at Summer Slam 1997 (possibly 1998). He was dropped on his head by a move called an Reverse Piledriver, or a Sit-Out Tombstone. He could barely walk after the impact, but recovered and has wrestled since. Other's in this catergory are Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, Big Show, Tazz, Sabu, etc.

However, not only wrestlers can do this, everyday people can too. My father broke his neck in a car accident 30 years ago. He had the crash, climbed out of his car, and called 911 at a neighbours house. He went to the hospital to get checked over. The doctor said he broke his neck in the c4 and c5 vertibray (I believe, but I may have the C's wrong). He could walk, but was suppose to wear a neck brace for 6 months. He wore it for 2 weeks, then told the doctor to stick it (literally, he went back to the doctor and gave him back the neck brace).

So to answer your question, yes, it is possible to break one's neck and not be paralyzed, however I wouldn't reccommend doing an activity just to test the theory, because the theory may prove you wrong :P

YES! Because my uncle broke his neck 4 times & is still walking

think so

Cruel Angel
Yes, as the other have said above. Paralysis results from the extent of any damage to the spinal cord itself, not about the vertebrae.

Rosie Young
Of course. It's not the broken bone that causes them to be paralyzed. It's the damage to the spinal cord inside the bone column.
That is why when someone has a neck injury the paramedics are so careful moving their head. The spinal column could be unprotected and be injured just by the person's head moving.
I know someone who cracked a vertebra wrestling and was walking around with just a soft collar on. No loss of feeling anywhere, no spinal damage.

Barbara M
Yes it sure is. I broke my neck in a few places when I was a teenager .

yes, a person can break their neck and not be paralyzed. they will only be paralyzed when there is trauma to the spinal cord.

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