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Lloyd T
Is it ok to take a shower after suffering an ankle sprain?
I recently incurred an ankle sprain and some friends told me not to let it get wet until it healed a bit. Is this true?

You just don't want to take a shower!
STink BOY!!!
You can wet it, Come on !

No it is not true. If you are still sore it might be a little concern on a slippery surface and not able to keep your balance, but the warmth of the water is good for it. Simply rule to follow: RICE.
Rest, Ice, Elevation and Compression. Alternate Ice and heat for 20 minutes every other hour while you are awake and try to keep it elevated as much as possible. Shower is ok.

water dosent really matter to an ankle sprain, unless you slip in it and fall and hurt it worse. it might feel good to have the warm water on it.

Jeep Driver
No, the warm water might just do it some good. I would be real careful as your balance may be off while you are favoring the other leg

showering will not hurt the sprain.

the only concern involved with this is the risk of falling b/c you can't bear weight on that ankle. it might be best to take a bath or put a plastic chair inside the shower to sit on so you don't fall.

Bovine Scathology! Of course you can go have a shower. A ll you need is a stool or small chair to sit on .

Your fine to get it wet if the injury is only internal, if there is some external damage water may not be best to put on it.

It's not true.
And society will thank you for showering.

Unless you have an open wound or a non-removable cast, there is no reason not to shower. Just be sure to have something to hold onto or to sit on in the shower as your balance will be off and you do not want to further injure the ankle. As one of the others here mentioned, "society will thank you for showering"...

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