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 My doctor dont care?
i had a nerve stim implant 6 month ago and now my doctor wont listen to any of my complain; put me right under the bus and basicly dont care about my health and critical concern about my implant; he ...

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 Has anyone seen my scalp, I swear it was there a few minutes ago?

Additional Details
Morning Roxy! Who else would be asking such stupid questions on a Sunday morning?...

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im 14 and last night i got into an argument with my foster mum and she hit me. i sort of tripped sideways and hit my head on the fireplace. about half an hour later i had a really bad headache so i ...

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hurt my knee hip and ...

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 At work we have been required to do quite a bit of computer work lately, and I have notice my wrist and arm?
ache all the way up to my elbow, espically on the top of my arm. My hand and fingers are also stiff and swollen. It seems to get a bit better after the weekend off, but it wont go away. Any ideas ...

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cutter! I'm need to know i can't stop!...

 Exercise is bad for you and I can prove it?
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 How do I know if there is still glass in my finger?
A few days ago I cut my finger on some glass and the glass got stuck inside my finger, I think I got it out but i'm not 100% sure.

The cut has now healed and a little white lump has ...

 Is running on trademill is dangerous after 50 yrs of age?
Involvement of knee ...

 Can I save my finger nail?
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 How do i draw bruising out?
got stamped on playing football on saturday on my calf muscle and the area is black i was wondering if there was anything i can put on the area to draw out the bruising as i have a semi-final to play ...

 Best place to get stabbed in the chest?
Whats the best place to get stabbed in the chest so that a injury doesnt become serious im talking about someone using a normal switch blade or somthing....

 Please hurry?
My husband says either his back or his kidney hurts really bad and he feels like he's going to pass out. He doesn't want to go to the ER. Does anyone know if it's an emergency or what ...

 Have you ever broken a bone?
How did you do it? Was it painful? Thankfully I haven't broken anything major although once I did chip a bone in my thumb when I got thrown off a motorbike!...

 When having an X-ray taken at the hospital (foot) how long will it take to develop?
Just want to know when I go to have my foot X-rayed will I see the results on the day or go back next day or is it 5minutes 3 hours?...

If you have a pencil lead in your hand, is it harmful?
I have this pencil lead that has been stuck in my pinky for a couple of years. I was wondering if it affects people in a strange way

no it is graphite dumbutt!

No....but maybe you should take it out, but what does my opinion matter right?

I don't think so. There not really made out of lead so don't worry about that. I've had some stuck in my leg for a few years too:)

The 'lead' in a pencil is actually graphite, not lead. It won't hurt you unless you get an infection around the site. If it's been there for a couple of years, I wouldn't worry too much about it. The lead that is dangerous with some pencils is in the paint they use on the outside of the wood. Most pencil manufacturers no longer use lead paint but there are still some coming in from other countries where there are no inspections. So, don't chew on your pencils.

Don't blame your weirdness on lead, because it's not lead, it's graphite.

By the way, graphite stays.. i have some myself, it's been there for 10 years.

i dont think it would affect you in any strange ways, except maybe having 'an uncomfortable sensation' in your pinky. you probably wont die of lead poisoning either...
just to be sure, ask a doctor

Yup, just graphite (carbon), clay, and kaolin.

Why didn't you get it out by now?

I have a little tiny piece of graphite in my stomache. You can still see it. The piece of graphite broke when it was accidentally pushed in, and I cleaned it out, but I didn't get a little piece out. This happeded about 6 years ago. I have had a doctor check it for infections. He said it was fine.

a couple of years you say, and you've not noticed anything strange

chris w
Im not a doctor, but I know most pencil lead is actually made from graphite, not lead. Graphite (carbon) is pretty harmless and will not give you lead poisoning or anything. If you are worried about it, I would ask the doctor about it next time you go in, just to make sure.

not usually

the newer pencils these days don't


its not lead, but I have had some in my knee for about 15 years

Danny N
got one stuck in my palm, never affected me. Had some metal air gun pellets removed though.

Not that I know of.. my brothers both have stuff stuck in them since they were kids and they seem ok... both are in their 40s now.
It's not really lead by the way, it's graphite.

I've stabbed myself with pencil lead tons of times. It doesn't do anything. It's graphite. Graphite doesn't do anything, Geezus. I mean you shouldn't go around trying to stab yourself with pencils, but if you should fall on, then, it WILL be okay!

I've had the lead of a pencil stuck in my hand since I was 8 (I'm 25 now) and I haven't had any problems, and by the way it is graphite not lead.

No, I have that too. It's just a mark from the pencil. And pencils have graphite not lead so it isn't harmful. I got stabbed with a pencil and got it out but it just leaves a mark.

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