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 I choped off my finger with a grinder at work?
my boss says it will grow back so i cant claim any compo, how long will it take to grow back because its been 2 months now?
Additional Details
dan dont be silly he will suffocate without ...

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 HELP!!! ANSWERS WANTED... EASY 10 POINTS!!!!!!!please?
i was playing with a big medicine ball in gym the other day. i smacked the ball with the pulm of my hand.
Is it just a pulled muscle????
its right near my thumb..
its gotten worse ...

I think I broke my toe! Help!?
I stubbed my pinky toe this morning. Its now 15 hours later, the pain hasn't gone away, its swollen, and black & blue. Just in time for flip flop weather. Seriously, what can i do to heal it? Anything i can put on it?

well first go to the doc. then ice and heat it for 2 hours...ice for 15 the heat for 15....after awhile take a break. try to move it if u cant its probably broken. then u really should go to the doc. he prolly has all his little ways to heal it and he will tell u

but ice on it. but I recomend seeing a doctor and have them look at it. if it is broken you want it to heal in the best way that it can.


you should probably go get it looked at...

better safe then sorry

you have to go to the hospital maybe?...cuz i think you need a cast for a while

"Ask Dr. Stupid"
nothing but time and a splint will heal a broken toe. Although you may be able to get some painkillers from your doctor. You need to get it looked at to make sure it heals straight!

Anon omus
i read in a medical book that you can tape it or bandage it to another toe, but it will only help with the swelling and healing the blood vessels, and the toe will be broken forever. so idk.

Rhonda S
Put Ice on it for 20 min. at a time. tape it to the next toe to splint it.

You should get it looked at. But if it's broken, the only thing to do would be to ice it. You would probably have to tape it to the next toe for support & get a special shoe to wear because the doctors can't cast it.

My cousin broke her big toe last month & this is what they did. She's using a cane for support.

Tape you pinky toe and the next one together. That's about it. I guess you could put ice on it for about 20 minutes or soak it in icy water for 20 minutes and put your feet up. Maybe take a Motrin for pain. I'm not an expert.

I did that. Nothing to do for it except maybe get some pain meds. Mine healed in a short time with no medical attention.

well if it is just on the nail. it will be replaced .. but if it is the whole toe.. maybe it's not that severe but if it is maybe you should go to the doc..

pop stick and tape....dont go to the doctor...there is nothing they can do. get a stick and tape ur p[inky in its natural position. and ice will help numb it so it doesnt hurt anymore

There's nothing you can do for a broken toe but bind it to the toe next to it and wait for it to heal.

Valley R
ice and take some Aspirin.

I stubbed my pinky toe the other day and my foot was black and blue over to the 4th toe. No big deal, the swelling went down and the pain relieved in a few days. It will be back to normal in 4 or 5 days.

♥ jazZy FizZle♥
they cant put a cast on a broken toe. but the best thing to do is to take some medical tape you can buy from any store and tape it to the the nearest toe.

for the pain you might want to take some pain medicine- whichever one you prefer whether its Advil or Tylenol.

i hope you feel better. if you like you can try to ice it a bit- just fill up a bucket of water with some cool water and some ice and soak it to help the swelling or just put some ice in a zip lock bag

they won't do anything for it..i would just tape it up myself if it were me..take some painkillas

A few months ago I broke my pinky toe, i went to the ER which was a waste cause they can do anything for the pinky. Just keep off of it and ice it every 20 minutes leaving the ice on for 20 minutes. Mya take a few days for pain to stop, can take Ibuprofen for that. Hope this helps!

All the doctor will do is take an x-ray then tape it to the toe next to it. So just tape it with athletic tape, and if its not any better in 3 days go to the doctor, because you may have smashed the bone, or fractured it.

I was told you can't do anything for a broken toe you just have to let it heal itself.

First, do not bother going to the doctor, because they will do the following anyway. Try to step down on the toe. If you get a searing pain that feels like it goes into your eyeballs, it is probably broken. Next, hobble (or find some kind person to go for you) to the refrigerator and get some ice. Ice it for as long as you can stand and then get some first-aid tape and tape it, as nearly as you can get it to straight, to the toe beside it. Continue to ice it once a day, then retape it. Unfortunately, this is all you can do. They hurt terribly, but they can't go into a cast or anything, so just follow the above procudres and be VERY careful walking for the next week or two.

I hate to tell ya, but there isn't much you can do. If you went to the doc or ER, they might splint it. You can do the same by using medical tape and taping it to the toe beside it. That will help keep it still and might help with some of the pain by accidentially moving it.

I've whacked mine quite a few times (I'm very clumsy). It hurts really bad, but you just kinda have to deal with it. Maybe try to take an anti-inflammatory like Ibuprofen. That may help ease the discomfort.

An ice pack off and on for 15 minutes at a time may help with the swelling.

Keeping your foot elevated on a pillow will help with the swelling and make it feel better, especially if it is throbbing. It will just be sore for a few days. Anti-inflammatory type meds will help more with pain (Motrin, Advil, etc)

I've done the same thing. It hurt for several days and eventually eased off. Luckily the little toe is not that important in walking. Be selective in what shoes you wear - avoid the tight ones, and go for the cushy ones!

Take some pain killers, bandage it up and wait for it to heal.

toni k
hey girl im a nurse and unfortunately all they would do at the er is give u hard solid bottom shoe thing and wrap ur toe up and tell u to put ice on it for 20 mins at a time ...the bruising is going to b there for about a week ..try not to put to much pressure on that toe... take over the counter pain pills like Advil hope it feels better ..to be so little it can cause a lot of pain i know... : (

i am sorry but you can really do anything for your pinky toe. all i can say is take some Advil put some ice on it and keep it elevated. it isn't worth going to the doctor. i am broken the same pinky toe 2 times. its not fun but you can't do anything. if it is sticking out sideways you may want to go to the doctor so he/she can put it in place.

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