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 Bad Luck am i ?
2 year ago .. my finger is broken ..
last year i have head injury
now my right arm is broken ...
bad things cant stop !!!!...

 Best way to heal sore muscles in 24 hours?
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 Is it possible to fracture your wrist when there...?
isn't a lot of pain when it's not being used, but you can't put pressure on it without it hurting a lot.?
Like I can still move my fingers and stuff but when there is pressure put ...

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My wrist is extremely swollen. Just one wrist. It doesn't hurt. My blood pressure is fine. What could be causing this?...

 How can I break my foot?
This is just to see what you guys can think of. The way i think will work best (with a good story) wins!...

 Broken Toe or Liar?
Ok, today, I dropped my packback on my friend's foot. It only had a text book, a binder, and a notebook. So it wasn't really that heavy. She didn't like spaz out when I did it.

 I twisted my ankle last night?
last night i twisted my ankle and i couldnt walk. this morning, i woke up and i still had the pain, but i was able to walk a little. i decided to go to school anyways. when i walk though, my foot is ...

 What r the symptoms of a concussion?

Additional Details
i went to jump into my bfs arms n he couldnt hold me so i fell backwards onto the ground n i hit my head could i have a concussion? because i hit my head on a bus ...

 I just had a pretty major back surgery and some weird things are happening..Maybe you can give me input?
Ok.. here goes..
2 1/2 yrs ago I hurt my back. At the time I was pregnant with my now 2yr old daughter. I ended up during the preg injuring my back and I had a herniated L5 S1 disc. That disc ...

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I have surgery on my arm tomarrow and i was wondering after the surgery will hair grow in that area. I broke my arm so there putting pins in it. Any help is awsome ...

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It doesn't happen with all shoes (i.e. never with high heels). But with some shoes, especially with hiking boots, the pain shoots up from my right leg upto my spine. This happens within two days ...

 Are there any x-ray scans that shows injured muscles?

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I was recently injured in a car accident but am still able to drive despite my injuries. My mom doesn't want me driving so she won't let me apply for a handicap parking permit.


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The week before Christmas I fell: my legs slipped from under me and I went straight down on my backside before I had a chance to hold onto something. It was sore but I got up and walked on ...

 If poked hard in the belly button, will it unravel and your guts fall out?

 Severe stomach pain?
First of all I would like to say that I went to my university's health service clinic today, but all they did was give me a pregnancy test. I have an appointment with my regular doctor at 8:00 ...

 Very important please help!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I need to fake a sprained ankle so i can get out of PE tomorrow. please dont ask why or lecture me!!! the first persont to give a good answer getsa best answer!
Additional Details
And i ...

 Is this a wrist sprain, or a fracture?
i normally have a sprained wrist, it just keeps coming back when i put pressure on it, but this time it is much more painful. the pain is especially sore around the middle of the joint and along ...

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Tracy Y
If my leg hurts to put pressure on it should I go to work?
I work at wal-mart and I have to stand for 8 hours. A couple of nights ago, my leg started spasing and now it hurts to walk on it, or put pressure on it. I have no idea what is wrong, I am so accident prone, that I just figured whatever it is it will go away in a day or so.

If your leg hurts when pressure is put on it, you shouldn't go to work. Go see your doctor and have it assessed. You may have plantar fascitis (your ankle hurts when you stand up from sitting position or getting out of bed) or you may need a strong support stockings to wear everyday at work. You will need prescription from your doctor if you have coverage at work or go to Shoppers Home Health and ask for their recommendation. Remember, take care of yourself first !
Take care

Whether you go to work or stay at home you may continue to put weight on the foot, unless you intend to stay in bed. It is surprising how much one walks about or stand around in the house. Work will at least be a distraction.

There can be many reasons for the pain.

One is psychosomatic. Walmart job may be unsatisfactory.

The other is deep vein thrombosis as suggested in a previous answer by someone.

It could be neurological or some nutritional deficiency.

A visit to a GP is indicated.

Smile- conquers the world
Fill the bath tub with warm water & add 2 handfull of salt & gently press ur legs in the water. It will give u a sure releif.

Standing for eight hours at day is enough to make anyone have pain. Another thing could be the flooring of the store. I do know that under the top flooring is a concrete floor. It would probably should see a doctor. You would probably claim worker's compensation. No one should have to stand for such a long time. They have to by law to give regular breaks. If you are accident prone does that mean that you did something to injure yourself? Even so, if it was on the job, it would still be workman's com. I would not assume that it will go away especially if it hurts to walk on it you might want to have it checked by a doctor.

the exact same thing happened to my leg. its very painful so i might stay at home to.

This is a personal decision and no one can make it for you. If you're concerned about the muscle spasms, then see your doctor.

At first I waz going to give u a snappy answer but i have changed my mind....
Sounds to me u have DVT-deep vein thrombosis...
You must elevate your legs as soon as u arrive home....just reduce your work hours standing to 6. You have to cut the salt out of the diet so the legs keep from swelling.

I'd suggest you take the night off. Without rest, it's not going to get better.

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