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 Stiff/locked jaw?
my jaw has been stiff for a few months, i cant open my mouth very wide at all, i used to be able to unlock it by moving my jaw to the left before i needed to open it ( to eat, or brush my teeth etc) ...

 I have a huge amount of fluid build up on the top of my knee cap.I mean a goose egg sized.not a bite. any idea
holds lots of fluid....not a lot of blood...just body fluid....must be drained every day........

 Question about a swollen foot?
My daughter twisted her foot while playing a couple of days ago and now the pain has become worse, the top part of her foot on the outside is swollen, what could she have done?...

 My Husband thinks something has scratched his eye, What should he do other than going to the E.R.?
It's very bloodshot, and he says it really hurts, but doesnt want to go to the E.R. and "waste" money. Light hurts it, it's watering continuously, and he has to keep it shut. I ...

 How serious is a broken rib?
I fell down a hole a few days ago and i broke my rib. I seem to have all the symptoms of a broken rib. Mostly pain. But i can still move around though. I went to the doctor and told him what happened ...

 Should i see a doctor?
my shoulder was hurting since the afternoon of yesterday i went to school with my shoulder,bicep and wrist hurting it wasnt a very big pain but it was very uncomfortable.i had to take a small motrin ...

 Sprained ankle advice anyone?
okay so i sprained my ankle pretty well on thurs (3-29) and there is bruising all over my foot and some on my calf its really dark.. any suggestions on how to make it go down? i rubbed some arnica ...

 How do u know u have a blood clot in ur leg?

 Question about Comas?
A person in my family suffered a coma after falling down concrete stairs, she has been in it for about 5 days now and is only expected to be in it for a total of 10 days. She was placed into it to ...

 Can i get DLA?
i have had syatica for 4 years then a prolasps disc ive had a back op to remove the disc but i am now left with numbness down both legs i cant controll my bladder and when i walk (no i cant run i ...

 Another question about circulation?
Im always posting health questions for my father in hopes of finding out things that the hospital cannot tell us.
My father is 72, and overweight. Due to that, his feet are always swollen. But ...

 DESPERATE HELP! Need to make decision on foot!?
Okay heres the thing, ive broken my foot. Dont quite know how, but im an ice skater. im not allowed to skate (no duh) but im also in my school production. not allowed to do anything but walk, and my ...

 Can a 16 year old have carpal tunnel syndrome?
my hands have been hurting the last couple days, i was wondering could it be that? or am i just paranoid?
i'm 16, but the last 3 and a half years i've been using the computer A LOT ...

 Blood randomly appearing?
i was typing on msn nd i decided to go get a drinnk. when i got up from my computer on my knee there was blood on my foot two spots of blood and on my other ankle there was blood. i checked if it was ...

 I cant feel my thumb
i have just had a huge row with my sister and we ended up fighting she bit my thumb that hard it bruised instantly and now it is swollen and numb if i touch the end of it it feels like pins and ...

 HELP! How long it this gonna take to heal? [[WARNING, picture is really gross]]?

I was riding my bike, and stopped, then my little brother crashed into me, and his gear went ...

 Advice needed! Sprained ankle... soccer soon. Help!?
Hey so I sprained my ankle on Tuesday night during my soccer game. It's my right one, which is my dominant one. I was down for about 5 mins it seemed. It hurt so bad, but suddenly it felt fine, ...

 What's the worst injury you've ever had?
For me it was a ruptured achilles tendon. It hurt....

 When i was 14 my dad brought me a knife, it had a six inch blade and a bone handle.?
It was used for fishing and the thought of stabbing someone with it, never crossed my mind. A lot of friends also had knives, and the only thing in danger from us were trees. So knowing that if you ...

 Does chlorine hurt or heal cuts?
my boyfriend got cut by glass, the cuts about as long as an envelope.
He wants to go swimming.
I need a FOR SURE answer.
What will this do to him?...

If you can't work due to a disability that is only temprary can you make a claim ?
I am unable to use right hand and I am right handed. My Occupational Therapist told me to keep arm in splint and don't use. I have an advanced case of tennis elbow. They are doing OT first then most likely surgery, as a nurse I need my R hand to do dressings and Med's and charting. I don't know what to do..Please if any one has any suggestions I will really appreciate it. Thank You. This injury is not from working.

Debby B
You can apply and see what happensp it takes so many weeks for it to go through anyway- sometimes 2-3 years- it varies- ugh!! Also getting a md 's dx of disability is needed- D

First, I don't see Tennis Elbow as a 'Disability' in the more classic meaning. That is an injury, not a disability (by claims definition) Not occurring at work also bars you from any Workman's Comp. It's called life. Should I have to pay to have you live more comfortably. I get the feeling that if you are really a nurse (RN) and not one of the many other positions that are not REALLY nurses, but have nurse somewhere in their title, so you just say nurse to sound more professional, that you make more money than me, and that you should have good health care benefits. I, however, spend wisely and save money, and could support myself for a few months if need be. Is there no work that the Hospital could give you that is 'light-duty', or would those jobs be beneath you?

If the injury was not caused during working you can not claim compensation. Perhaps you can baby sit if you can to manage while recovering.

You should check your policy booklet from work and find out what it covers. Some employers carry short term disability and you could draw on that until you can return to work.

You make too much money to apply for any kind of aid. You could call your HR department too and find out immediately.

Yes, ask your doctor to put you on temporary disability. I have a friend, who is on it for chronic ear aches. She has to have surgery to have tubes replaced in her ears and such.So you can get disability. It will not be your nurses salary, but will help!

Contact a Union or Guild if you have one,if you are off long enough it could go into a disability even if its temporary and you are in no pay status you might qualify for unemployment. You might be able to file a claim though Labor and Industry but I think it has to be work related, but a phone call to them would answer that

Yes U can put the claim in ASAP you'll get your answer within a week.Good Luck

blest and favrd
Where you injury was from working or not. If you have medical insurance, you HMO should have temporary disability. In most cases it is not very much. But it beats nothing. However, if you don't have medical ins., I a afraid that most states disability will not okay monies for something that is temporary. That disability is reserved for the permanently disabled. I know it is not right but it is the truth. Anyway it usually you so long to get it, you will probably be back at work by the time you would have been cleared to receive it. May God Bless

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