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Is My fingernail going to fall off or what?
Yesterday, I slammed a car door shut on my own thumb (don't ask how cause I don't even know). Ironically, the door locked on my thumb. My thumb was stuck in the door. It was also on my dominant hand! Tragic right? Well, I iced it for about an hour but it hurts to do that. It is a little bit swelled up and the nail is half way black and blue. My friends told me that if it isn't all the way black that it will just grow off and the whole nail won't fall off. I don't know if that is true. It is slowly getting more black from the bottom to the tip. If it does fall off, how long will it take for the fingernail to grow back fully?

It will fall off. Trust me, I know. But, don't cut the fingernail off and the fingernail will turn yellow before it comes off. It'll take about 6 months for it to grow fully back. I should know because my toenail once fell off.

D. E
no more than a month

Chris H
I slammed my finger into a drawer once when I was a kid and the whole thing turned black and I had to get it drained in the hospital and then it fell off. It may or may not fall off depending on how bad it is, but even if it does fall off it's not really a big deal... it doesn't hurt or anything and from what I can remember it didn't take that long to grow back. If it does fall off it will take about 6 months. However, I do not believe it will fall off unless it's completely seperated from the nail bed (just where your nail rests). It still might. I recommend going to the hospital though just to make sure you didn't bruise or break anything because they took an xray of my finger when I went. That's more important than your nail.

Fingernails grow slowly and yeah it will most likely fall off.

I did the EXACT same thing, and I didnt know how I did it either! Its going to hurt if it gets hit with anything. and It will take awhile, but the new nail will start to grow underneath, and slowly the nail will come off.
Clip off any parts that will snag on clothing, because this HURTS! The nail comes off in sections, basically.
THEN you have to wait for the new one to grow in fully, this takes a few weeks.

So- yes. it will fall off, but it takes awhile. Your finger will be bruised for quite some time before it even starts to separate.

It will most likely fall off in one to two weeks, I once closed the garage door on mine, and it fell off in about a week. Your nail will grow back in about 3 months. Keep putting ice on it and don't wrap a bandage around it to tight. Just enough so the bandage will not fall of.

Terrence D
if your nail is still on just frezze your nail and with a sterile needle push it under the nail and sqezze out the blood it stops the pounding and it will heal and just grow out but you have to be tough

Kris L
Yes, your thumbnail is probably going to fall off ... it may take 3-4 months to happen, though, and then two years go grow back fully. That's the 'bad news' ... the good news is that once the 'broken finger bone' heals inside (yes, you probably broke that, too, and there's NOTHING you can do for it, really, to help it heal faster ... about 6 weeks) you won't have much pain there ... and that thumbnail will always be far stronger and thicker than your other one., How do I know all this ... shut my thumb in a car door when I was 9 ... I'm now 57 and I can STILL remember the 'embarrassment' over doing it.

Owww.... that must hurt. I think that you have a bruise, and that is what is making it colored. I don't think your nail will fall off, as long as you have it covered and protected. About how long it will take for it to grow back fully....umm....... I say about a monthy and a half, though I could be WAY off. I hope this helps! :)

A friend of mine slammed her finger in a locker once and the nail turned blue and looked all wrinkley (it was so gross!) but it didn't fall off. I think if you just leave it alone and give it some time it should grow back, not sure how long though

no worries eh, my kid brother got hit in the thumb with a baseball when he was like 7 and a week later it fell off in his sleep, if its blackthen it's prbably dead and wont even hurt.

This is a very common natural reaction to that kind of injury. Your nail should fall off in a few days, when it is intirely black and blue. It takes a few weeks for the nail to grow back completely, but when it does it shows no sign of the injury.

It will take quite sometime.

Ouch!! Sounds like you might lose your fingernail. Sorry. It might take up to a few weeks or more until it falls off. If it does, I think it will take up to 2-3 months for it to grow back.

By the way, watch that it doesn't start to fill with blood and pain/pressure under the nail. You might have to see about lessening the pressure if it does that. It can really hurt when it builds up. It's like a blister of sorts.

Good luck with it.

It will probably fall off. It may take a year to grow back.

nah most likely it wont.but my cousin had the same problem and he had to get a needle really hot (where it turns red) and stick it in his nail where the blood would come out.

Probably 6-8 months. It probably wont fall completely off. Mine didn't.

it wont fall off. happens to me all the time, im a ditz. it will swell and hurt. maybe wrap it up for few days, ice it a lot
it will grow out but it will take a while.. dont pick at the nail either

The mom
The nail will be loosened from the bed where you have the blood pooled underneath it. If that goes completely across the nail from side to side, but doesn't extend all the way back to the cuticle, then the nail will be loose but probably not come off entirely. If you like, you can drill a hole in the nail to relieve the pressure underneath and increase the chance of keeping it in place. For that you can use a paperclip or large needle, heated to red hot in a flame, and then touched to the nail in the center of where the blood is. It will melt a hole in the nail, and it won't hurt. You can't burn through the finger, the blood will cool off the tip long before that happens. In fact, the minute you are through the nail, the blood will spurt up through the hole. The finger will feel a lot better afterwards as well. As the new nail grows out, it will push the rest out just like it always does. If it is black all the way back to the cuticle, the new nail growing out will push it out, but there will be a ridge between them and the new nail pushes under the old one. It will take a couple months for the damaged nail to be completely replaced, depending on how fast you ordinarily grow fingernails. If you notice the nail pops up slightly so that you snag things, just put a bandaid over it to keep it safe so you don't snag and rip it off. Keep it trimmed close at the end until you can trim it all off. The nailbed underneath will be sensitive at first, but will toughen up so it won't hurt. Losing the nail or not depends on how extensive the finger beneath the nail was damaged, and how much of the nail has separated, and where it separated at.

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