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 I fell in a pile of grave and now i think i have kidney stones.?
I recently fell into a pile of gravel and had gravel embedded in my hand. Now the gravel is gone from my hand and i think i have kidney stones. Was this due to my fall into the gravel?

 How can I get rid of wrist and arm razor marks without waiting for a 3 days?

 I got my tongue stuck to a pole?
OKay...two days ago, I was with some friends, and I got my tongue stuck to a flag pole...NOw it feels like when you burn your tongue on something really hot (coffee, tea, hot cocoa, etc) and I can...

 Why do people get bloody noses?

 Does this look bad?
Does this look bad enough to go to the hospital for stitches? I cleaned it up really good with water, soap and some other things and got it really clean, and covered up right now. So should I go?

 I have a serious burn...?
hi i have a bad burn on my arm, i was baking cookies with my freind, and i got burned by the hot cookie pan
it was brown and puffy and then when i went to sleep and woke up the next morning it ...

 Does it hurt getting stitches taken out?
i was out at the weekend and glass went straight into the top of my foot because i was in a bar. and before you ask yes i did have my shoes on! ive never has stitches before and i get my stitches ...

 HELP, i cut my finger.?
i was cutting potatoes, i cut the top of my finger about half way off, the left over skin is now purple, but its still attached to my finger, the blood is coming down my hand. i dont know what to do, ...

 Very Painfull Toe Problem?
I went to my Aunts house in the beginning of July 2007 and i stubbed my toe on her Thick table leg. Ever since then the slightest touch to that toe will cause me unbelievable pain. I had it X-rayed ...

 Arm Breaking?
just a question. Wat are some ways you can break your arm?? I dont want to i am just curious!...

 What is worst ,smoking pot are drinking beer?

 My heart is broken, Will you help me?
Will you kiss your finger tip and touch the screen so as I can feel your sympathy?...

 Accidentally shot my son in the head with a bow and arrow, do not have health insurance. What should I do?

 Help help i scratched my dads car?
this is terrible! I accidentally scratched my dads car door (3 in) with the bike. he thinks im lying that I didnt feel the scratching..help!...

 What does it mean if your upper right rib hurts when you breathe in and lean forward?
I've started to have pain in my right rib at the top/side of it when i breathe in and lean forward. I dont know what i could have done to make it start hurting.....but it hurts, and its ...

 Ingrown toe nail?
i have an ingrown toe nail on my big toe, its growning into the side and its to painful to get in with clippers.
Im in sever pain with it at the slightest touch to it.
i went to dr and they ...

 Doctor's receptionist gives "treatments"..is this okay???

Asked this before, but I think I worded it wrong, so I'll try again. My doctor's receptionist does a lot of "extras" in the office. She is not a nurse, nor has she ...

I took 3 5OO mg instead of 2 325mg. I'm feeling sick and threw up. How long wil I feel nauseated? What can I do to make it go faster....

 I got burned, bubble formed... and i popped it what do i do?
well, i tried to keep it so it'd heel by itself but when i was sleeping... i guess i pressured on it so hard... it popped... so what should i do? i know it's going to become a scar... it ...

 Im breaking out really bad ! advice please ?
well this summer i have been breaking out really bad i dont know why. i dont wear makeup and i wash my face everyday and take care of it.i get these random red zits and they wont go away/...

If you drink a cup of bleach how long would it take you die?

i will like to know, pls let me know if u survive

depends on what bleach, but its very painfull as it burns you insides slowly. dont think of doing it!

i'm a nurse. and i had a patient who drank bleach trying to kill himself. i'm telling you now, do it and you'll die a SLOW and AGONIZING death. that patient I am talking about.. it took him 3 days before he died.

why,what's wrong with you to drink a cup of bleach?

Try it and find out

IF you die...like mutchkin, i saw a story about a guy who drank Draino and they had to remove his esophagus...

they used intestine to replace it and the guy had to "gravity" feed his food to his stomach, actually pushing the food down the front of his abdomen.

Too long and it might not kill you. Just burn your insides and you would be in terrible pain. Saw someone on tv who survived it.

If you are thinking of killing yourself, don't. Whatever is bothering you can be fixed and will probably be forgotten in a few months anyways. Go talk to someone about it.

Truth Hurts
drink anti freeze. this one guy did that but that's painful too.

i don't know and i don't want to find out

Expat Froggy
Not necessarily you will die, sometimes nothing more than screwing up your digestive system will happen. Believe me, is something that you can regret for the rest of your life for the consequences that it brings to the body.
Don't be fool, get rat poison and burst out for sure bleeding and suffering, but at least if taking a full big pack and not one spoon, for sure you will die as a rat.
For more extreme suicidal ideas, go for Kerosene bath and the fire purification. Somewhere on the net you will find even more refined ideas.

this question should not be answered no one should waste time thinking such wierd thinks, there are lot of constructive thinking, we should not think about destruction , destruction is evil

I hope your not that dumb

Z and Glory's Mama
Are you suicidal? Do you want somebody here to answer your question so you'll know how long you will live? If you are depressed, tell your parents/caretaker how you feel and if they won't listen to you, find another adult to tell.

Jenny J
i dun think u will die fast...at most u will faint or keep vomititng. ur body will be helping u to get rid of e harmful stuff. e body is keeping u alive when u r killing it.

Thats crazy.

I guess depends on the body but I would estimate about 10 mins.

Just burn and destroy til body will give in to death from it.

However, there was a guy who did drink bleach and he lived. He had a lot removed. When he would swollow, you can see his food going down his chest cuz they connected the stomach or something. (However that was done). There be downs where he would push the food down with his fingers on his throat/chest.

He was on Dateline a few years ago I believe too.

Talk about gross and disturbing.

Jacque H
Why in the world would you want to do that? You need some help!!

nice guy
dont know,try cyanide instead.

15 to 20 minutes. It's very painful.

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