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I still have a bruise on my leg after 5 months. Help!!?
I still have a bruise on my leg after 5 months. Why hasn't it gone? It's like a big black/blue mark on my leg but when I first did it (I accidently fell down some stairs) my leg was so swollen I could hardly bend it to walk up the stairs for about 3 days. Is it just a case of being patient or is there a medical reason why it's taking so long to heal? Thanks xx

Mitch the Banana Man
put ice on it

5 months is a little long for a bruise. its probably a hematoma (a collection of blood in the area of bruising) which just needs to be evacuated, its a standard proceedure, or you could have some hematological disorder. either way i say go see your doctor, its too long

just call your doctor

LIL Biratial boy
there may be somethin wrong with ur leg like u bruised it somewhere that it just wont heal go check out at ur doctor.
may god bless u

miriam s
not quit sure but the same thing happened to me I fell down stairs and it was bruised right under my knee and down to my chin,someone told me I prob.chipped my chin bone but its finnaly gone after 7 months! Good luck

Mustang Sally
it might be cracked..lik ethe bone...go to the doctor

You haven't seen a doctor for this yet? You need to see one ASAP. This could be as simple as a vitamin deficiency or more serious like leukemia. A bruise should never take more then 2 weeks to heal. Get to the dr ASAP!

jake tha snake
go to a docter

Several years ago my bruises healed slowly. Are you on the pill? I was; and I think that had something to do with it. Take vitamin C with Bioflavonoids. It will help your bruises heal faster.

Hi, I work in a hospital. The best advice I can give you is to go and see your doctor. Long lasting bruises can sometimes mean you have some form of anemia, but like I said, the best way to find out is to ask your doctor.

Justin H
It sounds really bad, but if i were you, i would just wait it out some more, if its still there for another 3 weeks, go see a doctor. :)

Isnt luekemia or cancer or a sign when injuries don't heal themselves.....see a doctor

SEE YOUR DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!


You probably are going to want to see a doctor about this. It could mean many things, but you really need to see a doctor.

It could be something as simple as a a deep muscle bleed--I had a bruise for a year ago that is still visible today. My doctor has told he I did permanent damage, hence the reason it's still there. BUT I ran full-force into a sharp corner of a cedar chest!

Go to a doctor--it'll make YOU feel as ease as well.

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