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I sprained my ankle..?
Two nights ago I rolled my ankle on a tennis ball at practice and fell pretty hard. I heard some popping noises on the way down and i could barely stand up. My tennis coach gave me some ice and I eleveated it. Today its still swollen and I can barely walk on it. Every time I try to take a step my ankle cracks and hurts even more. I try wrapping it when i have to go to school but the presssure on it hurts just as much. My doctor isnt working until Monday and my dad wont take me to the Emergency Care places. It hurts so bad and I was wondering if there was something I could do?
Additional Details
I don't know if it is broken..I can bear a some weight on it..it hurts but its do-able. Can you still walk a little if its broken? Its also not bruised. Thats why my dad said it wasnt broken or whatever. gahh idk

♥ fuzzypeach ♥ Live.Love.Laugh
Just rest and wait for you doc

Erica Asahan
Get it X-rayed immediately!

!!Just Peachy!!
I think you should call someone to take you to the doc if your dad wont your mom grams or sis or bro! You could a really done someting bad to your ankle! Good Luck and I hope you feel better soon!

Just keep it elevated. Ice it if that helps. Sprained ankles can take a long time to heal. Even if there is a fracture there is nothing they can do. A cast won't stabilize anything if it's not broken. And you don't want an itchy cast anyway. Just take it easy and stay off that ankle for a few days. Crutches can help to get you to school and back. Hope it heals quickly. Ibuprofen is good for that type of injury.

Linny J
U need 2 go 2 the doctor!

Oooh. You really need that to get xrayed. It could be fractured. Your dad should take you to the emergency if the pain is excruciating.

Peggy H
Find someone to take you to the doctor. If your at school, go to see the school nurse. Someone needs to see it ASAP. Sorry about your Dad.

K. M
Take Ibuprofen if it's swollen and if possible keep it elevated with ice on it for as much time as possible. Don't put any weight on it for now either. You should really get it checked out though..I've broken my ankles 5 times and twice I've been able to walk on it a little and there was hardly any bruising so my mom didn't take me in right away.

♣♠<HaRdYz 4 LiFe&gt;♣♠
just call one of ur friends or sumting get them to drive you to the E.R because you need to see a doctor right now!

Well ,, I would at least ask like a close friend to take you to the ER so they can check it out before it gets worse!

take a painkiller or two....NON narcotic....like Ibuprofen. You should use HOT AND COLD alternating like 3 to 5 minutes HOT then the same COLD....this is what is done with high paid athletes and at the hospital.....you will need an X-ray to be certain there is not a break...sounds MORE like a tear or sprain.....there is no quick-fix....

I wouldn't keep trying to apply pressure on it. If your coach was any good he should have been able to know whether it was broken or just sprained. Either the way you should not be standing on it. You should elevate it higher than your heart, it will keep the pressure down, plus the pain. If the swelling don't go down, it should be x-rayed. If you have to move, you should find if anyone has a set of crutches you can borrow.

Stay off of it! Keep it elevated and ice then heat and repeat.
Go to the doctor first thing on Monday, It is not likely to get any worse by then. Sorry for your pain, get well soon

-Get some Epsom salts
-Dissolve in boiling water until the water won't dissolve anymore (saturated solution)
-Water will have become lukewarm because the Epsom salts absorbs heat
-Therefore Epsom salts can remove a lot of that heat created by injuries
-Thoroughly wet a paper towel in the solution and wring just enough so it doesn't drip
-Place on injury and wrap with "Press N' Seal" (my personal favourite) or with plastic from a bag and hold in place with bandage

Replace as needed. You should get your ankle checked however, in case something is broken and needs attention.

If you don't have Epsom salts, maybe a friend can get some for you.

go to a walk in clinic

Go to the Emergency ward at your local hospital, alone if you must. Tell your Dad where you are going, if he chooses not to accompany you, make sure a doctor finds out about that.

Camilla the First
Don't do the other one in. My boyfriend broke his leg when he was drunk, and then when in his wheelchair he fell down the stairs to go out for MORE booze and broke the other one. Maybe this is for UK readers I think I am heading for a violation, but it is a true story and I think its funny.

Kiki ♥'s Bree
ice ice ice

Your dad needs to take you now. Your ankle could be broken. You need immediate attention as leaving like this could cause further, possibly permanent damage. This could be much simpler if you go now. The longer you wait could later require surgery and tell your dad that it costs more money than an emergency room visit and casting your broken ankle. The neglect of this injury could also result in permanent nerve damage. If he won't budge and I hope he does, keep the foot supported, iced and elevated. Do not try and walk on it anymore. If your foot turns any color other than white or pinkish, call 911. Try to wiggle your toes every once in while too to keep the blood flowing in and out of your foot. I can't believe your coach didn't take you to the hospital. You need to have an xray! Where's your mom or maybe a friend can take you. A neighbor. I want you to be seen by someone today. Please show this to your dad.

Dave B
espen salt 2 dollors at marcs put in hot water soak feet in it its a hillbilly remedy in the bath section ok

You maust pay attention: did you sprained or broke your ankle ligament ?This is the first step for treatment.

If there is no a rupture of the ligament you must (looking for a doctor) to imobilize with a strong elastic bandage (sports store), but you had a rupture in your ligament you must look for a surgeon as soon as possible.

Definately try to stay off of it. If you have some spare crutches, u could use them.

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